Yuta Kubo's Training Session - K-1 MAX 2011

Uploaded by K1 on 14.06.2011

Q: How's your condition?
kubo: Really good. I have only 3kg left for cut.
Kubo: I have improved my way to train with my Physical trainer.
Like I changed how to jog and improved my stamina.
Q: What progress have you made since the last K-1 MAX tourney?
Kubo: I was aware I needed more power. So I have had training to improve it.
Q: Now you have more power to KO?
Kubo: Yes. Now my counterblows are even harder.
Q: The upper part of your body looks like bigger than before. Is it so?
Kubo: Yes, I think so. I have had lots of weight training. It must be different.
Q: Now you are feeling difference?
Kubo: Yes. When I spar with my partners, I definitely feel it.
Q: So you think counterblow is essential to win this tourney?
Kubo: Yes. I lost against Yamato last year because I couldn't stop him keep on coming to me.
But with the counterblow, things are different.
Q: What are your impressions on Kizaemon?
Kubo: He will surely give him best to me. So I also have to give my best to beat him.
Q: You used to train with Kizaemon?
Kubo: Yes. I did a couple of years ago.
Kizaemon was saying he didn't match me at all but it's not true.
He almost equally matched me. He's tough.
Q: Why do you think you couldn't win the last tourney?
Kubo: I think I had to be more cool.I got excited too much and only thinking about KO.
I'm happy that many people say the fight with Yamato was great but I still have to win.
This year I'll revenge him at the tourney final.
Q: How have you been spending your time since the last tourney?
Kubo: I train with Kyotaro and Jienotsu every week. And they are both K-1 champion but I'm not.
So I have always been kind of jealous of them. That's the another reason I really want to win this time.
Q: Have Jienotsu gave you some advices for this tourney?
Kubo: Not particularly but I have learned a lot from him.
I admire him as he's a champion. I really understand the difference between best and 2nd place.
Like they got a opportunity to fight in last Dynamite show but I couldn't. See?
Q: You also have tried to improve your mental strength?
Kubo: Yes. I have done it with some training and counseling. As I know I had a mental weakness.
I couldn't win last year as my mental state was not good enough.
Q: Which do you think will advance to next? Kajiwara or Noiri?
Kubo: I'd say Kajiwara. Because Noiri was knocked at Kursh and It's only been about a month.
Q: Have you prepared for all the participants?
Kubo: Yes. I have seen videos of all of them. And I guess Yamato will advance to the final.
Q: Why do you think so?
Kubo: It's too hard to predict but I'm just hoping him to reach to the final. So I can revenge him.
Q: You think you can win this tourney pretty easy?
Kubo: No, not al all. I know I have to win this tourney to fight in coming world tourney.
but all the fighters in this tourney are so tough. Not easy at all to win this.
Q: What do you want to show to fans?
Kubo: I want to show fans great fights. I'm aware that I have to take K-1 Max -63kg to the next stage.