日劫 - Descendant of the Sun (1983)

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There are many ancient legends in the world
These have been developed into many
...interesting mythical tales
In China there is the legend of the 7 fairies
The monkey god who stormed the heavens
The white snake who drowned the Jinshan temple
A child who crushed the mountains to save his mother
Our present story is also based on...
an ancient myth, and is about
...becoming a fairy!
It was said that in ancient times the devout
could accumulate charitable deeds to
focus on transcending their spirits
After a hundred, five hundred or even a thousand years
their fossilized bodies would remain seated in the...
lotus position and create a new-born
This would be known as Yuen Ying which...
as per ancient myth means spiritual transcendence
The process of transcendence occurs between the...
spiritual and physical world known as Da Lor fairyland
Our story begins
...at this place
A priest called Yuen Jan Ji has been...
cloistered for 500 years in
...the Yuen Sun Palace
It so happens that today...
he became a Yuen Ying;
That is, his spiritual refinement has been completed
The Yuen Ying descends to earth
On this auspicious occasion, fragrance permeates
as Priest Yuen Sun completes his spiritual journey
While Da Lor fairyland was a place
for spiritual refinement,
There lurked many evil spirits
...who hid there to train themselves
There was a black serpent which was...
captured by the golden-light cage 500 years ago
...by Yuen Jan Ji and his fellow fairies
Although the serpent was trapped in the black hole
because he had great powers
he has been fighting against...
the golden-light cage for 500 years
All along he continued to train his evil powers
Today he too...
completed his training
and become a devilish being
known as Mo Ying (devil's child)
What's the matter?
The devil must have come upon us
Someone wants to kill me
Where's our golden-light cage?
Where's the devil?
Yuen Ying
Why did you cast me into the cave?
See where you can hide
It's my fault
Being kind I didn't destroy the devil 500 years ago
Now he is protected by evil spirits
and has descended to the physical world
endangering humans
It looks like I have to discard my physical body
with the spirit
hidden in the Heavenly Creed
to follow him down
Priest Yuen Jan
then your thousand-year training...
Forget it
this might be the karma
I have to face
Take care, farewell
What a heavy snow storm!
Heavenly Creed
It seems there is a child inside
Who are you?
Where have you come from?
What is lt? Dad
I'll just hack a few more trees
then we'll go home
Don't go running everywhere
Dad, isn't today mom's birthday?
That's why we should go home early
lt'd be nice if we had 2 longevity peaches
This is a branch from a peach tree
but there are no leaves
I have 2 peaches...
Dad, I have 2 longevity peaches
Longevity peaches?
Dad, are you alright?
I am in terrible pain
Dad, pull yourself out quickly
Are you alright?
I'm fine
It's snowing heavily
where did you get the peaches?
I don't know
Shue Sang, boil some water
I want to wash my feet
He lifted the whole cart of firewood with one hand?
Otherwise how could I have freed my leg?
Then who do you think he is?
Where's the fire lighter?
How could I light a fire without it?
Give it back...
What are you doing?
Don't fight
What are you doing?
Shue Sang
It's not my fault
put me down
Brother Hung, I didn't mean it
I'll help you up
Brother Hung, how are you?
Shue Sang, come here
Dad, I didn't mean to fight with them
I know. Come here
Shue Sang, remember
Don't play with others as you've done today
Because you're different now
You've grown up
Go to the ice cave at Mt. Man Chong peak
18 years ago
I brought you home from the...
Heavenly Creed in the mountain
When you find the creed...
you will know who you really are
Child, you've grown up
Come in
You must be curious about who I am!
I'm not a human being;
Like you I am a spirit...
who has descended upon the world
You're no ordinary person either
You are Yuen Ying from the Da Lor fairyland
You possess extraordinary powers
and such powers are endless
Shue Sang, the water is boiling
your father will be returning soon
Go and slaughter a chicken
Yes, mother
Once you focus and concentrate
nothing can withstand your powers
Also, you must meditate
when you complete your training
You'll move while being still,
see without looking,
and pick up what ordinary ears can't hear
Run quickly...
Let them go, I beg you
What are you doing?
Are you out of you mind?
