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What? You're acting like a thief.
It's not like that. I just came to look for something.
Do you think I'd believe that?
Just when there's no one else but the two of us at home,
you came to my room looking for something?
But it's true... Ah!
Could they be asleep already?
Looks like they are.
Wh... what are you doing?
What else?
Isn't this what you were hoping for?
What? No!
So what?
Right now in this house, we're the only ones here.
Seung Jo, what are you doing?
Seung Jo!
Oh, he's even faster than me.
The lights are on in the house.
We should start with healthy dating.
And what would you mean by that?
Oh, you're back.
What happened?
What's wrong with Oh Ha Ni?
Her face is all red.
Is that so?
I wonder why.
[You mean so much to Ha Ni (me).]
[You are perfect for me.]
[I'm going to see him after finishing 2nd class.]
Pranking me every day.
You're a total fool.
You were teased so badly yet...
Teddy, is this the way it should be?
My heart...
my heart won't obey me.
[Nationwide universities, faculties at a glance]
- Hey, where's Oh Ha Ni? - She didn't make the grade?
She's left out.
How did that happen?
So it's all because of Baek Seung Jo again?
I made it to the Special Study Room but there's no benefit at all.
And the kids there are strange.
Coming back to it,
there are tons of universities,
but isn't there one we can get into?
I'm sure there is, a university who will take you in.
Let's try by Direct Admissions*. (based on special strengths/talents)
You mean University Direct Admissions?
Actually, for the Special Effects faculty,
you have to take many, many tests and win lots of awards,
you must have something extremely outstanding.
But this, they'll pick those who have nothing special now,
but who shows lots of potential.
Ah! Potential!
That's right. Let's see if there's something for you.
Has your paternal grandfather made any major achievements?
Maternal grandfather will count too.
Is that right?
Ah! Ha Ni,
your maternal grandfather did make a contribution to our shop.
He was way ahead of his time.
All right, is your father someone on some special assignment?
Special assignment?
Let's see.
Other than making noodles,
I should have some other special assignment, I think.
Ha Ni, if you're from a single parent family, that'll work too.
Ha Ni,
should I leave home now?
Or could it be,
you're from a multi-cultural family?
Multi-cultural family?
Try to remember, dad.
Did mom ever speak Thai all of a sudden?
Did that happen before?
Tom yum goong*? (*Thai tom yum soup)
Not even one amongst all of these characteristics?
So frustrating, stop that.
Family of blood donors?
You can have that.
I have lots of those at home.
How many exactly?
Once every 2 months?
More frequent on special occasions.
Why didn't you say so earlier?
Every blood donation is equivalent to 10 hours of community service.
So 10 donations means 100 hours?
I found it. Social Enterprise faculty.
A match, finally.
Parang University?
Min Ah, you're keen on Parang University too?
Yes, Animation faculty. My home tutor said to give it a try.
You two are both going to Parang?
There's still the interview, you know.
Even if I make it through the first round,
I hear they're extremely selective at the interview.
I may not make it.
If only I have a chance for Parang University, I'd have no complaints.
What are you up to?
Look at you, you should eat less.
Stop talking. Give that to me.
Joo Ri.
I thought you went missing.
Oh Ha Ni's here but you were nowhere in sight.
Are you her shadow?
How is it you suddenly appear out of nowhere?
Hey, you guys still don't know me well?
Ha Ni is my life's navigation.
My whereabouts, my future, she directs everything.
You sure like your navigation.
Hey, what happened to your clique? Why are you here alone?
They went for an audition.
I think they got chosen.
Oh, I thought their ambition was to be auditioned.
They go for auditions every day!
What are you saying?
What? What's wrong?
Oh, isn't that Baek Seung Jo?
If your intention is to go into subjects related to history or cultural traditions,
then you should head to Ivy league in America...
Who is that man?
What's up?
[Student Personal Information]
Talent... talent... talent...
You're sure working hard.
Of course,
how can I be a good teacher by idling around like some others?
But since when have I been idling around?
what you agreed to give me.
Ah, principal's recommendation letter?
How is it possible?
A senior high student seeking university admission,
how can she use a principal's recommendation letter?
Oh Ha Ni, with terrible basics, yet made it to top 50 in one week,
if that's not potential then what is it?
The thing they look for is potential, isn't it?
Of course.
But please take a look at those who made it last year.
