Helpdesk version 2.0 with English subtitles

Uploaded by Matslek08 on 22.12.2009

- What's wrong? - I don't know, I have opened the browser, and written in the address to Youtube.
Because we have to find the Helpdesk video. But now it stopped.
- Why? - I don't know, It would have been nice if Øystein came, because he's good at this stuff.
Rune, so it's here you are.
Would you sit down? It has stopped here.
Sorry, I took so long, I was editing "Løvebakken"
So, I typed in the address up here. but then it stops completely.
- You opened the browser? - Of course, you want a cup of coffee?
I have written the address in the browser but I can't continue.
- But you have to press enter. - Enter? Like that?
- I thought about that, but I was afraid the site I was on would disappear.
It will not disappear, you can click back and forth up there. And you can have multiple windows open at once
So I can create a new page then? What if I want to go back?
Then click on the page that is down there, click there and the other one will show up.
Now this page is up, and by clicking on that arrow the previous page show up.
- What should I do when I want to quit? - Then you can press the cross up there, or press the line which will minimize the window.
- So I'm not risking loosing anything here? - No, if so, you would have to delete internet cookies and stuff like that.
Great, thank you.
- Now I'll just write,
See! Now it doesn't work again.
Well, but you are writing in a text program. You are writing in Word.
So it's not indifferent to what program I'm using, then?
Put on a record, Kari