Commited -a tagalog improv drama skit- (Original Edit) [English Subbed]

Uploaded by MorningDueMedia on 27.07.2010

I have to leave now
Where are you going?
I'll be going to the US.
Why the US?
Because there's a job there...
What job?
My job!
What kind of job is it now?
How long are you going to be there?
You're always thinking about yourself...
What is- What is it for?
For what?
All of this, is for you
Only for me?
I thought it was for us?
What? What happened?
There's another woman, isn't there?
There isn't!
You say "there isn't" but why are you like that?
There's no other woman
But I saw someone in your Facebook pictures
and your phone,
You do have another girl!
It's no one!
But you're never home,
You're never here
You're saying to me that it's not us.
Not for-
Yeah, it is for you.
No other girl
And you're leaving again...
I won't do anything
Just my job
Then why did you give me all of this?
My ring, this house
If you're going to leave, then I'll leave-
Then I might leave...
And you know...
All this English you're saying at me
You'd think that...
You're very good in english
You're going to the US
You know that you came from here in the Philippines
And after all that, you're leaving me