WTCC Graduation 1, Spring 2012

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welcome to Wake Technical Community Colleges Spring graduation
This is our first ever on-campus Spring graduation
It is a pleasure for the trustees, for the faculty and staff to share in this
special moment honoring the graduates in the class of 2012
Today over a thousand people are eligible to graduate
>>The most important thing that many students gain from their community
college experience is a sense of dignity
and as graduates with dignity
what that means is that you've gained the confidence
a comfort in who you are
which is much different than an arrogance about what you've accomplished or what
you've acquired
As graduates with dignity you now have the confidence
that you can learn anything
which means that there is nothing that can hold you back
To paraphrase William Butler Yeats,
your education has lit a fire
it's not filed your pail
and with your confident dignity, you have a keen sense of awareness that you've
only scratched the surface
of all that you will learn in your lifetime
>>Will the candidates for Diplomas and Associate in Arts degrees from the Arts,
Humanities, and Social Sciences division, please rise and come forward
(sounds of movement)
>>Bryanna Nicole Colvin
Sierra Ravon Simms
Henry Alarco
Haylee Brooke Allen
Garrett L. Armstrong
Ruth Alene Asbery
Jennifer Bagana N'Sona
Jennifer Balcazar
Beverly Michelle Benitez
Mary Savannah Bennett
Omar Gabrielle Berdiel
Arnuifo Bermudez Diaz
Linda Sout Boulom
Derrick Lamar Bowles
Bryan Joseph Custer
Mindy K. Coleman
Yvonne Chimenge
Andrew M. Cecil
Michael W. Casin
Jonathan D. Charest
Sabrina M. Carroll
Susan A. Carpenter
Robert Allen Cade
Elizabeth Amber Bunn
Jennifer Marie Buckley
Michael Christopher Brownlee
Belinda J. Brown
Amanda L. Brenton
Bryan D. Hensley
Christopher Isaac Hart-Williams
Cordara Xavier Harper
Gina Marie Hardison
Joshua Hammond
Kathleen Elizabeth Hall
Crystal Ann Greene
Berthy Sabrina Gonzalez
Colombe C. Ganao
Yazmeen Omar Gadalla
Vanessa Paige Fontana
Toya Flynn-Conley
Sarah Rebekah Hill
Alicia W. Hinton
Rochelle R. Howard
John Dennis Howell, Jr.
Annette D. Hutchins
Kimberly Dawn Jackson
Justin Turner Jarman
Benjamin R. Johnson
Stephanie B. Johnson
Taereka S. Johnson
LaShonda Renee Kearney
Sarah V. Keyes
Cameron Tyler Komas
Kacie L. Daniels
Adrienne Nicholle De Prima
Hilary K. DeGraaf
Jacqueline S. Delgado
Jonathan Lancaster Denmark
Jessica Leighann Denton
Victoria Lynn Dial
Michael Lawrence Downing
Desirr'ee S. Dunn
John O. Dyer
Michelle Marie Ferland
Dané Louise Fields
Leslie Marie Floyd
Greys Carolina Koo
Courtney Lynne Lammert
William J. Lincourt
Maria Jeanine Lyons
Duke M. Maisiba
Ian Thomas McCulloch
Colin Patrick McCullough
Asha A. McDougal
April Dawn McGuire
Stephany Nohemi Mejia
Sandra Hurtado Mendoza
Siara Ryan Mims
Tammy A. Moore
Maria G. Morales
Kapinga Orly Mundadi
>>Somsack Namsaly
Aasiya S. Outlaw
Itarsha K. Payne
Dana Lichell Prince
Alysia B. Randolph
Cameron Sean Reynolds
Diana Gisselle Rivera
Nina L. Rizza
Angela Ruiz
M'Shiela Rae Salvador
Matthew Michael Sammis
Daniel Robert Schaffer
Mirela Scott
Shanita Barrett Scott
Joshua Michael Sexton
Tamara M. Shovelton
Lauren Elizabeth Spivey
Simone E. Stevens
Andrew A. Sullivan
Corben David Summerlin
Christopher Levon Taybron
Eric S. Thayer
Douglas Townsend III
Kellyanne Elise Waldorf
Jason Christopher Walsh
Amanda K. Walters
Earl Nigel Warren
Sharon Renee Williford Weisbeck
Michael Vincent White
Elizabeth Annette Williams
John Aaron Williams
Sandra Williams
Ashley R. Wolf
>>Trustees, with the recommendation of the faculty, I have the honor of presenting
the graduation candidates from the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Division
And now to recognize the recipients of our Associate in General Education
Ms. Laura Kalbaugh, Dean
of College Readiness. Laura?
>>Will the candidates for the Associate in General Education degrees from the
College Readiness Division
please rise, and come forward
Aubrey Lynne White
with the recommendation of the faculty,
I have the honor of presenting graduation candidates from the College Readiness Division
>>And now, to recognize the
graduates earning Associate of Sciences Degrees,
Dr. Cheryl Keeton, Dean of Mathematics and Sciences. Cheryl?
>>Will the candidates for Diplomas and Associate in Science degrees from the
Mathematics and Sciences Division
please rise and come forward
Kerri G. Abuahmad
Karl Amboya
Joseph S. Barron
Samantha Marie Benton
Nicholas R. Bost
Thanh Ngan Thi Bui
Michael Bullock
Kelly Jean Chapman
Kai Coppage
William Harris Cutchin
Mason James Davis
Max R. Derringer
Brian J. Eglinger
Kyle L. Foster
Samuel Marshall Frazier
Tiana R. Hundley
Andrew E. Ibrahim
Luisa del Carmen Jimenez
Oleg Kakhovsky
Patrick David Keiffer
Aparna Krishnamurthy
Anita Frances Lumpkin
Ronald Aaron Miller II
Katrina Louise Moore
Keith Alan Morris
David Noah Morton
Duy Hoang Minh Ngo
Sean Patrick O'Neill
Jeffrey A. Paugh
Anthony Maurice Robinson
Michael Douglas Snyder
Filip Tufvesson
Emily Jane Doris Van Schagen
Rupa Maitreyi Vummalaneni
Kevin M. Willey
Christina Virginia Williams
Stephanie Marie Wynn
Samuel Hunter Hendrick
Zakaria Kadi
>>Trustees, on
the recommendation of the faculty,
I have the honor of presenting the graduation candidates for the Mathematics and
Sciences Division
>>Under the authority vested
in the Trustees of Wake Technical Community College, and by the statutes of
North Carolina and the State Boards of Community Colleges, is my privilege
to award you the appropriate degrees and diplomas as presented
to recognize your new status as graduates, you may move your tassels from the
right to the left (applause)