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Episode 10
I will call you, Mother .
Seung Jo, take care of yourself. Eat your meals, and eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
And don't wander during the night. And...
I know, I know.
If you need anything, call me.
I don't need anything.
You have to come home once in a while, okay ?
I'm going Eun Jo.
He left.
He really left like that.
I was so happy about living in this house with Seung Jo...
Even if he's cold towards me...even if he's says things I don't like...
It was nice just being with him .
Ha Ni...don't cry.
Let's wait...
He didn't go far away. So he'll come back really soon...
Now I can't see him anywhere but at school.
He'll probably...
Seung Jo will probably forget me.
Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Hey! Oh Ha Ni!
Did you say something?
Please pull yourself together. You've lost your mind.
Everyday for a week, you've been like an octopus without bones. An octopus.
I understand that you're sad because Seung Jo left the house, but this is not my friend, Ha Ni.
Pull yourself together, okay ?
It's Seung Jo.
What are you doing? You missed him so much.
-Hurry up and go act like you know him. -No.
For some reason I'm scared to talk to him .
Joo Ri is on her lunch break. Let's go and eat.
We need two more King Chops.
Ha Ni went back to where she was a long time ago, huh ?
It's the same as it was in high school .
Ha Ni, you came?
You're humming. You must be in a good mood, Bong Joon Gu .
Of course.
Since I'm working with a stable mind now, Ha Ni will come to me.
This is nothing different than me beating Baek Seung Jo.
Then, Ha Ni will come to me on her knees.
please give me a King Cutlet .
Yes. Eat!
Baek Seung Jo... where is he?
Don't know.
What about where he works?
Don't know.
Hey Oh Ha Ni. You're saying a girl like you doesn't know that?
I don't know anymore.
Having a crush is really sad.
You're alright Ha Ni?
I'm sorry.
For what?
What happened to Ha Ni?
Isn't she a bit strange?
They say Baek Seung Jo left his house.
She's in shock.
Let's practice.
Seung Jo isn't coming for practice.
I already knew he wouldn't, but I was thinking maybe...
Hey, Oh Ha Ni!
You can't even pick up the balls properly?
Ah really!
Ha Ni!
Do you feel like buying me dinner?
I don't.
That's a shame. I was going to let you in on some information about Baek Seung Jo.
If you don't want to, it's fine. Let's practice.
I'll buy it, sunbae! I'll buy it, sunbae!
I'll buy it, I'll buy it!
I know a good place.
It's not an expensive place, so you don't need to be pressured.
Besides that... the information you were talking about...
Ah information.
As you may already know, Seung Jo doesn't hide anything from me. So if I tell you, it's pretty good information.
After practice, I'll take you where Seung Jo is working part time.
What !?!?
Seung Jo works here?
Yeah. He's a waiter here. I introduced him to this place.
I actually work here on the weekends too. Let's go in.
Baek Seung Jo working at a family restaurant...
I can't believe it.
Welcome. How many...? Oh Kyung Su shi. Do you work today?
No, I'm here as a customer. The two of us.
Ah, yeah. Two persons?
Please come this way.
Yes. Let's go
Ah they added this. It wasn't here last week.
Ha Ni. Ha Ni!
Quit looking around and order.
The Fresh Date Salad sounds okay.
The picture of the Garlic Steak Pie looks okay too.
Have you decided?
Why don't you just roughly decide?
Yes, I...
If you have thought about it for 15 minutes, that should be enough.
Baek Seung Jo.
Will it be the Grilled Soy sauce Salmon set?
Or is it the Fresh Date Salad? Or the Garlic Baked Chicken?
I'll have the Grilled Soy sauce Salmon.
Fresh Date Salad.
Ah, and tea...
What kind of salad dressing would you like?
-Pinenut dressing.. -Would you like peach or lemon for your tea?
Shall I serve the tea after your meal?
Please wait a while.
Ha Ni, what do you think? I was right wasn't....
What? Are you crying now?
Punk, being a baby.
It's been so long since I've talked with Seung Jo.
Did you talk with him just now? I heard it as ordering.
Excuse me.
Can I get a refill on my cola?
Shall I give you more?
How can he look so cool in a uniform too?
