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Yes. Well, what time is it? Oh no. Ya, ya I’ll be there in 15 minutes, Chase.
Robbie, where’s the Leica? This isn’t funny. Just call me back and get me back that camera right now.
I used to do this by myself. Let me. I called a student who was driving here to fill in for you.
I’m sorry. Doesn’t get it done. You can pay her day rate.
All finished. Good girl.
Why did you tell me I had to have it first thing this morning?
Do I have to explain the rationale behind my instructions? Let me think? Nope.
I get that you don’t like me, Chase.
But I do.
What are you doing?
Your shirt is buttoned incorrectly.
Oh. Thanks. You’re welcome, I guess.
I wonder if you’re capable. Capable?
Of returning a favor. Depends. 00:02:22,01 --> 00:02:24,01 Use your imagination.
Mel, La Conda at one.
She’s a good girl, that Chase.
What’s wrong? Nothing.
Could you be more cryptic? It’s personal.
Suit yourself.
So, what’s your story Jan?
I thought we were all the stars of our own movie.
Any lighting challenges I can avoid screwing up today?
I get it. Not someone who likes to share. You don’t have to be my friend.
There is a black leather couch in there with a cashmere throw.
Why here?
When you open the door to someone’s sexuality, there are always surprises.
I guess so.
I think she likes the couch. Actually, she was quite frank about the details. But you wouldn’t do that? Would you? Be frank with the details.
Probably not. Why? What’s Jan hiding?
A life without intrigue.
What’s the source light?
The editing monitors.
Will that be enough stop?
Well I’m shooting at 1600 ASA. I might do 3200.
Great. The grain will look fantastic.
Well I’m glad you approve. I do.
Then I’m still glad you approve.
Ok Irwin. Yes. We need to talk in great detail…
Robbie. Cut the crap ok? I know you have the Leica. Get it back to me and get it back to me right now. Please.
What are you doing?
Waiting for you. Well, go in there and set up.
I’ll be there in a sec. Yes.
Hello. Excuse me.
Where is Mel?
She’ll be a second.
But the time is now.
I need more light.
How do I look?
Mel! Cara mia.
Hello, beautiful.
Nice light Jan.
So good to see you. 56 00:05:37,001--> 00:05:39,01 I don’t think we’re going to be needing that reflector.
No intrigue huh?
I don’t think so. �