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Where's he going?
Excuse me!
I have a question, if you please.
My, what a polite young lady. I'll help you out if I know the answer.
Have you happened to see a man dressed like me around here?
Hm...Actually, I think I have.
He was hurrying towards the castle I believe.
Thank you very much.
Terra... I hope I can find you.
It's dangerous! Run!
I feel a light.
I won't be able to fight them off like this...
Now! Take that girl somewhere safe!
Who are you? Why do you have a keyblade?
Questions later! First I have to deal with them!
Will ya be ok?
Then, let's go!
You really saved me.
I'm Aqua, a trainee under Master Eraqus.
I'm Mickey.
I'm Yen Sid's pupil and a trainee, like yourself.
I feel a light from this girl. That must be the reason why she was being chased.
Hm. I was just thinkin' the same thing.
This girl may be somethin' special, don't ya think?
Yes. It is our duty to protect the light.
Let's both do our best!
Woah! Wait a sec!
I'll be fine.
Until we meet again!
Are those for me?
I picked these flowers myself. Thank you for saving me!
What cute flowers. Thank you.
I'm Kairi. What's your name?
I'm Aqua.
Kairi, about that light before--
Oh! Grandma!
Ah! Kairi, hold on...
That's a magic spell to protect you.
If you're ever captured by the darkness, your light will lead the way.
It's to thank you for the flowers.
Thank you!
Come now. Let's go home.
Hey, Grandma!
Hm? What is it?
Tell that story again!
Well, alright.
Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light.
Everyone loved the light.
Then, people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves.
And darkness was born in their hearts.
The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts.
It covered everything, and the worlds disappeared.
But, small fragments of light survived...
in the hearts of children.
With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost worlds.
They're the worlds we live in now.
But, the true light still sleeps deep within the darkness.
That's why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other.
But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open,
and the true light will return.
So listen, child. Even in the deepest darkness,
there will always be a light to guide you.
That's why you can't give in to the darkness.
If you believe in the light within the darkness, your heart will shine like a light in the dark,
and everyone will be happy.
Maybe our meeting wasn't a coincidence.