Penn College Commencement: May 14, 2011 (Morning)

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[ Silence ]
[ Music ]
>> Good morning.
The spring 2011 commencement ceremony begins
with the entrance of the candidates for graduation
from the schools of business and computer technologies,
hospitality and transportation technology
from the Pennsylvania College of Technology.
Please join me in welcoming the candidates for graduation.
[ Music ]
>> Ladies and gentlemen and candidates,
entering next are the Pennsylvania College
of Technology faculty
and administration lead by the school dean.
The platform party will complete the procession.
[ Music ]
>> Please rise if you are able for the national anthem
to be performed by Leah Nason.
Leah is the daughter of faculty member Brad Nason.
Gentlemen, please remove your caps.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
[ Applause ]
>> Please be seated.
[ Noise ]
>> Seated in the auditorium today are families and family
and friends who in many different ways supported these
candidates to reach the goal represented by this ceremony.
On the platform are the college faculty and staff
who have motivated, encouraged and inspired these students
as they completed their course work
and their college experience.
And before us are the candidates for graduation
who have become good friends, mentors, colleagues,
developing relationships that will serve them well
as they move into the future together.
We join them as members of an extended support network
to celebrate our involvement with these candidates
and to witness their accomplishments.
That celebration now begins.
Presiding over the main commencement ceremony is the
President of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
>> Good morning everyone and welcome
to the beautiful Community Arts Center.
It is fitting that we are here today
for the commencement ceremony for the class of 2011.
Today, you become part of a proud legacy.
For nearly 100 years this institution has prepared men
and women to thrive in a changing world.
They have entered the work force and they've advanced
into positions that have influenced the future
of the world as we know it.
As we celebrate your commencement today we look
forward to the contributions
that you will make in the days to come.
This is truly a ceremony that honors the past,
the present and the future.
We appreciate the effort that you put forward in order
to reach this milestone and I ask you to please make sure
that you find time today
to gratefully acknowledge the support you have received
from your family, your friends, your faculty
and your staff mentors.
Today is an important day for all of us and I hope it's day
that you will remember forever.
>> Now I would like to introduce Mr. Elliot Strickland Interim
Chief Student Affairs Officer.
>> Chairman Dunham, President Gilmour, distinguished faculty
and staff, parents and guests and most importantly graduates.
It is my honor to introduce your spring two thousand eleven
student commencement speaker Sarah Shott.
Now I've known Sarah for most of her College career
at Penn College and I could not think of a better person
to represent her graduating class.
In all my years here I'm not sure
that I've met another student who has squeezed
up every opportunity for experience, involvement
and leadership like Sarah has done.
What sets her apart from many student leaders is the selfless
way in which she approaches her opportunities
to serve her fellow students.
She doesn't always take on the leadership roles
with the highest profile but rather those leadership roles
that have the biggest impact
to improve the student life on our campus.
Sarah has served as a resident assistant
and this final year she was hand selected to serve
as the first senior RA for Dalton Hall with a special focus
on helping freshmen students succeed
in their first year of college.
Sarah has given up her last three summers working
as a summer connections link and this summer will remain
on campus for three more months to lead the program
as our lead link assisting in that summer orientation program.
Sarah has served on the college judicial council, a critical
but very difficult role in which students uphold the tenets
of our campus and community expectations.
And in one of her most compact roles Sarah has served
for the last two years as the dining services liaison.
She was the voice of all you in working the dining services
on our campus and she was an active member
of the student government association.
But her contributions have extended beyond the
campus boundaries.
For the last two years, Sarah has taken her spring break
to travel with the college's alternative spring break
to Miami, Florida and Maryland, South Carolina to work
for habitat for humanity and her contributions have not
gone unnoticed.
She was inducted into National Resident Hall honorary.
She was selected as an awesome women's exemplar
and Thursday night she was one
of only fifteen students awarded the Penn College award
for leadership and service to the college.
Today Sarah will graduate with a Bachelors Degree
in Information Technology Web and Application Concentration
and a minor in business administration.
The college experience gives students amazing opportunities
both inside and outside of the college.
Sarah is one of those rare individuals
who may well have given more to Penn College
than we have given to her.
Please help me welcome your two thousand eleven student
commencement speaker Sarah Shott.
[ Applause ]
>> Good morning and thank you Mister Strickland
for that warm introduction.