Dad, what are they doing?
They want to grab every carpenter here
...to work in Hang Chow
Father is old and sick...
Shut up, this is a royal decree
I don't care if he is sick or not
Wait, if it's a carpenter you want
I'll replace my dad
What does the prince regent have in mind?
That house is meant to be a secret
how could he let them go back?
Each man also gets a hundred taels of gold
You're a fool
What the prince regent said
it is all a plot
When the house is built
...they'll all be killed
So, I see
Smells good
Smells good, what is it?
What has happened here?
What's going on here?
Please be quiet everyone
Leave here at once
The prince regent has planned...
to kill us all after we build the house
Kill us all?
How do you know?
Never mind, just go
What has happened?
They want to escape
Let me down...
I think he went this way
How dare you come here?
Who let you in?
We chased a convict to this place
Do you think this is a place for hiding convicts?
Get out
Do you want to lose your head?
Get lost, quick
Get lost, do you hear?
Go, go quickly
Put the princess' babies in a safe place
Don't fly away
Who are you? What do you want?
Come, men
Bao Er, Bei Er, what's the matter?
This person came from nowhere
and drove away the golden canaries
you brought from Persia
Who are you?
Didn't you know this is the royal garden?
No commoner is allowed in here
It is a crime to trespass
The princess has asked what you are doing here
Do you want to lose your head?
I heard the princess likes little birds
and so do I
Also, I can also talk to birds
Really? Can you do that?
Then I'd like to trouble you to ask all the birds
that escaped to return
Oh? Come, men
Behead this man
Wait, how do you know...
I can't ask the birds to come back?
If you can do that
you can chop off my head
Mine too
Bao Er, Bei Er
You are good...
I think you want to show off too?
Listen to me
Let's do a Floral Burial, how about that?
The people laugh at me for burying the flower
Who will bury me when I died?
An auspicious day for the common bird is due soon
Fly up the tree and become a phoenix
Then do a painting for the princess
I am fainting
Alright, go and rest now
Well, win some lose some
two others will be beheaded soon
Your 10 golden canaries are all here
Now you two must be beheaded
Princess, mercy...
What can I do?
Your bet is with him
I think you'd better ask him to spare your lives
Fairy, have mercy...
Save us
Alright, get up
You should learn your lesson not to
...gamble with your heads
Yes, we'll never do it again
Where did you learn to speak with birds?
I have always lived in the deep woods
where there are many birds
so I...
That's good
Princess, you're fond of horticulture and birds
why do you keep him here to take care of them for you?
I know how to rear birds
and grow flowers
In winter I can grow peach blossom
That's great, what about your family?
Do you want to move them here too?
Now that you've mentioned it
I have to go and see my parents
Father, mother, flee quickly
the prince regent intends to kill more people
What about you?
I have to complete my spiritual training
because I stopped
in order to save you
I want to use the sun's energy
and the spirit of the heavens and earth
Take no cognizance and pay respect to God
The planets wax and wane
It bears the material form
You are ready to go forth as your spiritual training
...has been completed
Your mission is to serve human kind
But remember one thing:
The devil child of the black serpent was
...also born with you
Take care as he is cruel and devilish
He is among humans and must
...be exterminated
The first thing you should do is to
...destroy that evil Intelligent Kingdom
This brain is too small, get rid of it
How many babies have you got today?
Almost 3,000
I've brought the better 500
for you to experiment with
There are many people in this world
but many are stupid
I don't want this one
If we could raise a group of
highly intelligent children
and slaughter all the dumb ones
then we'll have a nation
of highly intelligent people
Then we could eat up neighbouring countries
and rule the world easily, right?
Followers of the Intelligent Kingdom
mighty in the whole world, all nations will bow to you
All nations will bow... Well said!
What do you want?
We come to deliver children
Go in
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
We're the parents of these children
...and have come to kill you
You said you want to kill me
Do it now
Come men, carry them away
Prime minister
Starting from tomorrow
ask the black knight to grab 3,000 more babies
Sire, if we do it unscrupulously
I fear the princess might know
She'll not know because I have...
arranged for her to go to the Peach Blossom Garden
...for summer retreat first thing in the morning
She'll never return here
so you can grab all the kids you can tomorrow
What's going on here?
