Phil LaMarr extended interview from Wits & Wagers - TableTop ep. 13

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I'm Phil LaMarr.
I'm an actor, voice actor.
A lot of people know me from I used to be on
MADtv, many years ago.
And more recently, I did voices for Star Wars: The
Clone Wars, Justice League, and Samurai Jack.
My very first professional job was on a cartoon when I was in
high school, the Mister T cartoon.
And I was doing plays at school.
And they were using real kids for the cartoon instead of
old people who sound like this.
And I auditioned and got the job.
But my first real job, actually pursuing it as an
actor, I got started doing the classes at the Groundlings,
doing improv and comedy.
Well, for me, creating characters can come from a
couple of different ways.
Most of the characters are either people I
love or people I hate.
You know, someone who annoys you at a store suddenly
becomes a character.
Or just like parts of yourself.
I came up with a character that I used on MADtv, this UPS
guy who is just completely oblivious to other people's
opinions and feelings.
And basically that makes you invulnerable.
It's like, hey, hey, what are you guys doing?
It's like, uh, we're just doing something private.
Oh, cool.
Let's do it.
You know, he doesn't pick up on social cues or anything.
And so he can't be stopped.
Well, as far as doing stuff for the web, I've just started
getting into it.
I'm very old-school, and I'm just learning how these
machines work.
I don't consider myself a gamer in the sense that I play
a lot of games.
But I've done voices for a bunch of games.
And some really good ones actually, I'm
very proud of it.
I sort of slid into the video game world
from the cartoon world.
They use some of the same people.
And it's similar, but not the same.
It's actually really different.
In a cartoon, you're speaking during
action most of the time.
It's like, whoa, grab that, let's go.
Whereas in a video game, you're talking
in between the action.
You know, something just happened, [SOUND EFFECTS].
And now we're sitting here talking.
Here's the exposition about the next scene.
Grab that, let's go.
And be sure to use the X button when you need--
you know?
It's a lot less active.
But you still got to make it interesting.
So that's a different challenge.
I grew up on Star Wars.
And getting a role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars was
actually really, really cool.
Especially because I got to play Jedi.
I do the voice of Kit Fisto, who prior to the animated
series was like kind of a lame Jedi.
He's this guy who shows up only to be
killed by Emperor Palpatine.
There's like three Jedi who come through the doors like,
let's get the Chancellor.
And the Chancellor's like, I'm actually a Sith.
And he just like kills two Jedi right away.
One of those is my guy.
When I was sixth grade, seventh grade, we played
Dungeons and Dragons.
Old school.
I'm trying to get my son into it.
But they play it wrong, these kids today.
They're like, well, we just sort of sit around and make up
things, and then he tells us what happens.
I was like, no, you gotta roll your characters
and write it down.
You need to have paper.
But I don't know, they probably want to play it on a
console or something.
Gaming is electronic playgrounds.