[Eng Subbed] Panorama - Tod einer Scientologin DOKU (Death of a Scientologist)

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Farewell-letter of a Scientologist.
Dear mum, Dear dad,these are my last lines.
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me in all these years.
You always helped me in reaching my goals.
Thank you.
I've done everything right. Until the summer of 1997 - when i met Hans-Juergen.
That was the biggest mistake in my life. I lay my priorities totally wrong.
I know that now, but for me there is no other way out of this.
On 5 March 2006 at 2:45 p.m. the hamburg police found a dead body of a woman in a car in an underground car park.
It was the 40 year old veterinarian Walburga Reichert.
From the outward appearance it was suicide. In the car the police found a farewell-letter.
They also found prescriptions for medicaments, syringes and bloody paper towels.
In her trunk they found a case and flight tickets to Florida on 23rd February and notes for Scientology membership.
The body was brought to Hamburgs forensic medicine for autopsy. The cause of death was a mixture of sleeping pills and carbon monoxide.
Thank you, see you! In March 2012 i was told about this case, after i was doing researches on mysterious deaths inside of Scientology.
A website shows many of those cases. All victims have one common ground: they were connected to Scientology. As members or as critics.
The police investigations showed really fast that Scientologist Biggi Reichert had many problems.
It turned out, that she returned hasty from the Scientology headquarters in Florida shortly before her death.
The autopsy showed 28 wounds on her head.
according to the calculations the must have been added a week or two before she died.
In a confidential report the forensic medicine claims that must have been electricity that caused those wounds.
The officers could only speculate what had happened to her in Florida. Were those wounds responsible for her suicide?
And how is Scientology connected with her death?
After long conversations Biggis family is ready to speak about her faith in public. I head to Bavaria.
Biggi grew up in a small town in a catholic family. Her tragic death is unknown till now.
Concealed out of fear of Scientology and village gossip.
It's hard to believe that a cult with science fiction fantasies found members here in this town.
Biggis mother still can't believe what her daughter got into - and how it could end this way.
Even 6 Years after her death the over 80 year old has not yet processed what happened.
The ground under your feet just tear when something like this... even today i visit her grave and
ask her: how could this happen?
And i don't wish this to anybody that his or her child has to die that way.
This is, where it all started.
This shop has been the Scientology Mission Augsburg.
Proud the cult presented the mission manageress Biggi Reichert.
Scientologists like Biggi believe that only they have the technology to save the mankind.
On her Website the Cult presents itself as a religious movement that is based on the works of Writer L.Ron Hubbard
This man was a science fiction author and some of his approaches still sound that way.
Scientologists try to become so called "Thetans", some kind of cleared spiritual essence full clarity and control.
The way to this goal is called the bridge to total freedom, and it ends at Thetan Level 8.
Biggi was such an operating thetan.
Scientologist reach that level through auditings, some kind of polygraph test with return to reputed past lives.
Negative experiences that burden people shall be deleted through this.
Critics call Hubbards technique brain-washing.
In her notes Biggi left many documents. For example a picture of Tom Cruise with cult leader Davide Miscavige.
some kind of icon in her worldview as a cultist.
Scientology claims to be a Church, what was your impression? Did it look to you like a Church? Or something else?
Oh there we had much discussions. I always called it a cult and that was the worst thing for my daughter.
I never called it a church. I always said that it is a greedy cult.
Biggis story in Scientology begins in a village in Bavaria. A young man, Benno, approached to her in the middle of the nineties, he recruited her.
When i called him he hung up after a few seconds.
Scientologists are not allowed to talk to people like me. Journalists are - after psychiatrists - the biggest enemies of the cult - according to Hubbard.
That the following scene is taped is pure random. i come from a butcher's as the cult calls me on my mobile.
Hello? Who are you?
Mrs. Uta from the Church of Scientology? Yes you are right, i recently called someone.
I called a man to ask him some questions about a woman.
Yes. Biggi *****
And he can't talk for himself? I think he is grown up!?
It is a little bit strange that i call someone because of an investigation and a church calls me shortly after.
The controlled life inside the cult will soon get Biggis life. She moves to Hamburg - her next step in her Scientology-Career .
Scientology tells me, that she was responsible for recruiting new people.
She took her work very serious, enthusiastic she wrote to another scientologist:
"I'm doing between 5 and 6 auditing-sessions a day. everything is fine."
"I'm getting forward with my 3 dynamic goals - everything is perfect."
In the beginning Biggi shuttled between Hamburg and Bavaria.
In her home village in Bavaria she had a animal ambulance together with an associate. Finally she sells her part of the office.
The money she received she spent in Scientology. In Hamburg she found a job in an animal ambulance.
Additionally she worked in the real estate company of her husband, Hans-Juergen Reichert. 3 Jobs.
3 Jobs to fund a career as a Thetan.
I tried to find the real estate agent Hans-Juergen Reichert. He is a operating thetan, too.
Perhaps he can tell me what happened to Biggi Reichert. In the nineties, when the real estate boom happened, he earned much money.