The prince regent has sent a horde of
black knights to seize babies
The prince regent?
What are you doing?
I heard the princess is going out of town
Uncle, after I'm gone
you're in charge here
when the parrot trainer arrives
send him to Peach Blossom Garden
No need
Princess, I'm back already
I saw something on the road
which I must tell you
I heard...
This is the palace...
Let's talk when we get back
Go, go away
Go quickly
Uncle, we're off now
I hope you'll enjoy...
at the garden
Bao Er, Bei Er, come quickly
Yes, Princess?
Look at this beautiful flower
Yes, it's pretty
Come up quickly
Come up...
I want to pick this lovely flower
Come up first
If you like itjust say so
we'll pick it for you
- Shue Sang - What?
Princess, are you alright?
I'm fine
You fool. Don't stand there like a dummy
The princess almost fell into the water
Come here and pick the flowers
You two like to bully the others
He doesn't even know there're flowers in the water
so how could he pick them?
I do know
Apart from rearing birds
you know nothing
Alright, I pick them
Watch it, clumsy fool
This person is somewhat crazy
He keeps staring at you
Princess, do you remember
when he got here he immediately informed you
uncle has sent men to kidnap babies
What a joke!
Princess, flowers
So beautiful...
Princess, look
Come up...
Princess, get away quickly
Someone wants to assassinate you
Royal guards
Come, men
Princess, get on the boat, quick
She's back
Princess, are you alright?
You want to leave? Go ahead
Go on
Hero, may I know your name please?
So princess might repay you
I am...
I am not able to tell you my name
but I can tell you
the prince regent is the culprit
When will I see you again?
When you are in trouble
We'll meet again
Princess let's go back first
Princess, look
He's still here
Why would I leave?
It's you?
Of course, you were looking for me?
Why would I look for you?
Where were you...
when the princess was in trouble?
Right, where were you just now?
Speak up
Speak, come on
Speak up
Forget it
It wouldn't have helped if he were here
Coward, so useless
What a coward
I'll ask the princess to chop off your head
- Beheading... - Shut up
We'll return and settle this with uncle
That fairy in golden garb saved princess?
Sire, there's trouble...
The princess has returned
It looks like I have to handle this at once
Go and prepare
I'll go see the princess at the main hall
What's going on here?
Why'd someone want to assassinate me at the garden?
I also heard...
you sent men to kidnap babies
and kill them?
That's right
I am responsible for all that
So what should be done about it?
Since brother's death
I have wanted to kill you and become king
and I also want to kill all the stupid people
in the kingdom
So that only the intelligent
...will rule the empire
Come, men
What are you doing?
You want to rebel?
Fairy... come men...
The fairy has come
You've really come
He is the one who wants to harm me
You alone?
Come on...
Princess, what should we do?
I'm here
You want to flee?
No way
Uncle can't get away
Where's he gone?
Strange, how could he run this fast
2 stars in the south
and the heavenly pearl in the north
The stars indicate it's not yet time
...for me to die
Where is my saviour?
The devil, please show up
Behind the house
Save me...
Don't run
I've waited for 18 years
so I could be liberated
You must save me
Who are you?
I am the devil of Da Lor fairyland
and have been trapped by goodness
If any one with an evil heart
smears blood on the rock ball
to desecrate goodness
I will be liberated
What do I get in saving you?
I knew you are also an evil man
Think, with me in the world
would you not benefit from it?
Evil spirit
You've really come
Follow me
There is no one here?
Strange, why is the evil spirit here?
Where are we going?
Follow him
Child, what's the matter with you?
I was at the coast of the North Sea
and under the Yuan Huang temple
I felt the evil spirit permeated the heavens
I remember you told me once
there was an evil baby in the world
Would that be it?
I believe the evil spirit you felt
must be the evil baby
who has turned into a human being
His powers match yours
especially since your powers come from solar energy
When there is an eclipse
you powers will diminish and falter
Be extra careful
my spirit in the She Li (relic) remains here
When you're in danger
just spit blood on the She Li
I will use my remaining reserve powers to save you
So you've been hiding here all along!
