Smash - Season 1 Episode 9 - Hell on Earth - Luan Legacy Recap

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This episode was one that you definitely
didn't want to miss.
We start off by finding out that Karen and Ivy both have
an audition for a national orange juice commercial.
Seems like these two just can't stop
running into each other.
Ivy shows up late, but just in time to bump into Karen, and
hear the director say that she's perfect, and
she lands the job.
Sad news, but, ah, you're cut.
Ivy is less than excited to be back working in the chorus for
the show Heaven On Earth.
But for her, it must be hell on Earth, because, girl,
during the performance, she was over it.
Everybody had these cheeky smiles on stage, and
she was just, dry.
Just, just, deserts, on her face.
Frank finds some suspicious lyrics about a love affair
while Julia is away, and when she comes home, he really lets
her have it.
Despite her attempts to apologize, he says that she
has betrayed him, their son, and 18 years of marriage.
He even goes out to find Michael, and gives him a piece
of his fist.
Frank is vicious.
Remind me not to cheat on him.
Although, you shouldn't be cheating at all.
Cheating is bad.
Behind the set of another Heaven On Earth performance,
Ivy decides to take one anxiety pill too many, and she
has a complete meltdown on stage.
I mean, she's singing out of tune, changing the
choreography, and even takes a stumble to the floor on stage.
It was so tough to watch, I don't know how Karen did it.
Oh yeah, Karen saw the whole thing.
And you can only imagine how Ivy felt when she found out
that Karen witnessed the whole thing.
The two argue for a bit, but then decide to find some
common ground and, what else can you do at that point?
They wander the streets of New York a little buzzed, and even
do a street performance of I'll Drink To That.
These two can have a good time together?
What's going on?
April Fool's was on Sunday.
The show closes with Julia meeting up with Michael to let
him know that Frank has left the family.
She tells him not to apologize, and
the two part ways.
In the aftermath of it all, Tom and Julia finally decided
on the name for their musical--
So much good drama.
Such a good show.
If you guys aren't watching it yet, you really should.
With that being said, this has been Luan Legacy.
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