They married in Clearwater, Florida, the mekka for scientologists. But the company doesn't exist for a long time.
Hans-Juergen should live in a outer circle of Hamburg, but he is never at home.
Not even the authorities know where he is. His neighbors told, that he ran away from the creditors.
In Biggis letters from 2003 to 2004 towards her seniors she tells about first financial problems.
Auditor Margerete, Auditor Bob, Dear Katrin.
In the beginning of December i was at home. I wanted to borrow money from my parents because our finances are dire.
This created a chain reaction. i inherited some money from my parents more than once.
I invested it in auditings an later in a condominium. They liked it. Also, that i founded an own ambulance.
When i moved to Hamburg and gave up all of this they were unhappy with my art of living. I sold my condominium and spent everything for the bridge.
A operating thetan like Biggi has often to go to Scientology Headquarters in flag every half year to receive some kind of soul-cleaning.
In it's propaganda the cult claims their "Bridge to freedom" as the solution for many problems.
I travel to Clearwater, Florida, in order to find a trace of Biggi in the city of scientologists.
Whoever travels to Clearwater will see this grotesque scene:
Uniformed scientologists all over the place. From all of the world they travel to Clearwater in order to make the highest steps in Scientology.
They have different uniforms for different tasks and departments.
Own buses drive through the city, transporting adult and children scientologists.
Security personal is everywhere. Every scientologist building is under strong surveillance.
At places where no scientologists are there is often yawning empty.
In clearwater i want to meet a man who is afraid of an interview and the consequences. His Name: Michael Laws.
He worked together with Biggi in Scientology and was her friend for a some years.
Dear mum, Michael and i are connected by a special kind of friendship.
We know each other for 3 years and always have held together and helped each other. We know just, how the other one of us feels even when there are thousands of kilometers between us.
Micheal is the only Scientologist who is willing to talk to me about this case.
He knows exactly how much you have to afford to become a operating thetan.
I mean, it´s very expensive. It is … several different costs areas. One is the … conseling, the auditing. …
the cheapest concelling you can get at FLAG is about .. 400 $ an hour in auditing
when you are working on the BRIDGE. When you are … trying to climb up the … Scientology´s virtual ladder.
Normally they are trying to get four to six hours of counseling in a day. So that would be two thousand, three thousand Dollars a day.
up to five, six thousand Dollars a day just in counseling.
And then you still have to pay...
… the hotel … plus you have the travel, plus you have donations to the things like IAS or book campaigns or what have you.
Michael shows me where the expensive courses take part.
We head to sandcastle hotel.
Here are the course rooms for OT VI - OT VII.
Here sit the auditors that Biggi told her problems to.
Here she was in February 2006 in order to solve her problems through auditing and special courses.
But was happened to her here?
When we get out of the car we are under surveillance. Most people on the streets seem to be Thetans.
I ask for the auditors that Biggi asked for help.
I tell one of the passers that I'm doing a film on Thetan Biggi Reichert.
The question of Thetans, this Scientology word creation, seems not to wonder him.
But he only wishes me good luck and goes ahead.
I just want to know if someone can take me to the auditors Magarete and Jose.
Have you been to the reception in the hotel?
It's a reception, you can always go there and ask if you try to reach somebody. Talk to them, that are friendly people.
I go inside and try to ask for press officer Peter Mansell.
I got a house ban and threat to call the police.
Guard Antonio promises to tell the press officer about my matter.
Some passers show me the way to the office of Peter Mansell.
A guard is following us on every step we make.
The whole district is monitored by cameras.
Hi how are you doing? I have a question? Can you ask Peter Mansell to come out and speak with me?
You follow us all the time so why don´t you ask him to come out and speak with me?
I´ve read in your books that you have the ability to confront anybody?
Anybody on any subject ..
Suddenly the police arrives.
The guards use a jamming signal in order to disturb our records.
They are suddenly suggest i tried to do trespassing and tell the police about my visit at sandcastle hotel.
Basically how it works and I'm sure you know this, if the don't want to answer your questions and they ask you to leave you have to leave.
You can stand on the sidewalk, obviously freedom of speech ... you can ... or can stand on the sidewalk but ...
Peter Mansell doesn't appear. Even here i will not learn what happened to Biggi.
Michael doesn't know, too.
and then, what have you done? Have you asked other Scientologists what happened to her?
After learned that she was dead I'm .. I was shocked. It was not what I expected. I talked to several people.
One person said she was in a car accident. Another person said she had a heart attack. Other people said they don't know what happened.
Some said they thought she was still alive. So ... you know ... There was a big cone of silence over it. It .. it ... it got all clamped down.
Back in Germany: a breakthrough.
I receive Biggis deleted Laptop and a specialist could restore all the data.
Her password: Freedom.
Her computer is full of strategic documents, private e-mails and cult gossip.
Most of it in Scientology language.
Together with the investigative results to the OT Biggi Reichert that Scientology presented.
Control and Pressure - the other side of the medal of a career in Scientology.
Dear Gerry, Dear Bob, recently there happened some Changes in my life i want to share with you.
