H+ Episode 32: Seeds

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TOPI: You look lost.
SOLDIER: Not lost.
We're here.
This was my home.
This was where we ate,
spent the most time.
And down this way was the room my brother and I shared.
My brother.
Was he older or younger?
He was older.
And he died here too?
In the incident?
Honestly, I-- I've never known.
He and I were standing in this spot when they first came.
Was one of them a young woman?
I only recall seeing two men.
They came back weeks later.
And there were more of them.
Then it happened.
Everyone collapsed.
Like when the virus struck.
Your village was burned.
I was taken to the orphanage right after it happened.
About 20 of us were. All children.
-By the scientists?
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
More men came.
Hours, maybe days later. I-- I cannot recall.
It happened so long ago.
And you're saying this is only a part of the village?
I am confused.
It all looks so different than I remember.
The village center should not have been much further away.
Well, the land was likely stripped.
These men who came. You know who they are?
Why would they do this?
Profit. Power.
Yes, of course. But what did they need from us?
The company was called Lord Pearce Wachter or LPW.
It was a security and research contractor.
They operated labs, military bases,
prisons all around the world.
They also recruited eager, young minds
to research and develop some of their least ethical projects.
Mm, I see.
Well, as Mutumbo would say,
the scales have shifted for Africa.
We've lost our children and your children were spared.
The way we see it is
our future lies beyond this continent.
What's that?
I think we're gonna need to dig.
What are we looking for?
Something left here by those men.
You could call it a map.
To what? A treasure?
Someone I lost long ago.
I need to find a wrist bone.
Oh, wait a minute.
I've found you.
A pebble?
A microchip.