I'd like to take a moment to thank Doctor Gilmour,
Penn College faculty, administrators
and fellow graduates for giving me the honor to speak
to you this morning and great sincere to my parents
and my brother Mike and for my family
for all the sacrifices you have made for me
and everything you have taught me and especially to God
who has helped me get through everything.
I would also like to mention a good friend
and a fellow RA Tracy Garis who I know is looking down
and smiling on all of us.
Four years ago when I came to Penn College I knew no one
but now I feel like I've become part of our, not only part
of a community but part of a family.
It's a difficult decision when applying to colleges.
You wonder which one is the right one.
Well I knew from the moment that I walked into my dorm room
in York Hall that this is the place where I wanted to be.
I've always felt that I've been a name not a number here
at Penn College.
The faculty was always there when I needed questions answered
and was willing to go out of their way to help me.
Working on campus and being a resident assistant
and being involved in residence life has given me advantages not
only learning about the campus but also the wide range
of opportunities it has to offer.
Class of 2011 we have faced many challenges along the way.
I know that everyone in this audience today has made
at least one mistake in his or her lifetime.
I've always been taught that as long as you learn
from your mistakes that is what really counts.
If we learn from our mistakes they will only make us stronger.
We've made many friends
and we've supported each other along the way.
We've made many memories
that will last a lifetime whether it was late night study
groups for management 403 or advertising with Doctor Luke.
Long nights that kindled roommate pranks
and most importantly we all learned how
to do our own clothes.
I will never forget all the good times I've had
on alternative spring break with Ashley, Adam and Wincy and going
to wet bingo or getting pied in the face for a great cause.
Whether you've been at Penn College for two,
four or six years today it closes one
of the memorable chapters in your life.
I hope that each of your ending is happily ever after.
It really is a bitter sweet ending for me.
We've worked hard and have reason to be proud of ourselves.
Remember the degrees that we receive today are only tools
to help us succeed.
The success is up to you.
On behalf of myself, my fellow classmates a thank you
to our family and friends for all the love and support,
without your help it would not be possible
for us sitting here today.
And a special thanks to Matt Helks [phonetic],
for always being there when I needed emotional support
and Amy Ling[phonetic] for being an awesome supervisor.
One of my favorite quotes by George Roberts is,
believe in what you do, don't hurt anyone,
know what you're about, keep learning, don't shut down,
don't give up, don't give in and don't settle,
find what you like and do it.
Now give yourselves a round of applause we've made it.
Thank you and good luck
and congratulations to the class of 2011.
[ Applause ]
>> The Alumni Achievement Award is presented
to an individual graduated from the College
within the last ten years and has demonstrated the importance
of a Penn College Education
through noteworthy professional accomplishments
for dedicated volunteer service.
This year's alumni achievement award recipient is Anthony
Picarri a member of the class of 2008.
Just three years ago Anthony who is Philadelphia native graduated
with a bachelor's degree
in Automotive Technology Management.
He was hired by Infiniti as a dealer park and service manager
in Somerset New Jersey.
He quickly demonstrated the value of his degree
by using his education to improve service
at the dealership in his region,
ultimately helping viewer survive
in the toughest economic period in the history
of the automotive industry.
Anthony is now a fixed operations manager
for the Infiniti division of Nissan, North America
and he oversees fourteen dealerships in the Northeast.
Anthony is a strong advocate for Penn College
with Nissan North America.
He has recommended our graduates
for positions within the company.
He had worked with Nissan Infiniti's technical training
office to secure donations of three vehicles
for instructional use in the school
of transportation technology.
He also serves on our program advisory committee.
He finds time for a bit of fun as well.
He participates annually
in the Lance Armstrong Live Strong event in Philadelphia.
He loves ping pong, golf, camping, skiing, snow boarding
with the eagles and his fiancee
and I should note not in that order.
[ Laughs ]
>> Anthony credits his success to his professors and his
over all Penn College education and experience.
He said, "The lessons, teachings, and experiences
that I encountered while I attended Penn College are the
exact things that allowed me to even be noticed by Nissan
to obtain an interview and eventually begin my work.
It is my honor to introduce the recipient
of the 2011 alumni achievement award Anthony Picarri.
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> Thank you very much Doctor Gilmour
for that very warm welcome.
