Secret of Lady Gaga's meat dress - a bloody Parody - Star Arena Exclusive EP01

Uploaded by d11btv on 02.12.2010

O.k. Only three minutes before I have to be on stage
Where is my wardrobe? Where are my (fucking) costumes?!!
Hello … trouble with your batshit stage-dresses?
I´m so sorry,
seems that somebody has sent them to …Kabul?
Yes, I think it was Kabul.
The one and only Queen of Pop! Uuuh.
The only thing you are is the “Queen Mum of Pop”
Outa here, grandma, take your fat-ass wrinkles back to the ol’ folks home.
Two minutes. Two minutes.
Shut your face, bitch!
You gonna make me?
Fake! Imposter! You´re a thief! You stole everything from me.
But not your cellulite-cream
But not your cellulite-cream
Enough! I`m gonna beat the shit out of you!
Enough! I`m gonna beat the shit out of you!
O.k. you wanna fight?
Bye bye Lady Gaga`s eye …
Here she comes: Lady Gaga!
Thank you sweetie.
Baby there`s no other superstar, you know you`ll never… have a papa paparazzi!