App to School: stop 9

Uploaded by GoogleStudents on 24.10.2008


DEWITT LATIMER: Hi, this is Dewitt Latimer, CTO here at
Notre Dame, home of the Fighting Irish.
We are proud to be partners with Google, and providing the
coolest apps to our students.
We'd like to welcome the Google bus to campus.

FEMALE SPEAKER: You know, being in school, I
get a lot of emails.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I liked how you can organize things into
conversations, and it makes keeping them
organized a lot easier.

MALE SPEAKER: Wel feel that cellphone reception isn't up
to what it could be, so we're going to use the Google Forms
to send out just a quick, brief survey so we can fix
cellphone reception on campus, which is really
simple to put together.
You can click Add A Question, and right there add the type
of question you want.
It gives you multiple choice with check boxes, and we can
ask five, six questions of students, and sent it out to
everybody, because they're all part of Google Apps.
And so we're really loving this so far.

MALE SPEAKER: G Talk has been wonderful.
If I have a research question, and I see one of my colleagues
is online, it takes three seconds to just IM them and
say hey, do you have this book?
Where can I find it?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I like creating different calenders,
because they're multi-colored, and color coordinated.
I do different sports subscriptions, so I know when
the football games are.
Soccer games, baseball games, so I don't miss out on that.
And I like how you can choose different time slots.
How you can repeat an event on a Tuesday and Thursday, or
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, because that's how school
schedules are set up.
And I use my calendar through my phone, and it's really
useful because I get an alarm that's about 10 minutes after
my event, telling me what I need to do next.

PAULA SMITH: Hi, my name is Paula.
I work with the University Programs team at Google.
As you can see today, we're here at Notre Dame talking to
students about how they use Gmail and Docs and Calendar in
their everyday life.
So now it's your turn.
We'd love to hear from you, so upload your stories today.
Go Irish.