70% of them were top 3 in their schools.
Does it mean being passionate makes a good teacher?
You should help the kids see reality clearly.
If Oh Ha Ni makes it into Parang University,
then I shall be your offspring.
She's highly passionate...
For you.
It's vitamin C.
Put it in water and drink it.
For the first time,
I see you're acting human.
So now you like me.
It's done.
Self-introduction letter, I just have to attach this...
Click on Submit and then...
What's this? What happened?
Why can't I open it?
Error report. Please click here...
You will lose the document you are working on.
Is it going well?
Why have you installed all that useless stuff?
It wasn't me.
What will happen to me?
What should I do?
It'll be fine, Ha Ni. I don't think it'll be a lost.
I was about to finish.
Keep quiet! You're disturbing me.
- Ah, it's done. - It is?
And her application?
- It's there! - It is?
- It wasn't lost? - Yes, it's back.
Thank you.
Stop your one-woman show,
and submit it quickly.
Thank goodness.
Get it done and come down to eat.
Let's go, Eun Jo.
Come on.
What's wrong?
Parang University, Social Science faculty?
Yes, but there's not much of a chance.
Since my grades are so terrible.
Not much of a chance yet you kicked up such a fuss?
At least I must put in my best effort.
Why are you going to university?
Why am I...? I have to study...
Your grades are bad and you don't like to study, right?
So why?
To study is not the only reason. I will find out what I like to do.
What is it I like? What am I good at?
How would you know what you like?
Of course I know.
My heart beats faster.
When you find something you like, this part here beats faster.
My dad once said when he smells the aroma of noodles hanging out to dry,
his heart still flutters even now.
I'd like to experience that too, that feeling.
Hurry up.
I've never pondered over why I need to go to university.
Indeed, geniuses have their genius worries too.
Did he just show me a little corner of his heart?
[Notification of Acceptance]
Why do you need to print it out?
This is great!
What's wrong?
Every year, there are one or two mysterious events, right?
Yes but,
I really didn't want it to happen to Class 7.
So once you clear the interview, you'll get into Parang University?
I heard many people got through the first round,
the competition is really tough.
Yes, about 500 people.
But what will they ask at the interview?
I'm not good at speaking up.
I even have to do a practical presentation.
Hey, my Ha Ni will not fail the interview,
but even if she does, it's great that at least she got through the first round.
Hey, my Ha Ni is so fine.
Ha Ni sunbae, do you have some kind of backing?
Yes, heaven is helping me.
Typhoon no. 11 Rananim is currently pounding Korea.
Ha Ni!
Dad, what are you doing?
The subway is quick and safe.
Will you be all right, Ha Ni?
Of course, It's just raining.
It's not just rain, it's a typhoon, you know.
That's right.
Ha Ni, let's just...
The interview... how about giving it up?
Because they won't pick me anyway?
Dad, you don't trust me too?
No! With this kind of weather...
This is the only university I get to interview with,
I'm so grateful that I just have to be there.
Don't worry, dad.
I'm going now.
- All right. - Be careful.
- You don't have to, I'm fine. - I'll walk you.
I'm fine.
Not a thing goes well for her.
That's right. Why is there suddenly a typhoon?
The subway tracks are flooded, we cannot proceed further.
All passengers are to alight and make use of other modes of transportation.
In some areas, the typhoon has turned from early warning to alert mode.
In many areas, the typhoon has brought strong winds and hindered traffic.
Seoul has announced that schools are being halted,
and offices have delayed the working hours.
In Seoul, strong winds are expected today and tomorrow.
The public is advised to use public transportation and reduce the need to be out.
{\a6}[Venue for Social Science faculty interviews]
Student, did you have trouble getting here?
I live nearby.
That's good.
Over here, please.
very few students have turned up.
Shall we postpone for now?
In a lifetime, on how many occasions will we encounter typhoons?
In every such instance, if we postpone,
shouldn't we just forget about it then?
- Next please. - Next student, please enter.
- Heavy rains are pounding. - Eun Jo, what are you doing?
Yay, because of the typhoon I don't have to go to school.
But poor Ha Ni has to go to an interview in such weather,
I hope it works out well for her.
It seems you've had interesting experiences.
So what matters are closest to your heart recently?
Well, Baek Seung Jo, of course.
Well, I mean,
he's a person...
So you're interested in a person?
Yes, that's right, a person.