Today I will avenge the suffering
inflicted on me at Da Lor fairyland
When the eclipse comes
the Yuen Ying will die
Princess, you cannot keep being despondent
and sulk, refusing to
...eat and drink
Alright, stop nagging
I'm not eating because it's too hot
who says I'm sulking?
I want to have fruits
The princess is lovelorn...
Stop it...
What are you doing here?
To bathe Nien Lao
I just brought it back
Did you teach it to say what itjust said?
No, please do not blame me
Maybe it's not only us who could discern
that you have been unhappy lately
Even the parrot notices it
Who says I'm unhappy?
Do you think I've really fallen in love
with the man in the golden garb?
It's just that he has saved me twice
and I want to repay him
Repaying him doesn't mean you don't eat or sleep
Who says I'm like that?
You're not a fairy how would you know?
Nien Lao told me
What? The parrot?
Did you say that? Tell me
I did
You're in love with the fairy
If you don't stop saying this I'll roast you
Princess, I've found the fairy
That's him
He is the fairy you say?
He must be dreaming
Look at him
Can he fly or fight?
I think he resembles the fairy a bit
Princess, what do you think?
There is a slight resemblance
So? A slight resemblance?
So that's why I want to let him...
What's the matter?
Are you alright?
Did you push me?
No, I didn't
Strange, why did I fall then?
Never mind, what is your plan?
My plan is
because of the resemblance
tomorrow we'll get the best painter
in the country
Then we'll dress him up
like the fairy and
get his picture painted
by the painter
Then you can look at the picture everyday
rather than stare at the heavens
Princess, do you want some fruit?
Not like this, it should be worn this way
Lower, I'll highlight your lashes
Carry it up
Don't move
That's it, don't move
Bao Er, Bei Er
when are you going
to let start painting?
Get up
Get up
Give me the sword
Hold the sword
Stand straight
Hold the sword
Lift your leg
Lift it higher
Don't move, that's it
So dumb
You're so dumb
Once again
Lift the sword and your leg
Not that one, this leg
Doesn't look like him
Don't move, that's it
A slight resemblance
It doesn't quite look like it
Bao Er, Bei Er, forget it
He is not the real fairy
no matter how we dress him up
Princess, don't worry
I have an idea
- Higher... - Help...
Don't move...
Higher... Higher still...
Lift your head, stretch your arms
I'll be hanged to death, how can I fly
Stretch out your arm by yourself
Lift your head
Still higher?
The rope will break
Is there greater resemblance now?
You are a big fool
What's the big idea?
Getting a clumsy oaf to pose as a hero
What were you thinking?
Forget it
He won't come again anyway
Princess, he'll come again
What did you say?
Didn't he say...
when you're in danger he'll come again?
Uncle is not here anymore
so what danger would I be in?
Die for him
What? Die to make him come?
Not a real death
just pretend to die to lure him
How do we do that?
The princess has suddenly come down
...with a strange illness
No doctor has been able to cure her
If anyone knows of a cure
which can heal the princess
...he will be rewarded
What should we do?
I have some good medicine at home
Guess the whole nation should fast & bathe for 3 days
Stop all this!
The princess is fine
You're so heartless
Princess is so good to us
yet you say not to save her
Beat him...
I'll be damned if he comes
You forget he is a fairy
How could he fall...
for your silly tricks?
You can only fool the common people
You fool
Stop bothering us...
and bathe Nien Lao
Go on
Are you alright?
Why push me again?
I didn't
Why is this eye bumped each time?
He is right
He is a fairy
How could we fool him?
Princess, you could jump to your death
Do you really want me to jump to my death?
Not really
We'll use two sturdy Persian ropes
...and tie them around your waist
We and over ten others
...of your entourage will
...hang on from behind so you'll be alright
Stand in your positions, don't let go
So high
If we don't do it this way...
how could we get the fairy to appear?
Don't be afraid, jump
Is it safe?
Don't worry
When I tell you to let go, let go
let the ribbon fall with the princess
This is the real kind of leaping, understand?
Do you hear me?
She says to let go when she says so
What are you doing?