The 'not in that particular order comment' was
particularly interesting.
First I would like take this opportunity
to thank everybody for this award.
I feel incredibly privileged to receive this award
and truly it is an honor to give back to the College
that has given so much to me over the years.
As Doctor Gilmour said I am very, very confident
that without the teachings, experiences, professors
and the time I shared with all of those things here
at Penn College then I would not be where I am today.
So it is with great thanks to all those things mentioned
above that I accept this award today.
To my family that is here today with me without your love
and support I would be nothing.
Thank you very much for being here.
And finally to the graduates
of two thousand eleven a huge hefty congratulation is
in order.
This marks a huge step in your life, so wear it proudly.
What else can I say other than work hard, work diligently
and make your own opportunities.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> Teaching is the heart of Penn College
and we place a high a value
on the teaching and learning process.
In recognizing teaching excellence we demonstrate the
best at Penn College.
As we celebrate the fine works that takes place
in our class rooms
and laboratories we confirm our mission.
The distinguished teaching awards are presented each May
at commencement to full time faculty members
who have been nominated by their students and their colleagues
for excellence in instructional performance.
Since 1082 eighty seven distinguished teaching awards
have been presented.
Today we have the pleasure of making these awards.
I am pleased to provide some excerpts
from the nominators for the honoree.
His enthusiasm for his discipline carries
over to every educational opportunity.
He is the champion behind many
of his student's professional success.
His door is always open to the needs of students
and he bridges theory with practical hands on learning.
The 2011 excellence in teaching award is presented
to Mike Ditchfield instructor
in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you
>> Don't forget this [inaudible] do that.
>> Okay thanks.
My students will have a hard time believing this,
I'm speechless.
[ Laughs ]
>> This is truly an honor I just received the pin
for fifteen years here
and I honestly could say I've loved every minute of it
and I learned early on that it's all about the students
and if you keep the students first you can't go wrong
so with all that said I truly appreciate this
and this is an honor that I'll always cherish.
It means an awful lot to me, thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> You can tell these are surprises
and now we have a second member of the faculty
to honor this morning and I'd
like to share some comments from the nomination.
He seems to always be there if you have a question.
He encouraged me to be the best student I could ever be
and he carries all the traits that you would find
in an exceptional instructor.
The 2011 excellence in teaching awards is presented
to Christopher Holley assistant professor
in Automotive Technology.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you very much.
[ Inaudible Remark ]
>> Okay thank you this room is much larger.
It's much smaller when I sit over there.
I am very honored for this award.
I'd like to thank the committee members
that deemed I was a recipient for this award.
I'd like to thank the deans of the department, Dean Williamson
and Dean Wallace for providing direction in our program.
I'd like to thank our administrative assistant
Donna Colley.
She actually runs the department.
She's the one, the go to person.
I'd like to thank my colleagues that I work with
and I'm fortunate enough today
to have my parents in attendance.
They came up from Georgia and I'm proud to be up here.
I'm glad for everything that you've done for me
and I thank every one, graduates, congratulations
and good luck, everybody enjoy the rest of the ceremony.
Thank you
[ Applause ]
>> Ladies and Gentlemen as any
of you know the legal corporate body of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology is its board of directors.
This is the body that our charter has given final
responsibility for the governance and welfare
and all other interests pertaining to the college.
Though some responsibilities are delegated,
ultimate authority rests with the board.
At this time I would like to call upon Doctor Robert Dunham,
Chairman of the board of directors
to authorize the conferring of degrees at this ceremony.
>> Thank you Paul Starkey.
President Gilmour, members of the faculty,
ladies and gentlemen and of course the class of 2011.
The degrees being awarded here today have come
from your hard work, from the wisdom and guidance
of the faculty and the strong support of members of the family
and friends on behalf of the board
of directors I congratulate you and wish you the best
for the future and of those families and friends
and faculty members who have supported you,
we extend to you our thanks.
And now I turn to my official duty, President Gilmour
by virtue of the authority vested in the board of directors
of the Pennsylvania College of Technology I authorize you
on behalf of the board to confer on each
of these candidates the degree earned as certified
by the appropriate dean.
>> Will the candidates for the Bachelor
of Science degree please rise.
