BodyTalk Cortices: Tap to Improve Your R/L Brain Balance

Uploaded by LauraAHames on 13.03.2009

To balance your cortices,
you're gonna take one of your hands
doesn't matter which
fingers together
you're gonna place it on the back of your head
going capping the occiput
And then you're going to exaggerate your breathing
As you tap on your head
And tap over your heart
So you can do... a couple of breath cycle
just alternating between tapping head and heart.
And then you're gonna take your hand. You're gonna move it to the next position,
So we're covering the whole brain,
And when you're tapping on the head, make sure that you're covering both sides of the brain
And you can tap anywhere on the sternum.
And still breathing.
And then you're gonna move your hand to the next position
You're literally just working your way up over the whole brain.
Okay. And then next position
Depending on how big your hands are
compared to how big your head is
It might take four, five, or six hand positions
And you can tap in front or behind your hand.
and you're still breathing
And then the last position, you're gonna go all the way up to the eyebrows
Just still breathing
And then you're gonna take both hands
And you're gonna place them either side of your head.
On the temporal cortices
And you can just hold there for a moment
And then you can tap with your fingers like this.
And then just hold.
And then take one hand off to tap your heart.
And then again hold. doesn't matter which hand
where you can tap like this.
Just imagine by your hands right there.
Tapping your heart.
And you're still breathing.
And there you go. That's how you balance the cortices.