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MALE SPEAKER: That's Carroll's tent.
It fell over.

It's like a turtle.
A turtle falls on its back, can't get back up.
What happened to your tent?
MALE SPEAKER: Where are you?
MALE SPEAKER: Nice tech.
I like that tech.
MIKE CARROLL: What tech?
MALE SPEAKER: The technique, look at this.
MALE SPEAKER: Coffin, coffin style.
MIKE CARROLL: Help me out here.
MALE SPEAKER: Need help?
MALE SPEAKER: You know you gotta do it.
MALE SPEAKER: You gotta try to get out.
MALE SPEAKER: You got yourself into this mess, Mike, you got
to get yourself out of it.
MALE SPEAKER: You're saying when we make this thing, we
should go lay it on your party footage?
MIKE CARROLL: Because I didn't want it to be all about that,
but I just don't remember what it was.
And because I know you had the camera on at all times, so I
didn't know what kind of footage you had.
When I said that, I think it was just at the peak of all
the stuff coming out.
And I was just like, great.
I'm just that guy.
MALE SPEAKER: Lean this way.
MALE SPEAKER: Lean what way?
MALE SPEAKER: Backwards.

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, he said he didn't want this up.
Said it'd be like too much drunk footage.
ALEX OLSEN: Fuck that.
He was the most drunk guy on the trip-- on the trip.
Yeah, he was fucking nuts on that trip.
I'd never seen him like that.
MALE SPEAKER: What's up, Greg?
GREG: Morning.
MALE SPEAKER: Is this your crib?
GREG: This is it.
MALE SPEAKER: So last night, I guess this is it, huh?
GREG: This is the last night, isn't it?
GREG: Oh man.
That's a bummer.
SAM SMYTH : Everyone got along just perfect.
I don't think it could have been any better.
You know?
By the end, we were just one team.
In that camping environment, it's so communal.
You can't be a prick.
And you can't be--
you know?
You can't be a pussy either.
Like, there's no, like, sitting this out.
It's like, everybody did everything together.
MALE SPEAKER: With your triflin' ass.
Why don't you go fuck some of your funky-ass friends?
Shit, hell, you're probably doing that shit anyway.
MALE SPEAKER: As you may have guessed, we are waiting for
the Girl team and the Anti-Hero team.
Rumor has it they got lost on their way out here because
they had to stop at the hotel and pick up their skateboards.
So they will be here.
And everybody wants to know how long the
demo's going to be.
Well, I said it will be forever.
MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] is on his way for
those concerned folks.
They're on their way.
In the meantime, we're going to give way free [INAUDIBLE]
T-shirts for switch manual tricks.
So let me see something switch.

MALE SPEAKER: Hey Mike, what took so long?
MALE SPEAKER: What took so long?
MIKE CARROLL: I don't know.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, you fuckin' got lost.
MIKE CARROLL: Yeah, we got lost.
MALE SPEAKER: Oh, nothing cool.
MIKE CARROLL: Did we miss anything?
MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, I already killed the demo.
MALE SPEAKER: I kind of want you to come here and just warm
up the crowd a little bit.
Get them stoked.
And then we going to come in and just clean up.
SAM SMYTH : A lot of the little kids, they didn't even
understand what was happening in front of them.
But to the guys our age and a little bit younger, there were
some younger kids that got it.
But lots of kids definitely came up, and it was like, this
is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
It was cool to touch those people like that.
MALE SPEAKER: Get this on camera.
I'm going to make this shit right here.
MALE SPEAKER: In the window?
MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, $5 on the line.

MALE SPEAKER: And who would you say is
the MVP of the tour?
MALE SPEAKER: Of the tour?
MALE SPEAKER: Giving it up to Allah.

MALE SPEAKER: Who would you say is the MVP of the tour?
MALE SPEAKER: Malto For sure.
That kid's killing it.
Spin wizard.
Been ripping.


That's it.
That's all I'm saying.
Fuck that, fuck that dude.
No, it's me.
Yeah, I'd go with Crankers.

MALE SPEAKER: Probably Crank, Because he did everything.

What'd you think?
Oh, well different, different genre.
But yeah, Carroll did it too, for part of it.

MALE SPEAKER: Are we talking nighttime or daytime?
MALE SPEAKER: That's up to you.
MALE SPEAKER: I'd say me.
I'm the guy.

Scare slash life.
MALE SPEAKER: Did you see his gear yesterday?
I mean, come on.
MIKE CARROLL: What do you think?
MALE SPEAKER: I was just going to say you.
MIKE CARROLL: Was it because of the other day at the park?
MALE SPEAKER: Oh yeah, that was pretty MVP.
MIKE CARROLL: I don't remember any of that.
MALE SPEAKER: Here you go.
One more.
[? Hold ?]
[? on. ?]

MALE SPEAKER: And I know what you mean about it being one
team because by the end, it was like hard to even
differentiate like who--
I mean, you didn't even think about in terms
of like that anymore.
MALE SPEAKER: It just seemed like, seamless like--
MALE SPEAKER: Like it-- like it almost seemed like Carroll
was like, Anti-Hero or something like--
Like Brian with Anti-Hero boards.
Those guys had Girl stickers all over their shit.

MALE SPEAKER: Captain Booya.
One more time.

MALE SPEAKER: This is great.
I'm just looking for the kid with the most fucked-up board,
and I think found it.
See that real board with the purple shirt?
MALE SPEAKER: What are the things you look for?
MALE SPEAKER: I looked at their shoes and then like how
much they skate.
MALE SPEAKER: There's two out here now.
MALE SPEAKER: Taking the kid with the Anti-Hero shirt and
the board sauce.
He's got a little more style, like he's going to go further.
MALE SPEAKER: All right, homie's leaving.
I think, just hand it to him, huh?

MALE SPEAKER: Shoes are fucked-up.
Your board's all fucked-up.

Truck's a little loose but--
MALE SPEAKER: Thanks a lot, man.
MALE SPEAKER: That's your board so--
MALE SPEAKER: Thanks a lot.
MALE SPEAKER: Have a good summer, dude.

BRIAN ANDERSON: I don't want to jinx it, but I'm really
already hopefully looking forward to next year.
Because everybody just vibes, like
everybody gets along fine.
And everybody's down at camp and get some brats and some
stakes and light the fire up.
Wake up and do it all over again.
It's fun.
And everybody looks up to everybody else.
And everybody gets each other psyched.
And we all enjoy each other's skating.
So it's just feels totally natural, man.

MALE SPEAKER: You guys want a falafel?
MALE SPEAKER: It's been all day since we got here.
There are two brand new ones.

SAM SMYTH : So we're on the ride home, and we're heading
back to SF.
And Mike's in the van, Brian's in the van,
Peabody, Andrew, Mo.
And we're going back through one of those little towns in
Oregon, and we just stop off the freeway.
And we happen on a strip club, and we just go in there, just
for, whatever, quick beer.
And we're going to get on the road.

Mo and Mike sit next to each other, and I'm
sitting next to them.
And the stripper comes up and sits next to Mo.
And it was, like, Mo looks at her , and he goes, who's your
favorite skater, just for no reason, right out the gate.
And she goes--
didn't even blink-- she was like, Mike Carroll.
And Mo's just like, are you serious?
Just leans back and he's right there, like.
Her mind was blown.
She was like, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,
it's Mike Carroll.
Like, immediately grabs him, takes him in the back.
Starts giving him free lap dances.
She was like, so beat, huge rotted out front tooth, speed
head stripper.
So funny but didn't even--
didn't take her a second.
She knew who her favorite skater was, Mike Carroll.