Reducing Lymphedema Risk Explained by Lymphedema Therapist

Uploaded by Lymphconnect on 30.05.2012

>>> Joan Shulmistras: Another example of an area that we can help to reduce the risk for
those who are at risk for lymphedema is just to know the importance of exercise, and again,
to know how to exercise properly.
Begin slowly, progress gradually, not do anything too vigorously. But that is a very, very important
component in helping to reduce the risk as well as to promote the lymph flow to the limb.
Again, it’s anecdotal but from what we have seen with a lot of patients coming through
the clinic, keeping temperatures at saunas and hot tubs under 100 degrees. Don’t use
prolonged use in them.
If you are going up into the mountains into some really cold weather, just protect your
arm. You don’t want any kind of rebounding effect from cold temperatures that could cause
swelling, as well you don’t want it to be chopping the skin which could cause skin breakdown,
allow any bacteria into the skin.
So these are some other different areas used to help to reduce the risk.