New Vegas Weapon Guide 2 - Two Handed Guns

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When it comes to weapons In Fallout New Vegas two things can be stated as indisputable fact.
First there are a LOT of guns, and second finding the cream of the crop can be a incredible
task. To help ease the burden of picking the diamonds out of the rough, this second part
of the New Vegas weapon suite covers some of the most prominent two handed guns available.
Just to clarify only rifle type traditional guns are covered in this section of the suite.
Large over sized armaments, and energy weapons have their own separate videos. Now then,
on to the incredible hand cannons that fit in just two hands.
Ah the Brush Gun, this high power lever action rifle is absolutely critical to anyone interested
in showing someone who's boss. This firearm is one the best in the the entirety of the
Mojave wastes. With superior damage per shot, and a surprisingly high fire rate for a lever
action rifle, the brush gun is a true example of amazing power. This is one of the few weapons
in the game that has no superior version, and as a result tracking down the standard
model can be a bit of a chore. There are a limited number of ways to acquire the Brush
gun, but none of them are guaranteed. The easiest way to get one is to simply buy one
from the gun runners outside of free side, of course using this method requires you to
have several thousand caps, and you must be of a high level for it to be in stock. Another
way is to wait until Veteran NCR rangers start appearing in the wastes, and steal or kill
them for it. However, Veteran Rangers only appear late in the game, and there's no guarantee
you'll find a ranger carrying a brush gun. Even though there are more ways to find the
gun those two are the easiest, and the most likely methods you'll find one.
For any gamer who has an interest in playing a sniper archetype this next gun is the holy
grail of sniper rifles. The Anti-Materiel Rifle is an enormous fifty caliber sniper
riffle. As expected of most long ranged rifles it's fire rate is less than impressive, but
that drawback is entirely null and void when you take into account how it deals THE most
damage per bullet in the game. Similar to the brush gun the anti-materiel rifle can
only be found when you reach a high level in the game. The most reliable place you can
find one is from the gun runners just outside of fireside, but like most guns they sell
you'll spend a small fortune if you choose to buy it. The other most common way to find
one is to steal from or kill a veteran NCR ranger. The Veteran ranger's don't show up
until late in the game though, so you may very well reach a level high enough to buy
one before you have a chance to fink a fight with a veteran.
Extending the list for marksman style armaments is the All American, an enhanced version of
the marksman carbine with higher damage per shot and faster fire rate. This is one of
the most difficult guns in the game to acquire because it lies behind many locked doors at
the bottom of a heavily irritated and ghoul infested vault. I'll warn right now that going
after this gun should only be done at higher levels, preferably 15 or so.
Now to start you have to head to Vault 34 which is more east than south of the new Vegas
strip, and more north than west of camp golf. Before heading off to this iron tomb stock
up on rad-away and rad-x, because you'll be fighting radiation the entire time your below
the surface. Anyway you'll have to travel through some caves before you reach the actual
vault, but when you reach the main room just past the vault door jump over the rail and
then down through a hole to the left. Exit the room you land in and turn left following
the corridor. When you reach a T-section right to the top of some flooded stairs. Go into
the water and at the end of the flooded hall is a room with a drowned ghoul. Loot a pass
key off the body, and go back for some air. From the T-section turn right back into the
hall, and follow it all the way going though the last open door just around the corner
from the overseer's office. Beyond the room you enter is anoter hall, follow it and go
through the first door you see, which should be on your right; Leading to another set of
flooded stairs. Jump into the water, swim down, and through a doorway to a room with
another drowned ghoul. Loot another pass key off it and then go back for air. Turn right
back into the hall you cam from,and through the last door on the left, just before the
armoury. In the room access a terminal, and activate a set of pumps to drain the water.
Return to the staircase you were just at and you'll find the water drained. At the base
of the stairs there's another hall with a closed door at the end leading to security
station A, go though it. In the beyond the door are a few ghouls, and a terminal at the
end of the area. Access it and disengage the lock to the overseer's office. Backtrack to
the door to the overseer's office which should now be open, and go on up to see the big man.
Inside find and go through a door that's been propped open. In the room beyond is the overseer
who's turned into a lethal amber coloured ghoul. Though it's no easy task, kill him
and loot a password off of his body. Next access the terminal behind his desk and open
the armoury. Leave the overseer's office the way you came, and return to the door leading
to the flooded stair case you drained. Just beyond, at the end of the hall, is the door
to the armoury. Go inside take out the ghouls, and throw open the armoury door which was
so troublesome to unlock. Inside will be a few more ghouls to dispatch, and on an over
turned table will be the gun "All American". One trailing comment to bring up is if you
have a companion with you they may pick up the gun before you can. Anyway take comfort
in knowing that all the work necessary to get the All American comes with an entire
armoury of reward.