Recently, I've been thinking,
if I want to understand someone,
how much time does it actually take?
In this life, even for just one person,
is there a way I can fully understand him?
There's no way I can understand Baek Seung Jo.
Why should we select you?
Your home tutor's recommendation letter,
is almost like swearing in blood,
so you went from 99th to 50th in a week,
but at the following test, you were back in your old shape.
Also, since last year, you've been donating blood once in 2 months,
is that all?
How did you ever make it past the first round?
Well, she scored highly in her self-introduction letter.
She's very confident in herself,
and she's been very creative in her curricular activities.
We're not selecting freelance writers or comic artists now, are we?
Tell me, what's the reason we should select you, Oh Ha Ni?
You have a minute left.
Okay, you don't have to say anything if there's nothing.
Thank you.
Next, please.
Excuse me.
You're right, you got me there.
I really don't have any talents.
I was amazed to have made it through the first round too.
So actually, I was very grateful.
But there's something I need to say.
If you don't pick me,
But rather someone who's got good grades and won many prizes,
if you picked a really impressive student,
but that student is too lazy to work hard,
gives up easily when the weather turns bad,
that would be a great loss for the university.
If so, then choose me.
I might be a step behind to most people,
but I never give up.
I persevere to the end.
That's why my nickname is Noah's Snail.
Why don't you try out a snail for a change?
I don't think I have a chance.
I knew it.
There's still a chance, right?
Yes, just go with Seung Jo, you'll be fine.
I'm not going for the test.
- What? - What?
I said I'm not going for the test.
I don't want to go to the university.
But why?
There's nothing I feel like doing,
and nowhere I feel like going.
So what are you doing to do after you graduate?
Just work part-time.
Baek Seung Jo!
Is life a game to you?
How can you do this?
Hey, then why don't you do business with me?
How about internet shopping?
Then how should I live?
How should I live?
I don't know, that's why I'm not going to the university.
I don't want to be forced to go just like the rest of the people.
How should I live my life?
Well, you should study hard and inherit your father's company.
You know I'm very rational, right?
I'm not the least bit interested in your company,
so please don't place any expectation on me.
Baek Seung Jo!
I'm done.
That fella.
He's just saying, it doesn't mean he's really not going.
Don't be too worried.
Yes, yes.
That kid,
everything is so easy for him,
so he has no goal at all.
If only he finds his area of interest real soon.
I'd like to experience that too, that feeling.
This is for Min Ah.
Thank you.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
I've prepared this for everyone, it's Fail-Not* Porridge, (*=Pass)
not Fail Porridge.
Fail porridge?
It's written here, you see?
Fail... Not.
That's what it says.
What did you use to write it?
You don't know that?
It's sesame, black sesame.
Yes, anyhow, you eat this and you will surely Fail-Not.
Is that so? Then I must finish it up and this too.
Hey, Jung Joo Ri!
You bad girl, this is all yours.
What? This is all yours.
Is that in Japanese?
Jung Joo Ri, you should stop that.
Is this all yours?
Yes, yes. That's right.
All right. You guys eat more.
Ha Ni, you're not eating?
I'll eat.
Ha Ni, what's wrong? You're nervous?
No need to be. Just finish up your dad's Fail-Not porridge,
take the test in full confidence, that's all.
All right, you too.
Wow, father, this porridge is so good.
Is this cuttlefish?
Aigoo, you're good.
Father, I mentioned this last time too,
I may look like this but I'm really sensitive,
and meticulous too.
Anyhow, eat a lot and do well for the test tomorrow.
Just like this cuttlefish*, catch it well. (*sounds like 'caught a fish' in Korean)
- Dad. - Yes, Ha Ni?
Can you pack some for me?
Are you asleep?
Baek Seung Jo.
Tomorrow, you'll go for the test, won't you?
Everyone's worried about you.
Especially your father,
he's been giving in to you recently,
and doesn't laugh that often too.
Just take the test first,
then decide later whether you'll go to the university or not.
If you don't do the test but feel like going, you can't.
Can you please open the door?
You do so well in everything.
Your capabilities,
should be shared with others.
I think those who have more, must share it with others.
I'd love to share but I don't have much so I can't.
I'll leave this here.
Eat it while it's hot.
see you tomorrow.
[Seoul University Entrance Test Day]
Here he comes.
Are you sick? You've got the flu?
I think so.