Do you by any chance know where Seung Jo is living?
I don't know that much yet.
You have been waiting for long!
Grilled Soy sauce Salmon.
Lemon chicken and fresh date salad for you
Really Looks delicious
Enjoy your meal
Seung Jo
Where do you live now?
I'm working now...
Are you angry? Because I'm here?
I knew you'd come sooner or later,
however don't be a tattle-tale about this.
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That's it!
If I do part-time here,
I can very very casually...
I can be with Seung Jo
But this is quite the opposite of casual.
Just a second.
Oh? Part time?
Yes. I'll do my best!
I'm sorry. What to do?
I just hired someone a minute ago, so the positions are all filled.
Sorry, but maybe next time.
Why are you here?
A part time job. I see you're a second late.
Excuse me, don't you have any other positions?!
Sorry but we don't need any more right now.
Well then, please work hard starting today!
Looks like the tables have turned.
What is?
Ever since Seung Jo left his house, the only place you could meet Seung Jo is at the tennis club, right?
But then again Seung Jo barely ever goes.
I was in the same class and work in a part-time job in the same place as Seung Jo.
Goodness why do I keep feeling like I'm taking candy from you?
Well, I have to go to work so see you!
Oh gosh that was good.
Hey Ha Ni thanks to you, I really enjoyed my meal.
Oh right ! Did you get the part time job?
Great, it's all figured out then.
You have to be thankful to me.
It's all thanks to me.
Let's go now.
You're leaving ma'am?
There's still the tea left in your set meal.
Can you just save it for me for tomorrow?
Excuse me?!
The tea...
Can't I come back tomorrow and drink it?
We cannot do that.
And I am not thankful at all if you show up tomorrow as well.
I won't bother you.
In the end, I'm still a customer.
Don't you dare tell my family.
Then does that mean I can come?
Busy, huh?
Yeah, probably because there are a lot of customers.
How is living alone?
I just can't leave feeling at ease when Hae Ra is always around.
I need to come tomorrow and the day after as well.
Ha Ni, what are you doing? Lets go!
Anyway, I'm happy I could see Seung Jo.
I'm back home!
Oh! Ha Ni
You haven't eaten dinner yet have you? Come here, let's eat together
I already ate out.
Oh my!
Ha Ni it's been a long time since I've seen you smile
Did something happen?
No. Just......
You've been so sad since Seung Jo moved out. I was worried about you.
Mother, Seung Jo is...
Don't you dare tell my family.
Seung Jo is working part time at a family restaurant!
It was supposed to be a secret.
I had dinner there.
Oh my, oh my, it must have been so much fun!
I want to see it myself.
Right Eun Jo?! Seung Jo is a waiter!
I want to see him too
Then shall the three of us have dinner there tomorrow?
But he said it was a secret...
Oh Ha Ni no need to be shy!
Alright then. How about all of us disguising ourselves?
We'll sit off to the side.
Seung Jo, what are you doing all by yourself?
Are you making dinner or are you reading a book?
Where in the world are you living right now?
I would like mushrooms and lotus leaves over rice, cabbage salad, and omija tea.
I would like abalone porridge, with grilled green tea mountain roots.
Blueberry sorbet after the meal.
I would like diced hot rice cakes with vegetables.
And please don't add any pepper on my grilled salmon.
I would like the grilled rib steak with 6 pieces of lemon chicken, actually 8 pieces.
Instead of the abalone porridge, I would like the chicken breast.
He won't know if we all order like this, so let's clear it up.
What did you get?
Allow me to confirm your orders.
Mushroom and lotus leaves over rice, cabbage salad, and omija tea.
Grilled green tea mountain roots, and the rice cakes with vegetables.
Grilled salmon with no pepper.
Grilled chicken with orange sorbet.
You forgot mine?
Yes, the blueberry sorbet after the meal. That's all.
I don't think he even jotted it down.
He's so smart, he must have memorized it all!
Hyung, you're so cool!
He's definitely a prodigy.
But he's not very cute.
My Seung Jo is cutest when he smiles.
Do you think Hyung has recognized us?
Hey Ha Ni, there's no way he could recognize us when we're disguised this well!
Excuse me!
Are you ready to order?
Should we eat the lotus leaf steak?
