WebEx Integration: An End-to-End Webinar Management Solution from Act-On Software

Uploaded by ActOnSoftware on 16.12.2011

WebEx, combined with Act-On's marketing automation platform, hands-down is the most robust end-to-end
webinar management solution on the market. Marketers can control their branding, expand
their promotions to increase registrations, while saving a tremendous amount of time and
effort managing their online events.
Let's take a look. Instant integration with a WebEx username and password and directly
from Act-On, I can quickly and easily setup, manage and schedule my online events. By entering
a few key data points I've created my webinar and because I use Salesforce, I added it to
a campaign. Here's where the unique Act-On WebEx Salesforce integration fully automates
the event management process.
No longer do I have to manually run a report in WebEx and then enter the data manually
into Salesforce, I simply map my steps, letting Act-On push the data for each campaign member
to Salesforce as it happens, saving me hours worth of work per event.
Exploring the integration capabilities further, let's view a past event. I created a custom
branded sign-up form and an auto response message. Notice the integration automatically
populates the event details and adds a calendar event for my registrants. For this event,
I customized four promotional messages to help increase the registration.
Along the way I can track the opens, click-throughs, and opt-outs of each message. I then set up
my last chance messages to remind people to register. Going beyond email as a single source
of promotion, I created multiple unique form links for Twitter, Facebook, Google AdWords,
my website and my partners.
This told me exactly who, and where my registrants came from; very helpful for promoting and
planning my next event and where to spend my promotional dollars. Next, I set up my
reminder messages so people don't forget to attend. After my webinar, with a single click,
I can upload my report, without having to deal with Excel, I can quickly create segments
and tailor my follow-up messages accordingly.
Let's review. I scheduled my event, set up my promotional reminder and follow-up messages
all in a single platform. Again, without never leaving the Act-On platform, I can view and
edit my webinar details. I can edit and update my Salesforce member status, I can start my
webinars and manage my webinar panelists, again all from a single platform.
Once completed, I get a three-hundred and sixty degree view of my event statistics.
From a graphical representation, I see the event data, the attendants, even the individuals.
And for more details, I have even deeper reporting. Remember I created a few promotional and follow
up messages? Now I can see which one received the best results.
Who downloaded the slides and who watched the recording. This report helps me budget
time and money, allowing me to be more targeted with my marketing spend and planning my next
events. With WebEx and Act-On's marketing automation platform tied together, marketers
can now manage online events, create send and track messages and attendees all from
one platform, saving time, money, and delivering better qualified leads to sales.
To learn more about Act-On's lead scoring, website visitor tracking, and integration
with CRM, visit us at www.actonsoftware.com.