Zatoichi TV Series - S01E01 - A Challenge of Chance (part 1)

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with a wind this strong...
...I don't think a normal person with sight could withstand it.
For me, this wind is nothing!
The only thing I hate is killing people.
But if it's just you wind, then try your best to knock me down!
A Challenge of Chance
It's about six hundred paces to Ashio.
There's a copper mine in Ashio, so it's probably a noisy place.
But when going across the mountains, it must be very quiet.
Oh, are you a masseur?
well you can come over here if you like.
It's just that I was drawn by the smell of liquor.
I know. You want some of this, don't you?
I happen to have an eye for liquor.
Ah, I see.
If you don't mind drinking what's left, then go right ahead.
Oh, I don't mind at all.
Here, drink the sake. The gourd, take the gourd!
Thanks. Then I'll take it.
Just finish the rest will you? There's not much left.
It's all empty.
It's all right. There's plenty more sake at the outpost.
Thanks a lot. It's just that when it comes to liquor...
You have an eye for liquor. I understand.
well, thanks again.
No problem.
That was really good.
I hate to ask after you gave me such good sake, but...
what do you do for a living?
Take a guess.
well, since you're drinking sake in a place like this...
I got it!
Are you the person who wrote "The old pond, a frog jumps in, sound of water"?
"The old pond, a frog jumps in, sound of water"?
That's a good line.
No, I didn't write that.
I see.
Then you must be a merchant at the copper mine, right?
You're wrong again.
You can't be a gambler...
Don't get mad.
You are so well guarded...
well guarded?
what is that supposed to mean?
well, that's just what I thought.
It looks like the wind has calmed down, doesn't it, Mr. Zato?
I guess we were destined to meet here.
Traveling is more enjoyable with a companion.
You're probably not happy traveling with a blind masseur, but I'll join you.
I hear that with blind people, other senses are heightened.
But you're just unbelievable!
- I live by using my instincts. -I see.
You've got great instincts.
Nice shot!
Sir, you'll have to excuse me. I need to go.
You leaving so soon?
I heard some weird noises.
That's too bad.
Hey, Mr. Zato, my name is Tatsuzo.
If you need a place to stay in Ashido, look for a house called Yamagen.
That's where I'm heading right now.
Your name is Tatsuzo, and you're staying at Yamagen. Got it.
If I happen to be in the area, I'll pay you a visit.
- I'll see you around. -Yes.
- Kansuke. - Yes?
with that gun of yours, there's nothing to fear.
It's a scary weapon.
All right, I'll buy it.
Take the money. It's better than shooting birds, right?
As you probably know, l, Yamajyu the employment agent...
...have been putting laborers into the copper mine for seven long years.
And you. It's not fair for you not to give me the contract!
Be quiet!
From now on, Boss Yasaburo is in charge of the laborers.
If you wanna enter the copper mine from now on, you go in as a laborer!
That's not fair!
Even if I work all day sweating like crazy in that cellar, I won't be making much!
If you don't like it, get the hell outta here!
Officer! Officer!
Please give me the contracts for the twenty men I took care of until yesterday.
Starting today, Yasaburo is in charge of all the contracts.
But we have been working for more than ten years!
Shut up! If you have something to say, say it to the manager of the mine!
Then I won't be able to work today. Please!
That's enough!
Yasaburo is in charge of all the contracts!
If the Yasaburo family is in the business of employing others...
...then my family is also in the same business.
Heaven shall not allow that kind of unlawful act!
Be quiet! You will not object to the orders of a higher authority!
I don't care who's in charge. Such unreasonable acts shouldn't be allowed!
Business in the copper mine will be finished!
The lives of people working at the outpost will be ruined as well!
Listen pops, our boss now runs the mines and the outpost.
You're no longer needed, pops. You hear?
You squirt!
Mr. Kurazo.
what about our contract?
A special arrangement has been made for the Yamagen family.
The boss is giving you ten contracts.
Tell your master to be very thankful to our boss.