Roasted Eggplant Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 02.02.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
we are making a balsamic roasted eggplant over some red rice.
Now Iíll start with the eggplant and get that ready to roast. Now Iíve got my eggplant
chopped up along with some red onion and you can put whatever other vegetable you want
in here or you can leave it with just eggplant but I had some mushrooms, I had three mushrooms
that I wanted to use up so Iím gonna throw them in here as well.
Now Iíve cut them fairly large, think of this like vegetable shish kebab but weíre
not gonna put a stick to it and instead of barbequing it, weíre gonna put it in the
oven so I suppose itís really not like a shish kebab but whatever, its close.
Now eggplant is a vegetable that I have only recently come to love. I had it once in a
restaurant done in a pasta primavera and it was cooked so horrendously that it was just
the most disgusting thing that I have ever eaten. So I figured ok, I donít like eggplant
but you know what I had it again since then cooked properly, delicious!
So, Iíve changed my mind on eggplant and I feel like if you think that you hate a food
try it so often because maybe it was just that time of your life, maybe it was the way
it was cooked. You never know.
Ok! So Iím putting these vegetables into a baking dish, Iím using kinda like a brownie
dish and I just poured some olive oil on them so whenever your baking or roasting a vegetable
what you wanna do is protect the vegetable first from drying out so we put some oil on
them and eggplant will absorb a lot of oil so you might feel like thereís not a lot
there but there is.
Mushroom also because Iím using mushrooms, they absorbed a lot of oil so anyway just
get your hands right in there, get it all oiled up and then the second thing you wanna
do is help the vegetables to wilt or soften or cooked.
So the way you do that is by adding some salt, I mean add the oil first because if you add
the salt first then the liquid are gonna come out of the vegetable and theyíre just gonna
get all over the place and thatís no good.
But if we put the oil in first the water, you know the water and oil repel each other
so if you put the oil in first when the water comes out of the vegetables itís not gonna
go any further than the oil that your putting around the outside. Neat huh?!
Alright! So sprinkle some salt on there, just a couple if pinches and then get your hands
in there again, stir it all up and then youíre gonna pop it in the oven and you can put this
anywhere from 350F to 400F degrees. You can do lower too, you can do 300F it just will
change how long your vegetables need to cook for.
So at 350F theyíre probably gonna need, somewhere half an hour. 400F less time, 300F more time,
pretty cool huh?!
Anyway use your common sense. Iím using my toaster oven because it perfectly fits this
baking dish, lucky that way. So pop those in there and then you get to make the rest
of the dinner and what weíre gonna do is some rice so letís get started on that.
So these is my red rice. Iím very excited this week to find them in the store. It is
a type of brown rice thatís supposed to be colic because itís still has the brand on
the outside. It itís just the brand is a reddish brown instead of a beige brown so
if you can find this rice it has a really nice flavor and itís always good to have
different type of rice into your diet.
If youíre always eating the same type of grain, youíre always getting the same nutrients
and that goes for different types of rices as well. Each different type of rice is gonna
have a different nutrient profile so get some different colors, get short grain, get long
grain, get some brown basmati rice if you can find it. Try some quinoa, try some millet,
try any kind of grain you can find and rotate it into your diet.
Iím using red rice for this one just because it has a nice flavor, like a nutty kind of
flavor thatís gonna go with the roasted vegetables. so to cook this, same with as regular rice.
Iíve got two cups of water on the stove with a bit of salt and Iíve got my one cup of
rice. Iím gonna put this in the water, bring it to a boil and then turn it down, let it
simmer for about 45 minutes. So this should take about the same amount of time as my roasted
So here are my vegetables after about 20 minutes of cooking. You can see theyíre getting a
bit dry on top so all you got to do is flip them around. Youíll see that there are a
lot of lovely juices coming out from the onion.
And it will just keep everything nice and moist but if you donít flip it. It will just
dry out on top and it doesnít fully cooked. An eggplant especially you want it to cook.
It will soften right up and it will be so delicious but if it dries out so disgusting.
My vegetables have now been in for 40 minutes and you can see theyíre really nice and soft.
The onions have really soften up, eggplants and mushrooms soft as well.
I always try to make sure when Iím using red onion though it gets soft because it has
a very spicy onion flavor. So Iím gonna do now is pour some balsamic vinegar over here
and be generous with that because itís also going to drizzle over the rice and the greens
that weíre gonna serve this with.
Now eggplant are part of the nightshade family which also includes potatoes, tomatoes and
red, green, yellow, orange peppers. And aside from just nutrients they also help to unfocused
and un-concentrate mental energy so if you are someone who has a really tense stressful
focus job this might be helpful for you to have for dinner after a hard day at work.
When we roast them it somehow counters that effect because the heat thatís going into
them centers the energy but they still, they still are good for that. So what Iím gonna
do is pop this back in the oven for about 5 minutes while my rice finishes cooking and
then weíll be ready to serve it up.
So things are looking good here, vegetables are cooked, rice is cooked. Iíve got some
greens in a dish. I was trying t find dandelion greens because theyíre always nice to have
in the winter but they didnít have any today. They did have some mustard greens, those are
gonna be really nice as well. Any type of winter green is gonna be a lovely, accompaniment
to this dish.
Weíll take a look at this rice here. You can see the lovely red color is still going
strong. Itís cooked perfectly. The grains you can see have just started to open. So
what Iím gonna do is put some of these on top of the greens.
This is why you wanna use a winter green and not like a lettuce because the hot rice is
gonna wlt these greens a little bit, lettuce is not gonna stand up very well to this.
Then weíll take some vegetables, put them on top and then if you want you can put a
little bit of extra balsamic on here, beautiful!
There you go! Pretty easy! And roasting the vegetables means that you donít have to sit
around and pay attention to them so excellent for a night where you just wanna hang out
and relax and let the oven do the work.