I have medication for that.
It should be in here.
This works very well, swallow it.
Here's your water.
Thank you.
But this won't make me drowsy, will it?
With use, do not drive nor do anything which needs attention.
Oh! It causes drowsiness!
Oh dear, spit it out!
What are you doing? This is how you always do things.
You'll be fine.
Humans tend to be strong.
Wait! You mustn't forget your lunchbox.
Here, this is a healthy luxurious lunchbox for good brains & circulation.
- Thank you. - Thanks, dad.
Thanks, when did you find time to prepare this?
That's right. We're so grateful.
It's nothing.
- It's good you decided to do it. Do well. - All right.
This is great. Everyone looks so happy.
So obedient!
Don't you dare.
Ah, fork!
You think I'm like you? Just scrap through?
That's right. I forgot you're so smart.
Where are you following me to?
- What? - You should go that way.
- Yes, the opposite direction. - Go on.
I see, our paths are totally different.
Yes, Baek Seung Jo takes the major road.
Do well for the test, fighting!
Aigoo, he went after all.
We're no father-and-son, we're enemies, you know.
Up until yesterday, he said he won't go.
Why did he change his mind suddenly?
Uneasy... I'm feeling so uneasy.
Student! Student!
15 minutes left.
You haven't done a single thing in front of you.
I took some flu medication.
It was so scary,
without a single smile.
Why would we select you, student?
She's a witch.
- How did you do? - I don't know, I just did my best.
Seung Jo may not have done well too.
- Oh dear. - I mean...
The test is over already, why bother coming to school?
There are no lessons too.
What are you doing all this while?
- Tada! - You put on make-up?
Don't I look like Ga-in? (*from Brown Eyed Girls)
I'd be crazy if this goes on, I who am kind and naive.
Because of you, I gradually become abnormal and cruel.
Hey! You have fake lashes too.
Ah! Shall I put it on for you?
Sit, sit down.
Here, now.
Ha Ni, you don't have double eyelids but your eyes are big,
close your eyes, place the lashes here like this,
Stick it here like this, open your eyes!
You're beautiful, look in the mirror.
Hey, Lonely Min Ah, have a look.
Her eyes look 10 times bigger, right?
If it's 10 times bigger, that would be a monster.
Shall I put on the other side too?
Close your eyes now.
- Hello. - Doing make-up?
Not really.
You've totally destroyed someone's life and you're doing make-up?
On the day of the test, I heard you gave Seung Jo oppa some sleeping pills.
What? What are you talking about?
You're still pretending?
Sunbae, didn't you give it to him? Flu medication.
After he took it, he was drowsy throughout the test.
What will you do? How are you going to be responsible?
Hey, Hong Jang Mi!
This matter has spread all over the school,
yet you're the one who doesn't know and still doing make-up here.
So do you even have the right to say you like him?
Do you? Tell me now.
It's not true, right?
You did the test well, didn't you?
The invincible Baek Seung Jo.
Don't tell me the flu medication...
Tell me it isn't so, please.
Tell me nothing's wrong.
Eun Jung, work harder.
Kim Soo Won.
There's still the interview, you know. Be strong.
Kids, you know the results will be out over the next 3 days, right?
No matter where you go, bring your phone with you.
Bong Joon Gu.
Don't put on such a sad expression. I already have a life plan for myself.
- Is that so? - Yes.
So Ha Ni, don't worry even if your grades aren't good.
I'll be your support for life.
Bong Joon Gu, stop that.
She has Baek Seung Jo, you know.
What nonsense, you silly girl?
Where have your eyes gone?
An unrealistic fella like him will not make her happy.
And you? What can you do for Ha Ni?
What? Comb?
What are you saying? I'll hit you with my comb.
Keep quiet, you people.
Ha Ni.
Be strong.
No, looking at this, I think I might really be a genius.
What's wrong, Seung Jo? You're acting strange.
There's still the interview, you just have to attend that.
Ah! Aren't you going there, Dae San University?
But actually, with your abilities,
it's a waste to go to Dae San University.
You can even get a place at Harvard, you know.
You did well, Seung Jo, you did great.
Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray, this is great!
Oh Ha Ni.
With grades like yours, you can still shout 'Hooray'?
I actually can, what about that? Baek Seung Jo, hooray!
South Korea, hooray!
Ring, ring, please ring.
Ring, ring, please help me.
