Os Barbixas - Improvável - Frases (Bruno Motta e Murilo Couto)

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Let's play "Whose Line"! Murilo Couto and Elidio Sanna.
Each one gets two sentences and put them on their pockets. How does it work?
They will improvise a scene, and at some point they will read one of the papers.
Even though they have no idea of what the audience wrote,
the sentence will have to make sense.
Who wants to give the first suggestion to begin the game?
Back there! Raise your hand so we can see you. Your name is...?
- Bruna. - Bruna! Welcome!
- I want you to give me a human quality. - 'Wicked'.
'Wicked' is the theme of "Whose Line", starting now!
Little ant, little ant...
Little baby, little baby...
Where's my Mad Max's head?
Don't blame me! Just don't look for it inside dad!
Antônio, did you... My toilet is clogged!
Not my fault! Not my fault!
Honey! That's awkward, but I think I shitted a doll's head!
Honey! Are you giving names to your poops now?
Isn't it one of the kid's toys?
Kids are always playing, who knows...
We must have a talk with them, I'll be right back.
I'm telling you, it's not my fault...
- Not your fault? Who would do this... - You know what you should do?
All you need is love!
Forget about it!
- What did you say? - Love him with no head, what's the problem?
Kids, hi...
I shitted this doll's head!
Dad, give it back!
But why that head was in my salad? Why, kids?
Dad, it was Antônio! He disappeared with Mad Max's head,
with Ana's Barbie head and with Rex's head!
And then I guess you and mom disappeared with the body!
Antônio! Why do you do those things?
Then, Antônio's anger began to grow...
He looked to his father and his brother, and looked to the floor...
Looked to his father and his brother, and remembered everything that happened in that house,
he grabbed his father by the neck and answered him:
Wait a sec!
I'll give you an answer!
Work a miracle on me!
Jesus! Jesus!
Our Lady! Our Lady of Mel Gibson!
Honey! Miracles before dinner, honey?
Get this Mad Max out of this boy!
We don't need another hero!
- Leave this body, Mad! - I won't leave here!
- Leave this body! - I won't leave here!
- May Mel Gibson be with you! - Mel Gibson my ass!
I'm wicked!
Son, this is not working! Let's run!
I peed myself...
- The creature is loose, son! Let's go! - Let's go, dad!
- The doors are mysteriously locked! - I'm changing, honey!
Dad, I pooped myself too!
- Son! - And from his son's poop came...
- Another doll's head! - Dad, put it on Mad Max!
I lost my powers!
That's right, evil brother!
I won't do any of this next year!
Just to tranquilize the audience,
this is fiction, there's nothing autobiographical about it, right, Murilo?
It wasn't a Mad Max, it was a G.I. Joe!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.