Doctor Gilmour upon recommendation
of the faculty I am pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for the Bachelor of Science degree
>> By the virtue of the authority vested in me
by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology, I do hear by confer upon you the Bachelor
of Science Degree's that you have earned with all the right
and privileges and with congratulations
from the administration and the faculty.
[ Applause ]
>> You maybe seated.
Will the candidates for all Associate Degree
and Certificates please rise.
Doctor Gilmour upon recommendation
of the faculty I am pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirement
for their respective associate degrees and certificates.
>> By virtue of the authority vested in me by the board
of directors of the Pennsylvania College of Technology I do here
by confer upon you the Associate Degrees and Certificates
that you have earned with all of their rights and privileges
and now for our congratulations on behalf of the board
of directors, the administrations
and the faculty, congratulations.
[ Applause ]
>> Would the Baccalaureate also please stand
and Sarah would you join me?
Everybody stands up this time.
[ Laughs ]
>> We had this trouble yesterday.
[ Laughs ]
>> Ladies and gentlemen you entered this theater not too
long ago as candidates for your respective degrees.
Just moments ago you had those degrees conferred upon you.
As a symbol of your entry into the educated world of women
and men I'm going to ask you to join me as I turn the tassel
of your class representative this will symbolize to the world
that you are in fact now a graduate
of the Pennsylvania College of Technology.
[ Pause ]
>> Congratulation.
[ Applause ]
>> You may be seated.
As individuals and institutions, we passed through clear stages
of development, points in time where we grow into new roles
and new responsibilities.
This ceremony is a transition event for everyone.
Today we will recognize individuals
with academic honors.
Outstanding academic achievement will be recognized
for all students.
The gold, silver or white cords
that they wear during the ceremony, white for honor,
silver for high honors and gold
for highest honors can identify these students.
In addition we are proud to recognize graduates
who are members of Phi Beta Kappa their gold stoles
and gold tassels can identify them for you.
We will also recognize proudly the graduates
of the Alpha Chi honor Society
in their white gold robes will identify them.
We would also now like to recognize our veterans
and for the first time this year they will be identified
by red, white and blue cords.
With those veterans who are graduating please rise.
[ Applause ]
>> At Penn College we are very proud of our veterans and I'd
like to tell you a little bit about them.
Among the veteran students attending Penn College we have
three that have earned a Purple Heart.
We have five that have earned a Bronze Star.
We have 76 who have earned an Iraq service medal and seventeen
who have earned an Afghanistan service medal.
We are very proud of our veterans.
[ Applause ]
>> You maybe seated.
At this time I'd like to take a moment to honor the memory
of a young woman who is not here to celebrate her commencement
with us this weekend, Tracy A. Garis was a student
in our dental hygiene program when she died
in a traffic accident last summer.
Tracy was a very active Penn College student
who has served both as a resident assistant
and student ambassador.
Her death touched many students.
The faculty and staff were deeply moved.
Tracy was an inspiration during her short life
and her death inspired Penn College friends to remember her
in a very special way.
The students led the charge
to establish a Tracy A. Garis memorial scholarship.
The commitment shown
by the student body vigorously raising funds
to fund the scholarship was truly remarkable.
Frankly I was in awe.
I cannot remember ever seeing a group of students come
to together for common purpose to honor their own.
I was very moved by the leadership of Adam Yoder
and Greg Miller and the countless other students
who made it their goal.
Those students by the end of this academic year in fact
by April had raised thirty five thousand eight hundred
and twenty three dollars to endow fully
that scholarship in one year.
We say congratulations to the efforts of those students.
We think this an appropriate way to honor a young a woman
who left a lasting legacy
on our campus the Tracy A Garis memorial scholarship will be
granted annually to a dental hygiene student
who is an active leader on campus.
We believe Tracy would have wanted it that way
in an earlier ceremony this weekend members
of her family accepted a diploma on behalf of the young woman
who meant so much to the class of 2011
and to every one at Penn College.
We continue with today's ceremony now
and Tracy will live on in our hearts.
At this time Carolyne Strickland,
the assistant vice president for academic services
and the school representative will present the candidates.
Now we know this is a really special time for everyone
and you want to capture the moments
on film or digital, either.
[ Laughs ]
>> We simply ask that you leave the area right in front
of the photographer open
so he can do his work otherwise you are welcome to come
down front and take pictures.
And our celebration now begins.
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present to you the graduates
of the associate degree as well as the Bachelors Degree
in Accounting within the School of Business
and Computer Technologies.
