Sun Oven Solar Cooker - Introduction

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I'd like to
introduce you to the Sun Oven. This is part of our
series and Sun Oven cooking essentials
and I'm just gonna cover all the basics of everything you want to know about a Sun Oven maybe a
whole lot of things you don't want to know But, uh, this is a Sun Oven. It
folds up, it carries like a suitcase and only weighs twenty one-pounds. To set up a Sun Oven
it takes a matter of seconds it's a simple one-piece construction.
The oven opens.
It has a lock here to lock the reflectors in place and then it has the
door and you
open and you put the food in. It has what we call a Levelator tray, or leveling tray, that
keep your food from spilling when you move it to follow the sun.
The reason that a leveling tray is handy is because the Sun Oven has 9 different positions
that you can set it at
so that you can meet the angle of the sun wherever you want. want theirs
A total of nine different settings and if you raise it up or down with food in
you don't have to take the food out in order to move it or focus it because
it'll stay level and the tray. Now, the Sun Oven can bake, it can boil, and it can
steam food. So, it can pretty much cook everything that you cook in your stove top

or in your regular oven
other than fried foods
just with the power of the sun. In good sun, the sun oven will reach
temperatures of up to 400 degrees fahrenheit - very consistently
350 to 375 degrees.
The amazing thing about cooking in a Sun Oven is that the food doesn't
burn when you cook in the sun and it doesn't dry out.
The reason the food doesn't burn is that
when we have food
inside the pot, inside the Sun oven,
the food inside the pot
- the pot itself and the air all around the pot are exactly the same
If you know anything about cooking anything on your stove top,
you oftentimes will
have the food on your stove burner and
the burner transfers the heat
to the pot - the pot to the food.
So, consequently the pot is hotter than the food so you have to stir it. But in the Sun Oven
with the even heat
nothing burns.
The Sun Oven's been designed so that
it would last up
to 15 years in a developing country. Which means in the United States or a
developed country
someone puts it in a storage area or garage, there's no reason it won't last a lifetime.
The reflectors on the Sun Oven are made from a highly-reflective polished anodized aluminum. They're how we passed a revised aluminum
86 % reflective but they'll never oxidize, rust or corrode and
they clean just like glass. Use Windex or any kind of glass cleaner to
clean it.
The inner box of the oven and the leveling tray are both made of a
black anodized aluminum and
the leveling trade does come out which makes it very easy if you
spill food inside your Sun Oven. You can just take the leveling tray out
and it will - and then wash it in the kitchen sink and then wipe the inside out with just
dishwashing soap. The outside (back) box of the oven is actually made of
ABS plastic.
But between the plastic outer box and the aluminum inner box is a very thick (inaudible)
of a non-toxic
food-grade fiberglass installation. So, it can be 380 degrees
inside the oven and the oven doesn't feel hot it all.
The reflectors never get hot. Actually the only
parts of the oven that get's hot when it's in operation that's exposed
um... so it's very safe around small children or pets - but the only part of
the oven
that gets hot
is this glass door.
When you put the food inside this Sun Oven, you latch these latches tight. It forms a
totally airtight seal.
But when it's 350 degrees inside the oven
the outside temperature the glass gets to be of a temperature about
145 degrees Fahrenheit. It's hot
and it will sting but it won't burn. So, it's safe around children but there is an
advantage to the
glass getting hot. We say it get's hot enough to keep your neighbor's dog from eating
your pot roast. Any animal that's out in the day time will
sense the heat and stay away from it.
There a lot of animals out at night that
don't sense the heat that wouldn't stay away from it it
but most people don't do a lot of solar cooking at night. So,
using the Sun Oven is extremely safe
the door the oven is tempered glass
the frame that holds the entire oven together is made of a kilned dried poplar
wood and the
most important part of the oven is actually this black gasket.
The gasket forms the totally airtight seal
and it um,
keeps the air inside of it. But if the food out gases it allows the gasses to
escape out the back of the oven.
So, the thing that makes it so that the Sun Oven is always
75 to 100 degrees hotter than any of the knock-offs that are
out there that have been made the try and copy the Sun Oven - or most homemade ovens -
is that gasket gets a lot hotter than any other type of device.
It does come with a built-in thermometer so you can tell at a glance what
is uh... what the temperatures inside of it but the whole chamber is
in even heat
so you're not limited as much as most people think. You can put, for example,
two pots - they're stackable and you can stack
two things at the same time - or
you can - if I had the pots
on the leveling trey. I could attach two quart-size canning jars next to it
and use it to heat water to do dishes at the same time i'm cooking. Or I can
remove the leveling tray and I can make up to an 18 pound turkey in a baking
So, Sun Oven has been around since 1986. It's well tested in a
lot of environments
it works tremendously and
the amazing thing is that it will - unlike many other items that people get for
emergency preparedness - it is something will pay for itself in a relatively
short period of time.
Ya, know. On a day when it's more than 80 degrees if you turn on your oven to bake a loaf of bread
You'll actually spend more money to cool your house
then you would on the bread and energy to cook it combined. If you cook it with the Sun Oven,
you can bake your bread outside, you can make roasts outside and
by doing that you're able to then
keep the heat outside and it really reduces your cooling costs and keeps your house a
lot cooler.
So, the Sun Oven with its ability to bake, boil and steam - it can also be used as a
solar dryer or dehydrator - it can be used for
heating hot water for things like
doing dishes a personal hygiene and it could be used to boil or pasteurize
water for drinking - so it has a variety of use
it's very durable
will last a lifetime