Video How-To: Xbox 360 and PS3 Games On Apple iPad

Uploaded by EnternityGR on 08.08.2012

Dear friends welcome once more in one of our videos
In this one we are going to see something completely different
It's an idea we've got for a long time ago and we decided to provide to you
As you can see, we've got here an iPad
This is the iPad and a special stand, so we can face it directly
This one is the stand. As you can see we can flip it etc.
It can hold if from 3 points and it's very usefull.
On the screen you can see the Xbox 360 menu
I've decided to play my Xbox 360 games and here is my controller too.
I'm moving around the home screen and try to use the 360 interface.
Don't worry, it's not any type of hack, it's something as simple as it gets.
It's a method we will show you later on this video, but it's funny.
Just to take a look first of how is the feeling of playing Xbox 360 games on iPad.
Just left the game I played, and now we are waiting FIFA Street to load
We've loaded the game to Xbox 360 on the console drive
It's 3 metres away from the iPad and now I am going to show you how it works
using also the Xbox 360 controller
Let's put the volume down, because it's too loud
Everything is running on Xbox 360, but we are just using the iPad screen for display.
we have a wireless connection and we play through our PC, because ths is the only way.
You can take the iPad and go wherever you want for your game session.
You can play on your iPad, without worries about the distance from Xbox 360.
The touch screen is deactivated for this tip
The iPad is used only for display purpose so we put it back on the stand
Once more we have to say, it's not any type of hack
Let's play FIFA Street for a while, we'll show you later what we've done
so you can do it yourself during this period of summer.
It's a usefull method to use while at home and it's better if the Xbox 360
is connected to a TV, while someone else is watching a show.
You can use this method to avoid any problem and play from your couch
your favorite video game without each one interrupting the other.
As you can see, I got the controller and I'm playing, while it's connected
to the Xbox 360, not with the iPad.
Xbox 360 has the game on it's tray and we are just ready to play.
As you can see, there's no lag on every button press on the controller.
I'm playing FIFA Street, but you can use any game you want
and of course you can use also any other game console you have at home
for example you can also use your PS3 or your Wii.
Not that the game seems not to be interesting, let's take a look at the method.
I'll first of all open the monitor that's connected to our PC
and you will notice that we have the same display result we saw on the iPad
on both our displays you can take a look at the FIFA Street video game.
The LG monitor behind is connected to our gaming PC
and through the capture card we use for the video reviews on
to the Xbox 360 so we can get the HD images and video flow.
Meanwhile we've used a software, which lets the iPad
work as a wireless connected monitor for the PC.
So, if you go there on the lower section of the iPad screen you can see the
iPad keyboard and wherever I touch the screen you can see the mouse cursor
cause the software allows us this type of emulation through the AverMedia
server 3D. This is the software we use for the video capture procedure.
It's an interesting method, mainly because it's very simple to use
and can help anyone who doesn't want to play on a TV screen
but prefers to enjoy PS3/Xbox 360 etc games on it's iPad screen.
So, to achieve all this you need an HD capture card
which has HDMI or Component input. Xbox 360 can be connected through
HDMI. PS3 must be connected through component
and we also need an iPad or any Android tablet (the app is also available on these).
I'll stop the stream so I can show you the app
which is called on iPad SplashTop HD and this is how it looks like.
It works as a wireless display for our PC so you can use it to stream
whatever you want throug the wireless network you have.
On the software you use both the IPs so it can connect the devices wireless
and display the same image/videos on both and this is how you can have
your Xbox 360/PS3 games on your iPad/tablet screen.
As I've told you from the beginning it's not a hack, it's just a trick
and it's funny and easy to achieve.