The princess is leaping to her death
Princess, jump
I'm jumping now
Let go
Did you see the fairy?
Come up first
What are you doing?
Pull the princess up
Tie the ribbon to the bed
Let me go out
The fairy is here
Great, the fairy is here
What's the matter?
They say you'll only appear this way
Right, where do you live?
How can I find you?
You want to know where I live?
Okay, come with me
It's so beautiful
Are you cold?
Close your eyes
Open your eyes
You can eat it
You're not cold now, are you?
What is this place?
You can say it's my home
Who are you?
Didn't I tell you...
I am a human being?
I don't believe you
If you're an ordinary human being
...why couldn't we find you?
Why would you want to find me?
I don't know if you believe it or not
I have always been at your side
Why couldn't I see you?
That's because I can become invisible
Then when I take a bath?
I'm there too, naturally
You're not taking a bath now
Why have you hidden yourself again?
Tell me frankly
have you really seen me bathe?
Don't worry, if I did
my powers would be nullified
You're lying
It's so beautiful here
I don't know when
I'll be here again
Sometimes it's funny that
the same person can be the one
you both hate and love
Similarly the same person who you are with everyday
...can also be the one you never see
What are you talking about?
What I've said just now
is something you'll never understand
What you've said is something I'll never understand
and what I want to say
is something I might never say in my whole life
How come two persons who are together and...
have something to say can't even say a word?
You should go back...
or else the palace folk will look everywhere for you
It's so beautiful here
but unfortunately they are transient
You'd better go
You've arrived at the palace
I'd better go
What's going on?
According to my calculation
There'll be an eclipse tomorrow and
there'll be great change in the weather in the morning
Shue Sang, what's going on here?
The wind has become fierce all of a sudden
The palace animal is running everywhere
and frantically roaring
What? Frantically roaring?
It's disastrous...
The traitor uncle is back
and is now in the main hall
How dare you come back here?
I have come back for your friend
...in the golden garb
What insolence!
Capture the traitor
Why don't you ask your friend...
in the golden garb to come out?
I am here
Who are you?
Like you...
I've come from the Da Lor fairyland 18 years ago
Come on
Come on, take your best shot
Don't laugh too soon, look up there
An eclipse
Try your power
The eclipse will drain your power
That's your greatest fear
Today is the day for me to take revenge
From today onwards, almost...
all you've cloistered for 500 years will be destroyed
You'll become like human
Where are you running to?
See where you can hide!
Don't run
Yes sir
Leave for the cave at Mt. Man Chong's peak right away
Yes sir
Where are you running to?
The prince wants to catch him alive
Still thinks he's a fairy?
Yuen Ying has disappeared
The world is now mine
The Evil Star appears
It can't be true
What a coincidence, it's this year!
What are you doing?
It's really the 3rd hour of 17th of July
I have finally found the time for the eclipse
What are you doing?
We knew from the start that...
for every 500 years in the Da Lor fairyland
once every 100 years there'll be a solar holocaust
But to find the exact time of the eclipse
we must use the Seven Star Formation
...and the blood of a living person
Look at it now
17th of July, doomsday
Solar holocaust?
What is a solar holocaust?
It is a crisis of the sun which
when it comes we must
use 49 kinds of the most poisonous blood
...and the heart of a noble lady
All this has got to be sprinkled towards the east
...just when the sun rises
Then the contaminated blood will forever trap the sun
...and it can never rise again!
If this is the case...
does it mean that there'll never again be daylight?
Correct, there'll be darkness forever
Good, darkness forever, good
It's easy to find the poisonous blood
but for the noble...
Needless to say
Look behind you
Princess, are you alright?
Princess, are you hungry?
Fairy, fairy
Princess is in trouble
Don't worry, the knife is very sharp
I can cut your heart out very easily
...and it won't hurt
Don't you dare!
We'll come after you even as ghosts
The sun is rising
why don't you do it?
We must wait till the sun shines on her heart
before the blood will become effective
Princess, are you alright?
It's eclipse and the evil spirit is released
Son of the evil god, hurry to my help
Princess, what are we going to do?
Don't be afraid, I've got plans
Open it up
There's light