Official Rock Jocks Theatrical Trailer

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-Targets acquired.

-What kind of fairytale princess do you think I'd be?
-Bald ugly one?
-Welcome to AMI, the Asteroid Management Initiative.
-I thought you had today off.
-So did I. So what have we got on crew tonight?
-Danny, Seth, and Tom.
-We have an observer from the DOD tonight.
He is here to help us innovate better processes.
-Sounds like budget cuts.
-No, John, it's just a review.
-No, it's for budget cuts.

-He has the authority to shut down the whole program.
I need you and your crew to act professional.
-Somebody should probably get those.
-I'm not falling for your Jedi mind tricks.
-You think you can kick my ass?
-Oh, definitely.
-I look at your rejects from the island of misfit toys, and
I weep that our world is in their hands.
-The Earth will be hit with an asteroid shower so large that
it will wipe out the Earth.
-Maybe I shouldn't have taken my break so soon.

-There are too many of them.
They're getting through.
-Danny, fire.
-We just lost RV 4.

-How do you want to die?
-Far away from you.

-We save the world every day for a living.
Not for money, not glory, but because it's the
right thing to do.
I would do it for free, and so would everyone here.
-I think I earned everyone a pay cut.
What do you mean?
You know you can't smoke in here.