I want half lemon chicken half seasoned chicken.
I want to eat something I haven't tried.
Hurry up!
What is today's special?
Fried yam salad.
Oh I had that yesterday ...
Hey Ha Ni!
Idiot, Hyung probably already recognized us.
Is this you in disguise?
I'm sorry.
Oh it's Seung Jo's mother and Eun Jo.
Oh my gosh, why are you here?!
I work here part time with Seung Jo.
What were you doing, Ha Ni?!
I'm sorry. Yoon Hae Ra made a move first!
Son, come home once in awhile.
And be careful not to fall for Hae Ra, not at all!
I get it.
Seung Jo, come on and tell me where you live.
Hurry and leave!
Alright Ha Ni? You cannot lose to Hae Ra.
Don't you care what he says about you being persistent or tired of you.
You have to meet him everyday. Stick to him like glue!
Come here every day, alright?
There's nothing like a stalker.
My sad Hyung. Poor Seung Jo.
Yeah, it looks like Hae Ra has attached herself to Seung Jo.
Hae Ra's pretty darn persistent too.
Now that this has happened, you have no choice but to go every day as well.
Don't you think Seung Jo will dislike it?
Oh my gosh! What in the world are you talking about?!
It's Oh Ha Ni to happily go after him whether he runs away or doesn't like it.
Like a cicada that sticks to a tree like glue and cries all summer long!
Okay. That's it!
A cicada stuck to a tree!
But the problem is...Do you have the time and money to go visit Seung Jo every single day?
Are you renting this place?
Are you studying today again?
I have a paper that I have to turn in by next week.
I'll get the order here.
Why did you purposely come?
It seemed like you were going to eat my friend.
What would you like?
Give me anything.
Yes, I understand.
Then, just a little bit...
The food you ordered has come out.
Could you please move your books?
What is this?
This is our restaurant's most popular Super Special Set.
This big...
Is this a duck?
Not a duck... a chicken.
Didn't you tell me to get you anything?
Then enjoy your meal. Thank you, thank you!
Should I give you a fifth cup of coffee?
If you drink six cups of black coffee everyday, your stomach will feel terrible.
Aigoo, thank you. You even worry about me?
It's okay.
I'm nothing if not healthy.
What guy in this world would like a girl that sits here all day wasting her life away watching him.
If I were a guy, I'd probably get really tired of it.
Well anyways, work hard.
Even if you do that, see if I leave.
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Excuse me, customer!
There isn't much time until we close.
Ah... yes.
It's 123,000 won all together.
What's that expensive?
You had a Super Special Set and 7 cups of coffee.
Super... whatever it is... how much is it?
It is 58000 won.
A moment please.
Wait a moment please.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Until what time does Baek Seung Jo work?
Aye, tell me.
I'm not sure. It's probably until 9 pm.
Ah, really?
Thank you.
At 9 pm?
Since it's 8:30 now...
He should be getting off soon.
Today, I will go see where Seung Jo lives.
Of course, just slightly.
Were you waiting?
I just came out.
Really? It is a relief.
Oh, I am tired.
-Let's hurry -Okay.
They're just going together because they live in the same area.
It has to be like that.
What is this?
Seung Jo...
With Hae Ra...
Ha Ni! What happened?
Why are you so late?
I was worried. It's past midnight already.
I am sorry.
Was there a club meeting?
Did something happen?
No, everything is alright.
What about a bath? Should I get the water ready for you?
I am just going to sleep today.
Good night.
Good night.
Seung Jo, who used to be right next door...
now lives with Hae Ra now.
What was all that talk about not hating me?
He doesn't hate me...
but he likes He Ra. Is that it?
Right now, those two...
I'll be back.
Oh my, Ha Ni!
There are dark circles under your eyes!
And your eyes are swollen.
You look a bit sickly.
I couldn't sleep that well.
Aren't you studying too much?
That could never happen.
Are you okay?
What do you think about taking a day off of school today?
I'm okay.
If you feel worse, ask Seung Jo to bring you home.
If you show that face to our hyung, he'll probably faint.
He probably will.
I better be careful.
Then, I'll be back.
Hey Ha Ni, what about breakfast?
I don't have an appetite.