For sharpshooters one of the necessary guns to acquire is "This Machine", a 308 chambered
rifle with high fire rate and more than decent damage per shot. There's more than one way
to acquire this weapon, both requiring you to first travel to camp McCarren. Camp McCarren
is the NCRs main base of military operations in the Mojave wasteland, located south of
the New Vegas strip. The first fastest way to acquire this gun is to travel to the supply
shack which can be accessed from the concourse beyond the main building. When inside if you
have a science skill of at least fifty go upstairs and hack into a terminal to download
a weapon manifests. Then return to the main building and talk to Lt. Boyd showing her
the documents you just stole. In turn she will give you the "This Machine" gun as a
reward. Now even though that's the fastest way to getting this valuable weapon you lose
Contreras, the offending officer, as a vendor who has a significant number of caps to trade
with. If you're interested in keeping him around for financial reasons, it is possible
to get the gun by play playing by his rules. Going this route is difficult however because
it's not a marked quest, so you'll get no helpful compass markers while preforming the
tasks you're given. Anyway as long as you're at least level 12 first speak with Contreras
about his inventory, and pass a level 50 speech or barter check to start working for him.
Your first task will be to speak to a man named named Isac outside of the gun runner's
facility which is just outside of freeside. Isac is usually found in front of the reloading
bench near the vendortron, or in his house not to far to the north east. If you have
a speech or barter skill of at least 80 you only need to talk to him and pass a skill
check to complete your business with him. However if those skill levels are a bit beyond
you, you'll have to give him one hundred pieces of scrap metal. The metal he'll accept can
be in the form of tin cans, metal pots, pans, and of course scrap metal. After you've given
Isac what he needs or passed the skill check return to Contreras. The next task is it retrieve
a shipment of medical supplies from Blake at the crimson cravan company not to further
north east of the gun runner's shack. After you retrieve the package return to Contreras
and hand over the supplies, then wait about two days and talk to him again. He'll tell
you a pass phrase and send you off to Miguel's Pawn shop which is in west side located west
of the new Vegas strip, and right next to the Thorn arena. When you arrive speak to
a man named Keller and say the pass phrase. At this point you can handle the quest in
many different ways. However, to get the gun "this machine", and keep Contreras as a merchant,
just hand the supplies over to Keller. When he reveals who he is choose to pull your gun,
and kill him then return to Contreras and talk to him. Now as of the writing of this
guide, when you return the speech options available are confused. You can still receive
the gun though if you tell Contreras that Keller will work with him.
Automatic weapons seem to be scarce in New Vegas, so when you find one it can defiantly
make your day. The Light Machine Gun is one of those weapons, and even though it has some
of the worst aim and bullet spread in the game, there's nothing quite like using a fully
automatic firearm to assert your dominance. Like so many of the non-unique quality guns
in the game, the Light Machine Gun can be purchased from the gun runners at later levels.
However there is one location where you are guaranteed to find one, and another where
you are likely to find one, given you're a high enough level. The first, and most dangerous
one to acquire, is found in a Death Claw nest in Quarry Junction just north of Good springs.
Seeing as how Death Claws are some of, if not the most, dangerous enemies in the Mojave
wasteland you shouldn't really go into the quarry unless you are fully prepare. If you
do decide to go after this instance of the gun just be sure to bring plenty of ammo,
healing items, and if possible some backup. Now if you're not interested in battling an
entire pack of deathclaws, and you're in your later levels, there's one other place you're
likely to find the Light machine gun. Super Mutant Masters frequently carry them and at
least one master will always carry one on Black mountain. If you don't know Black Mountain
is an old satellite communication center infested with super mutants, located north west of
Good Springs, Sloan, and south of the new Vegas strip. Finding the gun isn't a complicated
matter more than it is bloody. So long as you slaughter all of the super mutants on
Black Mountain and loot all of them you should be able to find a light machine gun on one
of them. Just remember you have to be of a high enough level for super mutant master's
carrying light machine guns to appear on Black mountain.
Even though there are far more weapons in Fallout New Vegas than what I covered here,
the five guns mentioned are without a doubt amazingly powerful. Weather or not you choose
to acquire them is entirely left to personal discretion even though these guns are worth
finding. However if you're looking for over sized arms, or maybe weapons that don't shoot
bullets, or shoot at all. Then check out the rest of the New Vegas Weapon Suite from Visage
Guides and Kerosene Dreams.