Love Story 2050 Part 12 (Last) w/Eng Subs HD DvDRip (2008)

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Sunshine! Sana!
Let's go!
Follow him!
He will lead us to the time machine!
We have only 9 minutes left!
We've traced the time machine.
Kill Karan!
Then the time machine is ours. - Yes, sir.
Robot, you get him.
Yes, sir.
Oh no!
Q. T how much time do we have?
3 minutes. - Damn!
Hold me! We have to jump!
Now! Jump!
Only 90 second left!
Bye-bye 2050!
See you later!
Karan, Zeisha! Finally!
Come on, let's go! C'mon Sec C!
Q. T! - 4...
3... 2... 1...
Q. T!
Welcome to the future!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Can anybody watch a movie without popcorn!
Stop it!
Look at this!
Thank you God!
You brought my daughter back!
Only her hair has changed to red.
But what difference does it make?
She is my Sana!
You are very good, too much!
Just like me!
Pundit cum scientist, I am very angry with you!
Ask why? - Why?
When you left, why didn't you take me along?
Then come on, let's go in the time machine!
In the time, where you were Anarkali and I was Salim!
Forget it!
Sana's papa will not spare you!
I will, but I will die with happiness!
I will get so much freedom once she leaves.
You are just...
Listen, now it's time for the children to be happy! - Why?
For what?
Try to understand! - What?
What say!
I hardly even know you!
Well, Karan Malhotra, age 23 from Sydney! - Okay.
Current status single.
And waiting!
Say yes! Say yes!
Come on Karan, come on!