What do you think happened to Ha Ni?
It seems like it's not something normal.
What could it be?
Ah, really!
Are you on a diet?
Why aren't you eating these days?!
It's because I don't have an appetite...
What's the matter? It's because of Baek Seung Jo, isn't it?
Tell us, we will listen.
think I'll just give up now.
I've heard that more than a hundred times before.
My ears refuse to hear it.
But I really mean it this time...
Living together?!
Yoon Hae Ra and Beak Seung Jo?!
Didn't you see it wrong or something?
But still,
staying at home together for more than one hour and not going out,
Wouldn't they be in that kind of relationship. . .
Seeing that it became like this,
I must have liked Seung Jo very much.
I could feel it all the way in my bones.
Crushes are really painful...
Ha Ni...
What to do?
Hello everyone.
1, 2, 3.
Back to the starting position!
1, 2, 3.
Back to the starting position!
1, 2, 3.
Hey Oh Ha Ni! Won't you go back to your senses?!
1, 2, 3.
Hey! Baek Seung Jo!
Who are you?
"Who... Who are you?"
We've been around each other for so long, and you're saying you don't know who we are?
We are Oh Ha Ni's friends.
You have an IQ of 200
but you can't even remember that?
We weren't in the same class, but we went to the same high school!
I immediately erase useless data out of my head, you know.
Ah, I remember!
The two who have the same level of brains as Oh Ha Ni,
Jung Joo Ri and...
Go Min Ah, right?
What's the matter?
Ah really, what did Ha Ni like about a guy like you...
You're right.
What did you want to say?
Don't you think, you were too much?
It's about Ha Ni, do you know?
In the last 10 days she looks like she's been through hell and back!
As her friend,
I can't just sit and watch her like this!
So what?
What is it you want to say?
Living together!
Living together?
What? You want to stand here and deny it now?
That you are living together with Yoon Hae Ra!
Ha Ni said, she followed you two and saw everything with her own eyes!
Ha Ni, the poor thing,
Waited for more than one hour on the street!
Although you know about Ha Ni's feelings,
Did you have to leave home like this,
and even live with another woman?
At least clear everything up first!
You're such a coward.
Don't fool around behind her back!
Be a man and tell her the truth!
Fine. All I have to do is tell her the truth?
If you're too honest then it'll be bad for Ha Ni so...
She's a lot more sensitive than what she looks to be...
So what we're saying is to stop tormenting Ha Ni!
We're not telling you to stop liking Yoon Hae Ra.
You understand, right?
Tell her there's no hope and to give up.
Oh Ha Ni...
has been in a one-sided love with you for 4 years.
That's what we wanted to say.
We'll get going now.
Let's go.
Here. You were hungry right?
This is abalone.
This is mountain root.
This is duck.
Here Ha Ni eat up, it's a treat from Joon Gu and us.
You have to take care of your body.
And find a new love.
That's right, Ha Ni.
Hey, that's not important.
Is he the only man in this world?
Look around you, there are so many gorgeous man out there...
You're right...
But I have no appetite...
You guys eat up.
Hey, Ha Ni...
You taking it this hard...
Is absolutely killing me.
You should eat a little.
I haven't seen Seung Jo in two weeks already.
Without me trying...
There was no way for us to meet like this.
What are you doing here?
Are you waiting for someone?
Long time no see...
I haven't seen you around lately.
Yeah that's right...
Then I'm going to go first.
Show some compassion.
Can't you sit with me while I wait for someone?
Well...I guess.
Well... how is it? The new house?
It's good. The rooms are spacious.
What about meals?
Sometimes I eat at my part-time job.
Sometimes someone cooks for me.
C-cooks for him?
When you're suddenly living on your own,
it must be quite lonely.
Well, it isn't even like that.
For the most part,
I'm with Yoon Hae Ra quite often.
Ah... yeah...
I'm here!
You're good about being on time.
Coming to Parang University, which is my target...
I'm really starting to think that I need to study really hard.
This unnie...
are you maybe Oh Ha Ni unnie?
- How do you know me? - I knew it!
She's exactly the way teacher Hae Ra described.
I can recognize her instantly. I heard a lot about you.
Ah yes...
Huh?! What did you hear about me?
