Molly Sandén talking about her relationship with Eric Saade

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 26.11.2011

You are a star, Eric is a star, you're a star-couple, how does that work for you?
We are just trying to seperate job with our private life, I think it's the same for all careers.
I mean if a dentist and a doctor is dating and their job is all they're talking about...
I think when you're in a relationship you need to be able to just relax and be work-free.
We are trying to keep our privacy private and just support each other as boyfriend and girlfriend
and not as "colleagues" or something like that. I think that is the most important thing.
Okay, but if you haven't met in a long time, what do you like to do when you see each other again?
Do you go out on a date or do you prefer to stay home?
Haha yes I think that is what we do, like an old couple, yes, rather a night at home than out in the city.
With a movie and candy and stuff like that?
Yes, that's a perfect night at home for us.
We meet so many people out when we're working so it's nice to just stay home and relax
and not have to worry about how you look etc.
But what kind of movies do you watch? a horror movie or a romantic comedy?
We start fighting over which movie to watch haha, no but we take turns, I like romantic comedies...
And Eric want to watch horror?
No, I think he's a chicken when it comes to horror haha
he's more for action so it's very different what kind of movie we watch, we take turns.
So this week, it's romantic comedy and next week it's action?
We like series too, that's good, like "Friends"
because then you can watch many episodes instead of just one movie, so yes, we like that.