Hello? Yes?
This is not a grilled duck shop.
I'm a grilled duck, all right, but this is not a grilled duck shop.
Hello? Yes? Yes, this is Oh Ha Ni.
Parang University? Really?
Thank you, thank you.
What? I applied for Social Science faculty...
Ah, you didn't apply for the Apple* faculty?
What? Apple faculty? Is there such a faculty...?
Baek Eun Jo!
Oh Ha Ni's a fool!
Baek Seung Jo got accepted into Dae San University,
what if I don't get accepted by any university?
It's you, Min Ah.
- I got into Parang University. - Really?
- They called you? - Just now.
Wow, congrats!
- And you, Ha Ni? - Not yet.
- They'll call you. - Yes, thanks.
Wait and see, bye.
All right. Min Ah,
I congratulate you one more time, you're so lucky.
What's wrong?
Someone like me doesn't have the right to eat.
Eat. It's all right.
It's over. It's the last day for results to be revealed.
It's almost 10pm.
I knew I wouldn't make it.
That witch.
I knew that scary professor wouldn't give me a place,
but I was still hoping.
So, what? Just go to another university.
You have a few other choices, don't you?
My grades aren't good enough.
Yes, that's right.
Hey you, it's Baek Eun Jo again, isn't it?
What? Why did you say my name?
- Check! - Hello?
Yes. Yes, that's right.
I'm sorry, I thought it was a prank.
A student who qualified for our university gave up the place,
Oh Ha Ni,
you get to take the spot.
Yes, yes, yes, yes. I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go.
I will surely go.
This is great!
Yay, hooray!
I think I'm just too lucky.
Because of the typhoon,
not many people turned up, that's how I got my chance.
If there wasn't a typhoon, what will happen to me?
- That's true. - That's true.
No, it was all thanks to me.
That's right, correct.
Here, your present.
- Ahjussi chose it. - It's nothing.
Oh, it's so beautiful. Thank you.
It's nothing, don't thank me.
- And now, this is my present for you. - Some more?
Musical tickets?
I've never been to a musical before.
It's this Saturday.
Let's meet at 2:30pm at the theatre lobby.
You hold on to both tickets,
- You mustn't forget, all right? - How can I forget?
Thank you.
Where are you?
Oh, Ha Ni. You're at the theatre lobby, right?
Oh dear.
- There's a bad traffic jam. - What traffic jam?
Yes, maybe because it's Saturday.
You know, Ha Ni, you should head in first.
- And place my ticket at the counter. - Yes, I'll do that.
Hello, can you hold onto my ticket here?
Yes, it's no problem.
Thank you.
All the ladies of South Korea,
here is the people's idol, the Crown Prince himself,
and together with the Crown Prince,
the era of the trendiest people has finally come.
Welcome to the royal palace.
Welcome to my wonderland.
Full of dreams and love,
an imaginary world into the future.
And so, the royal palace in the year of the 52nd GwangHwa Year,
that is year 1996,
Crown Prince Lee Soo suddenly rose to the sky from a traffic accident,
no, I mean, he rose to the heavens...
But Your Highness, your subject here...
Oh, the Crown Prince is now Crown Prince Lee Shin.
In that case...
Oh, sorry about that.
It is tough on the cast.
The monsters of the royal palace, enters the next phase,
Enter the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess!
I don't know when, I don't remember
My emotions get messed up because of you
The occasional longing gets more frequent
This heart that starts to get nervous
Maybe it's nothing, I'm just overanxious
The way I keep reminding myself seems so forced
Is it love?
{\a6}If you feel the same as me, it means we've started
What? You need more pinching?
{\a6}My heart keeps wanting to love you
But, why did you come?
How do you think, I came?
{\a6}I yell so loud that the whole world will know
Hey Eun Jo, I'm great at acting, aren't I?
You heard me on the phone just now, right?
I'm at the theatre lobby now,
but I got stood up.
No one's here to watch it with me, once I said that,
he said he got it, the mighty Baek Seung Jo said he'll come.
Should I venture into being an actress?
- Is it really because of your acting, mom? - What?
The interview for DaeSan University,
you'll go, right?
You are also asking me that.
Why is everyone talking about universities every day?
I really don't get it.
The reason you're so smart,
is because there are things for you to do.
I'm sure of it.
to find out what your dream is,
stuff like that is a complicated torture,
but just make your life interesting.