I heard that you were the bottom of the school, but with the help of teacher Baek Seung Jo that you got into the top 50!
I heard that's still a legend!
Ah. Well, yes...
Did you wait long?
No, I just came.
I'm getting English tutoring from Hae Ra teacher and math tutoring from Seung Jo teacher,
because I'm going to take the entrance exam for this school.
Then your teachers...
They come over at least 3 times a week. My mom loves them.
She even cooks them meals all the time.
But, it seems like Hae Ra teacher and Ha Ni unnie are not that close.
the place you went in with Hae Ra... You weren't living together, right?
Live together?!
Making conclusions on your own basis...
It's a good part-time job because it takes care of dinner.
Let's go now.
Then, good-bye.
You were making chocolate??
You give chocolate to special people...
You... perhaps...
Oh my goodness!
Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment?
It took too long, right?
It's seems like you came back to your own self now.
I was so worried because you kept looking so lifeless these last few days.
This time you really need to make things work.
I just can't get it to taste right.
Although the taste is not that important ...
What's wrong...
Is it because I haven't been eating well for the past few days?
Did you make it?
It looks beautiful.
It must be delicious.
Should I put it on your finger?
Seung Jo...
It's even raining on a day like this
and I didn't bring my umbrella.
Ahjusshi what's wrong?
What to do? The car seems to be broken.
Oh, Ha Ni came.
Seung Jo... I came.
On a day when it's raining this hard!
You're really an amazing person.
There's no use in waiting until Seung Jo has finished.
It seems things just get worse for you. Today we tutor Ji Yeon.
Ah, it's coffee, right? A lot of it?
When will I be able to give this to him?
Here is a little... And anyhow, Hae Ra is here too.
What's with that face?
What's wrong with my face?
You don't look good.
You should get back home immediately.
I'm fine.
Ha Ni? Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni?
Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni?!
Are you alright?
I'm sorry.
Causing trouble.
Will you be okay without calling an ambulance?
Seung Jo Shi already gave you first aid.
That's okay. I'm better now.
Baek Seung Jo shi, is this a person you know?
Is it? Then both of you should get back home.
You should give this young lady a ride home.
Ah, no. I'm really fine.
How can you leave by yourself with this situation?
Do as I say Seung Jo shi.
Yes. I got it.
It seems that you'll leave alone.
I understand. There is nothing I can do about it.
Getting bumped around by little Miss Trouble everyday, it must be painful.
Oh Ha Ni!
You are amazing.
Anyway take care of yourself.
I'm going. I'm going.
There aren't many cars around here.
I think it would be hard to find a cab here.
Seung Jo, you're getting wet. Come closer.
Don't go whining about being sick after getting wet so you can just get closer.
Seung Jo...
I'll just walk over to the station so you just go in.
It's a 30 minute walk to the station.
And with rain this harsh...
The trains might come to a halt like last time.
My apartment is 10 min away from here... You wanna come?
In my room, you can call mother and
tell her to come here by car.
Wow! It looks better than I expected.
What you even have a full kitchen?!
Here is...
The bathroom.
Hae Ra... came here too?
You're the first to come over.
How are you doing?
Now I'm okay.
That's what you get for drinking that much coffee on an empty stomach!
It would be amazing if you didn't get a stomachache.
I said I'm alright now.
Here, a towel.
Baek Seung Jo's smell.
What smell? it's brand new.
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It's me, Seung Jo.
I'm at my home
I met her.
She came by my part time job.
She fainted after she drank a cup of coffee.
No, she seems fine right now.
The time for us being alone like this, will be over once Mother comes to pick me up.
Before that, I have to get a look at Seung Jo's bedroom.
We are together now.
Omo! Really?! We couldn't find a cab,
therefore please come here to pick her up.
Are you joking now?
Ah what?! Hanging up like that.
What did she say?
She doesn't want to come because it's raining too much.
She will pick us up tomorrow, so we have to stay here for the night.
That's what she said.
He's taking a shower, and from now on it will only be the 2 of us all night long.
A situation that only arises in romance novels!
What should I do?
This happened before at Seung Jo's parents' house, but the situation is different now.
In this house, there is only the two of us!
There's also only one bed!
