Future of The Internet: Boutique Networks

Uploaded by InternetSocietyVideo on 28.09.2010

The Internet has changed the world empowering individuals and organizations
allowing us to work together as we move forward. Today people are asking,
what will the Internet look like in 10 years?
You're an employee of International Widgets, selling digital software and media
all over the world, mostly online.
As technological, political, and economic motivations compete to shape the future of the Internet,
your company and personal life also come to a turning point.
Let's see what happens in one of your possible futures.
Here you are ten years from now.
You love using Viper,
the leading global teleconferencing platform.
Not only do you use it everyday to connect to clients
all over the world,
you like that it lets you keep in contact with your family and friends.
You also like that its always accessible, wherever you are.
But the Internet we know and love has become what we call the Boutique Network scenario.
Unique Internet addresses have become a rare commodity.
There are simply too many people in too many places that all want to join in the conversation.
Governments and service providers take matters into their own hands
transforming the Internet into many independent intranets.
the intranets are regional, and they only cater to certain services.
The also allow providers to implement complex payment schemes.
As the Internet dies everyone is forced to move to the intranets.
Suddenly Viper stops working.
The lack of regulation and consistent technology used by the intranets makes it impossible to adapt.
The intranets are so fractured, there's no chance for a global communications platform.
At work you feel like you've gone back in time. Speaking face-to-face has become too expensive.
In a world where intranets define their own rules and prices. own rules in price you feel is that how you
You feel it home, too.
A few years ago, you used Viper to debut your first born
to your parents on the other side of the world now you're not sure
when you'll be able to see them again. Your contact list becomes a sad record of people you can't reach.
The intranets that do provide teleconference services do so at exaggerated prices
and with limited reach.
We need you to help shape tomorrow's Internet.
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