Another Korean Middle School Lesson

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 11.03.2010

So I realized that the two videos I showed about teaching a lesson in a middle school require a lot of prep work.
So today I'm gonna show a lesson that requires minimal, minimal prep work
and still results in a lot of fun for the class. So, here we go.
Today, we are going to play a fun game.
Today, the game we are going to play
is a special kind of team bingo.
Team bingo, okay? So here is how we play
Rule number one: look at your table.
See how nice and clean it is? DO NOT DRAW ON THE TABLE!
No drawing on the table! Now:
Here is how we are going to play.
In here I have...a lot of papers.
I'm going to pick...this one.
This is number....25
Who is number 25? Student number 25?
So, you now, you can ask me one question.
So pick one question.
[what is your favorite animal?]
My favorite animal! Ok.
My favorite animal is...a cat!
Cat! So if you have "Cat" color in cat.
Now, here you go, take one. Take one.
[co-teacher saying something I don't understand in Korean]
Next on the list, we have number....7
Okay, number 7, go ahead. Pick one.
[who is your favorite singer?]
My favorite singer? Ok.
My favorite singer is...MBLAQ!
[groans from students who didn't want to hear MBLAQ]
Okay next...on the list
we have...38. 38? Okay good! What do you want?
[what is your favorite color?]
Okay, what is my favorite color? Now,
we are going to do something different.
I will not give the answer.
He will give the answer.
So, he said "what is your favorite color?"
Pick a color. [me?] Yeah, you!
What is your favorite color?
[Green!] Gree...oh, wait. Is green on there?
Well pick one from there. What is your favorite color?
[blue] Blue! Okay we have blue! Color in blue! Blue blue blue
Okay now, we have five more answers [yayyy!]
And I...wait wait...
I am going to give the answers. I will pick the answers.
Okay. So the next one is number 40. Who is number 40?
40. You ask me and I will give an answer.
[really cool music. I really like this song. Really fits speeding up videos]
My favorite fruit. [students beg for answers]
Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax!
My favorite fruit. My favorite fruit.
My favorite
WATERMELON! [cheers and stuff]
If you have six people at your table one paper is garbage, okay?
Only count five papers. Okay? One paper is garbage. Okay.
And now count your total
Okay team five scored 30 points
and they have 42 so Team 1 is the winner! Team 1 is the winner!
Team 1! Your prize today many? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! YAY! [everyone applauds and laughs at the team that didn't win anything]
Okay bye!