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Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 13.01.2012

Hi my name's Ben, and today I'm going to be talking about the JD Bug Pro Extreme V2 version 2.
The latest version of the pro extreme by JD Bug, and what they've done is taken the very popular pro street model and made it suitable for stunt riding
Some of the specifications: they've put a new T-bar on, which is a one piece bar. This is a nice steel bar, held into place with two double clamps
as part of their pro series model. Likewise their forks and headset are from the pro series as well.
JD Bug have taken the original wheels and upgraded them to metal core wheels and inside they've put ABEC 5 bearings so you're going to have a really smooth ride
In addition the bearings are actually chrome lined, so what this means is that they will last longer and have less damage incurred
It's a folding scooter as well, so it's a bit like a recreational scooter in that regard.
It's kind of perfect if you're going to get into stunt riding, and you used to be a recreational rider, or a bit of both and want the best of both worlds
So it does fold if you want it to, just like this. However, if you are going to do stunt riding on it
What I would suggest is using the fixed bolt kit that comes with the scooter. JD Bug have provided this which is brilliant
What this means is that you can actually put three bolts through here and fix the scooter together to become a more secure unit.
This basically means that it will be more suitable for use at the skatepark.
In addition it's got a great JD Bug deck on it as well, and the pro series brake.
The brake is spring loaded, so what that means is that you apply the brake by pushing your foot down onto it, and when you release it it comes back up again.
This scooter is absolutely perfect if you're just about to start out some extreme use, or if you want to do a bit of recreational use...
...but you also want to try out the odd trick here and there - try some bunny hops and tail whips, that kind of thing
It's suitable for ages about 6 and upwards, and actually goes all the way up to 100kg, so anyone can use it really.
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