My maternal grandma always said,
Ha Ni, make your life interesting.
Be interesting and make others happy.
She said I should live like that.
If you came to Parang University,
I can make your life very interesting.
I'm so nervous.
A little more this way.
No, no, not there.
Here, here. This one.
Left, left.
{\a6}Can you gaze and watch over me alone?
A little more, a little more.
Ah, ah! Good, good, good.
Ah... you got it, you got it, you got it.
{\a6}If I cry because of you, can you hold me tightly?
Here it comes, here it comes,
Ah, here it comes, yay!
{\a6}That is the moment I dreamed of
{\a6}But I churned my brain over and still can't believe it
It's out, it's out.
Baek Seung Jo, it's out.
{\a6}Can you stand by my side every single day?
{\a6}Can you gaze and watch over me alone?
{\a6}Because I really love you very much, my friend
You're not taking this?
{\a6}Can you tell me now you love me?
You think I tried getting it because I want it?
{\a6}Can you love me alone every single day?
Ha Ni! Ha Ni!
What is that? Let's go out there.
{\a6}Can you kiss me?
What did you just say?
You said you two went to a musical?
Ah, my head hurts so much.
Ha Ni,
did this guy cross the line with you?
Cross the line?
You know, for example, he pretends to eat popcorn,
but actually he's touching your hand, something like that.
When watching musicals,
there is no popcorn.
Oh, is that right?
Then what did you eat?
Oh! Ha Ni you bought a doll?
Hey, it's not bad.
This... Seung Jo oppa got it for me.
- From that doll picking machine over there. - What?
It's a gift to congratulate me for getting through the entrance test.
Congratulatory gift? This kind of cheap doll is a congratulatory gift?
Hey, Baek Seung Jo, are you thinking too little of my Ha Ni?
What's wrong with this?
And this is what he personally picked for me.
Hey, you know how difficult it is to pick a doll from that machine, right?
Ha Ni, what's so difficult about that?
Such dolls, can be picked by anyone from that machine.
Really? It's my first time seeing it.
Wow. Hey, hey. Did you see that?
He did it with such finesse, didn't he?
All right, watch this.
You saw that, right?
Punk, where are you going?
Watch, watch.
This punk is so troublesome.
All right, watch this. See, see, see, see this.
Joon Gu.
Let go, let go, let go.
What's wrong?
Hey, one more time.
Why can't I get it in? Why?
Ah, no. This thing now, is this what appears often in movies? Is this it?
Look at me. Look into my eyes.
Look into these eyes that are filled with you alone.
my heart cannot contain two men.
Then I'm left with no other choice,
I have to use my strength to resolve love and make you mine.
Let her go.
No, don't do that.
I'm afraid I will lose you forever.
Cowards may die over and over again,
but a real man can only die once.
If I die because of you,
then that is not death but love.
No, no. No, no, no.
What are you doing?
Son, give your best. Fighting!
If they put you in a spot, don't mind them.
- Do well. - Do well, hyung, fighting.
All right.
It's cold.
He was pondering whether to study or not, now it's all over.
Poor thing.
This is the best time of his life but he's suffering.
You married me when you were his age, you know.
Why is everyone talking about universities every day?
I really don't get it.
Ha Ni, where are you going?
I'm so worried I can't sit down.
I'll send him to DaeSan then I'll be right back.
Uneasy... uneasy.
What should I do?
Did you see that? The body just flew.
Hey, I think it's a girl.
[Parang University Hospital]
She's awake.
Ha Ni!
Ha Ni, my child.
Dad, where am I?
Hospital. You were in an accident, don't you remember?
- You flew. - I remember.
- Where's Seung Jo? - He should be doing the test now.
He went after he sent you here to the hospital.
- That's good. - You're all here?
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Ha Ni is still depressed?
Are you running away from home?
All right then, bye.
Please don't do this.
Please say yes to me.
- Uncle. - Let go.
It's interesting,
thinking what else might happen today.
It's very exciting and interesting.
- So... - So?
Baek Seung Jo?
The graduation certificate is being presented to Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni.
Oh Ha Ni, get over here.
That rude girl, what else can she like?
Do not belittle the true heart of liking a person.
Hey, Oh Ha Ni! You come with me.
Let me go. I will stop having a crush on you.
- When I go to university, I will... - Let's see what you do that after this.
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