HGSE Gives Thanks

Uploaded by Harvard on 29.11.2010

what are we thankful for
If you ask assistant director Natalie Newcomb her answer would be simple
I'm thankful for chocolate
makes the day go by
Survasta Adason in HR would agree
I'm thankful for food
along with masters student zariea Casa
the wonderful cafe we have down stairs in Long fellow and the delicious food
Geno the instructional technologist sums it up it up best
thanksgiving we have food, family and football what more could be better then that
here at the ed school we're more than just lovers of food
Its also the people we enjoyed staff members in the dean's office we're grateful grateful for this
were thankful for
having a wonderful place to work
and for having great colleagues
to share
our importune work with everyday
along with some folks in career services
i mean you work in a great place with great friends and colleagues
this was the sentiment across the campus
it's a place of work
and many are grateful for simply this i'm thankful for being employed
i an very thankful to have my job here at Harvard
I'm thankful to have a job in this economy
but its also a place that facilitates work
for masters students like Sam
well i'm thankful for being here uh its a great opportunity to be with all theses different students
from all over the world i'm thankful for the opportunity
to learn from the experiences
and uh to enjoy the time here
and it brings together ideas and people
for doctoral students like Michael Shanon
but also my new friends said i'm developing
here at the Harvard EDLD program
when we went ran into Monica Higgins and asked her what she was grateful for
she simply said
The super dubber students that I have they are
and get me up each morning
across the campus
faculty staff and students alike
the common thread in every answer was clear
no not our gratitude for the Gutman library roof deck but rather
family and friends friend, my family my boyfriend
my family and relationships my family and friends
all my friends
and especially my family i'm thankful for family and friend
I'm thankful for uh being able to build new relationships meet new people amazing
my amazing two and a half year old and
my fabulous husband i'm thankful for my family family
even dean Mccartney share her thanks
i lost my mom and July twenty ninth and everyday since then i've been
thinking how grateful i am to have had such an amazing mother
Family around the table
passing food clinking glass I think thats what i am most thankful for
some may say these answers are cliches
kind of what we say every year around this time
i say they are perfect
in a world of materialism commercial distraction
to hear resounding gratitude for loved ones
on a campus whose mission is to help our loved ones
well designer jason gorman says it best you know what i'm really thankful
for my two daughters i just love them
I love them as much as anybody could love anyone and uh
this is just a good time of year
to remember that it's just such a blessing to be working in a place of education to be
thinking about this
and then i get to go home and
be a dad thats what i'm thankful for
from all of us here at the ed school
we wish you and your loved ones the best
and of course are very happy Thanksgiving