League of Legends Top 5 Flops - Top 5 Flops - Episode 3 ft SaintVicious Commentary - IPL League of Legends

Uploaded by IPLLoL on 06.07.2012

Lead me to battle...
*Manic Laughter*
HatPerson: Starting out with number five got your Tristana Rocket Jump, Buster Shot...
...what? Flash? Wait a minute...
Saintvicious: Yah he really wanted to die...
HatPerson: He really wanted to die
Number four we got Shaco here in the bush
The Jack in the Box doing some work on its own
Lux wants to help but very nice going stealth getting that positional advantage that he needs
and Lux is going in! Shaco is low!
Shaco is very low! I'm not sure if he should still be sticking around but hey..
Saintvicious: He sees a kill he's going for it
HatPerson: He's got that kill he wants it
Saintvicious: Red team is on farm status right now
HatPerson: He is yah and he's going around he's not backing
There is another Jack in the Box
Sion, the shield doesn't help and those jukes. Wow!
Saintvicious: I don't know if cuz the Red team is so bad or Shaco's so good ...
but I'll take either one
HatPerson: Number two, Lulu trying to get some damage on the turret
is going to be popping the Ult with the entire enemy team in pursuit
We got two, we gotta keep counting them
You got bandages ... four people coming... five... everyone
Saintvicious: Don't mind the base in the bottom we don't need those towers
HatPerson: Yah those towers .. yah who cares
But look the chase happens so long Lulu's got her Ult back
My God.. you couldn't capitalize... he couldn't get that kill
Saintvicious: Look at the attack speed .. it's a killing machine right there
Killing, kiting machine
HatPerson: Gotta buy those items, I need that build
And for number one this Bot Lane Graves and Taric
Nocturne tries to get in on the Ult with the fear
Ashe's arrow is going to keep the Taric still
but this is it.. this is a commitment here.. four men ganking a tower
Saintvicious: This is solo queue is what this is...
this one play defines all solo queue... one play
HatPerson: The tower just going to town on everybody
Why are you not getting these kills? What's happening?
And Lux, the stun, there you go Quadra