Are you going to take a shower?
Ah, yeah, then... I'll take a shower.
Are you nervous?
Nervous? No way.
Not at all.
Put that on.
There's only my clothes.
If you don't like it then forget it.
Thank you.
I like this feeling of having my heart flutter like this.
This spot where Seung Jo was just at...Now I'm here.
Is Seung Jo waiting for me outside?
Tonight seems like a night that people only experience once in their lifetime.
Joong Gu, answer the phone!
Ah, yes. I understand.
Hello, this is So Pal Bok Noodles.
I'm calling from Seung Jo's house.
I'd like to speak to Ha Ni's father.
Ah, you are Baek Seung Jo's mother?
Oh my, then who would you be?
Joong Goo-goon?
Oh yes it's Bong Joon Gu.
But our chef is extremely busy right now.
Then listen carefully Joon Gu, and please make sure to tell Ha Ni's father.
Yes I got it. Please tell me.
Ha Ni will be spending the night away from home tonight.
That he need not to worry.
She's going to sleep over at Seung Jo's house.
I just thought it was better for her to stay there than to come home during these windy rains.
What...What did you say?
Are you serious lady?!
H-ha Ni is going to sleep over at Seung Jo's home?!
Where is Baek Seung Jo now?
Omo, what to do... I don't know that.
But although I know it, I'm not gonna tell you~
Well then, I'm gonna hang up~
Excuse me, hello--
Ahjumma, don't hang up! Don't hang up!
What's the matter?
Ch-chef! Do you know where that Baek Seung Jo lives?
How in the world would I know where Seung Jo lives!?
I only know that he's working at that family restaurant.
What's the name of the family restaurant?
I think they're selling Dak (Korean for "chicken") there, ah no, it was chicken, or something like that.
Is it Dak or Chicken?
I'm leaving first!
Baek Seung Jo!
Hey you! Joon Gu!
I enjoyed the shower.
Thank you.
What are we gonna do from now on?
Who are you?
I wanted... to ask something...
At this restaurant...
is there a guy called Seung Jo...
Seung Jo? Baek Seung Jo?
I must find...
I must find...
Sir? Hello?
Excuse me!
I'm going to go to sleep.
Yeah, it's already 12 o'clock...
Well then I will sleep on the floor,
so you just sleep in the bed.
Of course.
There's only one blanket.
if you're cold, go to the closet
Pull out a coat of mine and go to sleep if you must.
Hey, usually in situations like this, you should say to the girl
"Hey, what are you saying, I'll sleep on the floor, so you can sleep in the bed."
Isn't that common sense?
I don't want to say something like that to you.
What did you say to a sick person?!
You're not even a human!
You crazy cold human!
What is it?
I hate the dark...
Can't we turn the lights on?
I can't sleep if it's not dark.
A ghost could come out...
What now?
Aren't you cold?
Of course I'm cold.
Even my back is cold.
I'll just sleep on the floor.
It's fine, so just go to sleep!
But still...
But it's cold...
Okay! I can sleep here too, right?
Wait! Then... I'll sleep on the floor...
It's fine!
If I do this, then you'll quiet down too!
Are you nervous?
Why do you keep asking that! Nervous? Whatever.
I'm not.
Then what's that sound of you swallowing your spit?
You're spending a night with me.
You never know if something could happen.
Like a kiss?
Something beyond that could happen.
You may look forward to it...
But I'm not going to do anything.
Sleep well.
Good night.
It's like it all died down,
but I think I feel relieved.
But still, to not do anything while on a bed with a girl,
I wonder if Seung Jo feels numb towards women or something.
Maybe it's just because he doesn't see me as an attractive girl.
That's it!
There's no way a girl like me...
Are you blaming yourself?
Blaming myself?
Don't want to become what my mother thinks of me as.
Say something did happen between us tonight.
We'll totally be caught up in it.
Then we'll forever be controlled by my mother.
That's all.
So don't expect anything and just go to sleep.
That's right, he said he didn't dislike me.
For some reason I feel warm and happy.
Being able to sleep next to Seung Jo...
It's so precious I can't fall asleep.
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Baek Seung Jo!
Yoon Hae Ra!
One two!
It's fun.
Go on.
One more match.