Brown Sugar Macchiato 黑糖玛奇朵 Ep 3 (3/7) [ENG SUBS]

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I'm always very open minded
so for class issues
I'll let you handle it yourselves
Since all of you chose Ao Quan as the new Class Monior
from now on
I hope that
we'll have Ao Quan to monitor all the class issues
Let's welcome our Class Monitor!
We're dead
Ao Quan will definitely deal harshly with us!
I don't want to do cleaning!
my hands will become rough!
What are you looking at?
The Sun card?
Is it Ao Quan?
Keep quiet
With all of you like that how am I supposed to talk?
Now I want to reassign class duties
Just do it!
The arrangement by the previous Class Monitor
was too biased
That's right...
Everyone is a part of this class
everyone should put in their own effort
Yes To ensure fairness
guys will clean the gents
girls will clean the ladies
In the classroom
girls will be in charge of cleaning the windows
boys will be in charge of sweeping and cleaning the floor
whiteboard duty we'll take turns according to our index numbers
for both girls and boys
It's fair this way
You're doing it on purpose
I don't want to clean the windows
my hands will become rough
Why do we have to clean the toilet?
The toilet is very dirty
Exactly, boys are more fit
so you should do more!
There was nothing wrong with Tong Tong's arrangement
Tong Tong's arrangement was better
I agree with Ao Quan
everyone is a part of this class
everyone should put in their effort
cleaning the windows is already
much easier than cleaning the floor
Apple, if you don't want to clean the windows
then you can swap with Xiao Jie
Xiao Jie doesn't keep her fingernails
Ke En, if you don't want to clean the toilet
then I'll swap with you
Everyone has to find something they can do
then it will be fair
Da Ya
why are you speaking up for Ao Quan?
I'm not speaking up for him
As part of the class
I'm just voicing out my opinions
Okay, if there are no other objections
then we'll stick to this arrangement
Later I'll stick the duty roster on the notice board
everyone be serious at your job
Thank you everyone
Arranged very well!
I'll give you the cart
I don't want it anymore
Tong Tong where are you going?
Does it matter?
After all, you all have Da Ya
If it wasn't for the appearance of those boys
the relationship between us Ten Sisters wouldn't be so strained!
It's all their fault!
Then what do we do now?
Things are already in this state
Will Tong Tong ignore us forever?
Don't worry
I'll definitely get them!
It's best if we can chase them far away
and let them willingly leave Year 2 Class 6!
Watch me!
I'll definitely do Ao Quan in!
Why are you saying sorry to me?
Those photos
were stolen by us from your handphone
and caused you and Tong Tong to fight
I'm the one that misunderstood Tong Tong
it has nothing to do with you
Even if Ao Quan didn't release those photos
me and Tong Tong
would still experience problems
Tong Tong!
Where did she go?
What's up with this I can't find her anywhere
Tong Tong!
Tong Tong what's wrong with you?
After you suddenly ran off it was very awkward
I think it's more awkward when I'm with you all
Mei Mei says she doesn't understand me
so she betrayed me
and caused me to be stripped of my post
I think it is I who doesn't understand you all
In good times, isn't our friendship very good?
why does a little misunderstanding
cause us to forget the friendship we had?
But when Mei Mei misunderstood you
and caused you to be overthrown by Ao Quan
she doesn't feel good about it either!
If you don't forgive her
she'll be even more confused and not know what to do next
Have you grasped the situation?
I'm the victim over here
You want me to make the first move and forgive Mei Mei?
Why doesn't she come here by herself to apologize
I will accompany her to apologize to you
but I hope that
when that happens you can give her some comfort
at least that will lessen the guilt in her heart
and we won't have any problems among us sisters
Do you really think that Mei Mei is so weak
and needs your protection?
Do you really think that because I look strong
I don't need anyone's protection?
When you spoke up for Ao Quan just now
caused me to be embarassed
I havent gotten back at you for that
Now, you actually want me to
consider Mei Mei's feelings
I think you're absolutely insane
You want to be the big sister of the Ten Sisters
then so be it!
But you know that I'm very straightforward!
and I really feel that
Ao Quan's arrangement is very fair
Since even you don't treat me as the big sister
why should I continue hanging out with you all
Tong Tong!
What, do you want to have an initiation ceremony?
Tong Tong, I didn't mean that I...
Tong Tong!
Da Ya
I'm not as strong as you think I am
but I can't find
somewhere to rest
so just leave me alone
It's all my fault that our friendships are so strained now
Don't say sorry to me anymore
even if you say it 100 times
me and Tong Tong won't be able to patch up
Then what do you do now?
Don't be bothered by this
You like to play the guitar?
Was that song written by you?
That's right
I want to let the whole world hear my songs
that's my biggest dream
What a wonderful dream!
How about you? Do you have a dream?
I'm not as outstanding as Tong Tong
Without Tong Tong
I think no one would have noticed my existence
I think my dream
would be to support someone outstanding
If I'm close to them
I will also be full of hope
They refers to...
Just like you playing the guitar
it's almost like you're glowing
You will definitely become a mega star!
I just got into the top 8
it's too early to think becoming a mega star
Don't underestimate my taste
As long as you were spotted by Mei Mei
you will definitely become a mega star!
Because here I have
an in-built mega star radar!
Then maybe you can be BeCool's manager
Is BeCool your band name?
When are your band practices?
I'll be going over after school
do you want to come along as well?
Then let me play another song for you
Gui Gui there's so many people
are you sure you can get to Ao Quan?
To get to people other than being smart
you also have to have the gift
you need to know beforehand
that the person will definitely get it from you
See, Ao Quan is next
I'm in perfect control of everything
Run! Why are we running?
Wang Zi why did you
stick your own hand onto the broom?
Why would I stick my own hand onto the broom?
That's why I'm asking you
why you would stick your own hand
Are you an idiot? Do you think i have nothing better to do?
Why are you asking me? I'm not your hand
How would I know if your hand is happy or not?
If you're not helping fine but could you go talk to someone else?
Talking to you pisses me off
Wang Zi glued his own hand
to the broom!
Do you have to be so loud?
None of your business
Ao Quan, Wang Zi used superglue
to glue his hand onto the broom