Corso di Cazzotti - 1x0 - Prove generali

Uploaded by Licaoni on 07.10.2008

Dr. Johnson's Course of Punches Pilot episode
Hello and welcome to Dr. Johnson's Course of Punches!
Many of you wrote in asking on how to improve
your self-defence techniques.
Today, with the help of Sanchez we will find out how it's possible
to turn your body into a lethal weapon or into a pool table.
Cue the ball or kick the balls! It's up to you!
Come on, Sanchez come here and hit me!
Please, Sanchez!
I'm sure our friends at home are expecting something better!
Try again.
That was much better, Sanchez... but now your stomach hurts.
What the...?
Pay attention now: let's show what really happened
in slow motion!
As you can see Sanchez's punch was quite good
and would have certainly hit the target if I hadn't moved my pelvis backwards
thus avoiding the impact.
At that point his guard was lowered so I took the opportunity to
hit him hard in the stomach!
But I didn't see any of this!
Yet you felt it Sanchez, that's because I'm too fast for you!
But it's not over yet: you were at my mercy so I went raw.
I grabbed you by the neck and performed the Rifkin-Kurtzman lock
thus breaking your spine.
This put you in a disadvantaged position and I...
smartly took advantage from it.
- No! - Yes.
What's up, Sanchez? Not so cocky now?
- But we agreed... - This time you'll have to hit me for real
use yor strenght, energy and a pinch of charisma!
You think he can make it? Sancho Panza?
- How did you call me?! - Come on, hit me!
Jesus... you call this fighting?
No, wait a second! I hit you this time! I felt the impact!
It's true: you hit something... too bad it was my hologram!
- What is it, Sanchez? It didn't go as planned? - The fuck it did, I thought...
This is because you tried to play smartass on me!
But we agreed I could have...
This is because you tried to play it twice, Sanchez.
No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. This course is a hoax.
- These two are clearly playing a part. - Really? Is this what you think?
Actually I do!
- Then you try and hit me. - Yeah, why don't you go for it?
Here it comes!
Guys, you should really take up a new hobby. I mean it!
I'm sure our friends at home are wondering what really happened.
Let's show it!
Our friend here threw a punch I skillfully avoided
literally sliding behind his back.
I was about to hit him in the stomach, but I stopped...
I tought: killing a perfect stranger isn't very nice.
So I took his wallet and looked for his green card, but there was none.
There was just a picture of him as a baby.
I closed it, I put it back and for this once I spared his life.
- He was cute. - He finds you cute!
So you two saw me naked!? Son of a...!
No, it didn't go that way... but all of your bones are broken!
Want to know more? Let's show it!
This little bastard drew out his knife and threw it...
I deflected it elegantly but Sanchez, not to be hit,
jumped out of the window.
- And how am I here? - The elevator!
- What about my knife? - How do I know?
This is all for this week.
At Dr. Johnson's course of Punches we use to say: "kid, if someone offends you, turn the other cheek
because it's just when they feel like winners that those assholes lower their guard!"
See you next time!