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>> The Weight is Over. Exploring surgical weight loss on ABC 27 is brought to you by
Penn State Milton [inaudible] Hershey Medical Center.
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>> Welcome back. We have time for one more viewer question. Janelle [assumed spelling]
is here to join us. The question is, my daughter is only 9-years-old, but is very overweight.
It runs in our family. Is surgery right for her, even though she is young, what are her
best options?
>> Surgical weight loss is not the best option for children under the age of 18. At Penn
State Hershey we offer several options for pediatric weight management, including individualized
sessions with a registered dietician, group sessions for children and their families,
and we also are happy to offer the High Mark Kid's Shape Program, which incorporates nutrition,
exercise, and behavior counseling.
>> Okay. Great. Thanks so much, Janelle, for joining us. And we want to thank all of the
specialists here this evening for answering your telephone calls. The lines are open until
8 this evening. Back to you, Chuck.
>> Thank you, Deborah [assumed spelling] and joining us now in the set is Bariatric Surgeon,
Dr. Randy Haluck. And Doctor, again, we talked before the, the show. What are the different
types of weight loss surgeries and how do you decide which is the right one for you?
>> There are several options for weight loss surgery. The most commonly performed, as you
heard earlier is the gastric bypass, laparoscopically. We also offer sleeve gastrectomy, where a
major part of the stomach is removed and it's turned into a tube. And you also heard about
the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. We work with all patients on an individual
basis, discuss their needs, discuss their concerns about surgery and their risks. And
we work with them to select the operation that's right for them.
>> Over the years that you've been doing this, how, how has the surgery changed?
>> The surgery has changed dramatically over the years. We've refined the very small technical
aspects of the operation, but, but also overall, we've seen many advancements in this area.
Now at Hershey, almost all of these operations are done laparoscopically. We are now starting
to offer some of these operations through a single incision, all laparoscopic, but only
through one small incision. And additionally, we're beginning to offer robotic surgery for
the weight loss operations that we do.
>> A lot of options they didn't have just a few years ago.
>> Absolutely. We are making great progress in this area.
>> Thank you, Doctor, for your [inaudible] here tonight. Again, appreciate that.
>> Thank you.
>> And we also want to thank you, our viewers, for sharing your stories and sending in your
questions. If you'd like more information, or you'd like to schedule an appointment with
Penn State Hershey Surgical Weight Loss, just call 1-800-243-1455 or visit online at
slash surgicalweightloss. Or if you would rather get some more information first, you
can meet Dr. Rogers in person at Penn State Hershey Medical Group Office in [inaudible]
Thursday, that will be Thursday January 26. Dr. Rogers will be giving a free lecture on
surgical weight loss. Registration is limited, so you want to be sure to call and that number
is 1-800-243-1455. Again, thank you for watching. We wish you good health and have a terrific
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