Biologist and Chemist

Uploaded by kidsgov on 05.10.2012

In this episode, we visit the Center for Veterinary Medicine, which is part of the Food and Drug Administration.
Meet Elizabeth and Lauren.
Lauren: Basically what I do is I analyze animal feeds [animal food], animal products. Things
like meats, tissues, things like that, and I analyze drug residues [remainder of something]
in them by using chemical instrumentation [machines].
Elizabeth: So one of my favorite jobs is working with farm animals and on any certain day I
could go down and collect a sample [small part of something] in the morning time and
then go back in the afternoon and collect another sample, for instance milk. Then I
can look at any changes that have occurred [between both the samples] throughout the
Our main goal is to protect human and animal health and by doing that, I mean, it gives
us all here a lot of satisfaction knowing that we're helping out everyone, including
your animals at home.
Lauren: My favorite part of this job is not just sitting behind a desk. I like getting
up; I like using my hands and working and getting a result. And that's what I like
about being and analytical chemist is I get to work with numbers.
What I'm doing is I'm extracting the drug or the chemical from the feed or the tissue.
And then I use the samples I get and I put them in the instrument [machine] and the instrument
analyzes how much of that chemical is in the sample.
Elizabeth: I guess I always really enjoyed doing science fair projects. My dad, he has a science
background; he's a microbiologist, so we always had lots of fun doing that.
Lauren: I just took a natural liking to science. I really love animals. So that was the biggest,
kind of pull for me.
Elizabeth: My advice would just be to go out and try and volunteer and participate in the
science fair and go to camps during the summer.
For more information, visit the Center for Veterinary Medicine's Kids page, which includes
a short story about how "Sweets Are Not Good Treats" for your pet.
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