I'm jumping between my moonlighting, I'm getting up at 7 in the morning, and the office of Hans-Juergen and the Organization.
When I'm additionally in the Organization for some events I'm not even getting a day off.
Last week i visited my family in Bavaria for the first time in the last half year.
And it was not easy to get it allowed.
She arrived a day before Christmas Eve. And the day after Christmas Eve she had to fly back to Hamburg again.
I told her: You can stay here till tomorrow, it's a feast day. No, she had to go.
She had to work.
Work for nearly no money. Internal lists show that she received for 40 hours of internal work between 45 and 280€ a month from Scientology.
At 6.12.2005 she wrote to her superiors that she lent 47.000$ from Hans-Juergen for her OT VIII.
For all courses and everything else she takes a total loan of 200.000€ from him.
Both of them pay much for the bridge.
Her family and i would like to ask her husband what happened, after he was there. But he is missing since 2009, even the hamburg authority has no idea where he is.
Dear Pia. I'm getting up at 7'o Clock, hurry to Bergedorf, than back home in order to take a shower and eat something, then i do office work before i get to the Org.
On Thursday it has been midnight till i was home.
After I'm getting up this early this is like hell.
On Friday evening I was there, even it had been my free day.
On Saturday i just went to eat something after my work and then rushed to the Org.
On Saturday I was there, too. Everything of her free will, Scientology claims.
in addition to her 40 hour week in Hamburgs Scientology Org Biggi worked in the office of her husbands real estate business
and has another Job in an animal ambulance.
But veterinarian Dr. Gerber didn't know about the problems of his associate.
She really looked bad. We talked about that in the office how it could be that a person could look like this.
She was attractive, but she looked so bad with those dark cycles under her eyes.
I brought a picture of her which was taken before she went to Hamburg.
That was when she founded the mission in Augsbug - a mission is the small version of a Org, like you have here in Hamburg.
She was the head there.
The looks better fed there... at the end she looked just like she got nothing to eat. Was becoming thiner and thiner.
A Scientology Website says: Scientology offers solutions for problems in life.
A operating Thetan, the perfect Scientology being?
Why didn't it work at at Biggy?
Her suicide was out of all reason, says the cult.
It wasn't in her nature and would be against all attitudes of Scientology.
Scientology tells that they doesn't now about loans. All data on this would be pure speculation.
A few days before her death she came back from the Scientology Headquarters, where she wanted to solve her problems.
Did the 28 terrible wounds on her head happen there?
What happened?
A question that even the prosecution hamburg couldn't answer.
One file says: "It could be a skin disease."
This proceeding introduces many questions of punishability.
The deceased was a Scientologist. Her Husband was a Scientologist. Her ex-boyfriend was a Scientologist. She was, directly before her death, in Clearwater at the Scientologists
That all are facts that are before punishability. You could set up theories that she was mentally under pressure by the scientologist and so was forced to her suicide.
But you have to see that this are theories that are not primary for our prosecution.
Suicide is not punishable, too.
The Land Office of Criminal Investigation investigates for personal injury for over 2 years. There was no house search, the proceeding was abandoned.
Scientology claims not to know about the wounds on her head. They say that they are not using techniques that use electrical shocks.
I showed the report a skilled forensic doctor in order learn what kind of injuries that are.
I looked at the Pictures and read the report on her skin-analysis.
At the first view it may look like a skin disease.
But when you read the report you will see that it describes marks of electrical shocks, the skin changed due to heat by electrical shocks.
For me it would be a plausible explanation.
Biggis last whereabout: the pony farm of her scientologyfriend Gloria S.
After Biggis death it seemed to have her task to gather all information related to biggis suicide.
For Dr. Gerber in Hamburg it meant: persistent snoopery.
Mrs. Reichert wasn't buried but there already were Scientologists in my office, asking if the police was there, asking what the police was asking me.
And i told them that everything i tell the police would be something between the police and me and they shouldn't bother.
After the police was there she called daily in order to ask me if the police would have been there again, until I told her I was sick of her calls and she shouldn't call again.
Gloria S. canceled an interview with us. To the police she said on the telephone: Biggi has been to the mother church in the USA - after that you are always fine.
Further questions she answers with counter questions.
If you study the report you get to the conclusion that they tried to catch investigative knowledge - for whatever reason.
I can't say why. Scientology should know why they wanted to know all this.
"We’d rather have you dead than incapable." L.Ron Hubbard wrote about Scientologys functionality.
An answer what really happened to Biggi can only be given by a few given Scientologist who don't want to speak till now.
Michael can at least tell me why Gloria S. tried to gather information and her husband is missing.
If there is a suicide of a high level Scientologist, they will do a huge amount to cover it up. It doens´t have be more than just a high level person committing suicide because you can´t have an OT8 committing suicide.
If that happens you have to question everything in Scientology. So they work very, very hard, lots of money, lots of people, lots of time to just cover up a suicide.
I lay my priorities totally wrong. I know that now, but for me there is no other way out of this.
Tell them all, that i love them. And that they didn't do anything wrong. Sincerely, Biggi.