>> Thank you.
>> Callie D. Anderson [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Richard L. Scneley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Lennie K. Yoder.
[ Applause ]
>> Aiza Marie Steinmark [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shane Ryan Berge [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Chad Travinski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John Thomas Edinger II.
[ Applause ]
>> David M. Frazier [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jennifer M. Hartley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shannon Louise Killian.
[ Applause ]
>> Adam Michael Starr.
[ Applause ]
>> Kylie Nicole Waslosky.
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua David Wilson.
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates
of Information Technology, Network Administration Emphasis,
Network Specialist Concentration,
Network Technology Emphasis, Information Assurance
and Security Concentration, Information Technology Security
and Specialist Concentration,
Technical Support Technology Emphasis,
Web and Application Development,
Web Application Technology Emphasis within the School
of Business and Computer Technology.
>> Steven M. Collins
[ Applause ]
>> Steven R. Bradley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Daniel R. Quatts [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Robert T. Suoff [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Patrick L. Holmes [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew R. Major [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jason D. Smith [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Robert E. Moore III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nathan Michael Barger [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Chad R. Brommer.
[ Applause ]
>> Mark A. QuKier [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew O. DiAngelo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gregory Andrew Dushang [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Patrick Martin Godffrey [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Richard W. Kline [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Michael Qualm [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brittney Lynn Lambert [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Corey M. Lot [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Richard M. Moss [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Frank William Mide Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kevin Clark Medsker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nicholas Paul Sigmanfuse [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shane C. Moll [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew Willis Torres [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeremy J. White [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jesse A. Winkler [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeffrey Luke Eisenhower [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Victoria Rose Ann Good [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeffrey R. Marr [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Robert A. Miller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Elise Marie Powpatwski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates of the Associate
and Bachelor Degree Paralegal programs from the School
of Business and Computer Technologies.
>> Carlin Renee Farley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shannon Lee Hymes [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Melissa S. Keller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> William Parker McCormick, Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Samantha Jean Shaffer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amy Lynn Snyder [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Allison Marie Shuffle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sarah Beth Moid [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> Doctor Gilmour, I present to you the graduates
of Business Administration Concentrations in Banking
and Finance, Human resource Management, Management,
Marketing, Small Business and Entrepreneurship,
Technology Management, Business Management
and Health Information Coding Specialist,
Health Information Technology, Office Information Technology
with Specialties in the Medical Office Information emphasis,
the specialized Office Information emphasis all
within the School of Business in Computer Technologies.
>> John C. Carlton [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> John Raymond Lemanski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Cicely Joe Newhart [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Dustin Reed [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michal David Hier
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Jay Thomas
[ Applause ]
>> Jaime R. Ackerman
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew Scott Bailey [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Zachary Aaron Cigartt [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Trey P. Judy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amanda S. Cobwell [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Meredith S. Farr [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Megan Elizabeth Hawn.
[ Applause ]
>> Michael P. Moyer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ricky C. Pedesto II [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brandon J. Cloak [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Scott Michael Elicker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Benjamin C. Spink [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kelly J. Eulan [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>>Paul G. Halk [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Ryan Jeffrey Loveck [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jason E. Reendee [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Erica K. Bruner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amy Sue Dibble [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Twee Sim T. Tran [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew E. Arvin [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeffrey James Faraday [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David Aaron Suarez [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shawn Patrick Ford [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy Eric Spunk [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eric I.
Hunter [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Robert P. Kemmer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David Martin Lazarus [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Thomas Daniel Miller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Angel L. Midilow III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shawn Oliver Riley [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brent Nicholas Renenger [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher James Cattero [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Bryan Russell Towadski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nicholas A. Fedea [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Donald R. Zerby [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sarah James Simcat [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Linda Jean Dibble [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jennifer Lynn Sticky [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sarah Rose Kepler [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kelly Arleen Janga [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Deborah Anne Kendrick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kapina K. Louis [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Chelsea Rae M. Osborne [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Catherine James Spessmen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Keith R. Sireae [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Linzie R. Derrick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kim Marie Pepperman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eliza J. Saboski [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jennifer Elaine Noggle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kelsea A. Coppersmith [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Mindy M. King [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I proudly present to you the Graduates
of Culinary Arts and Systems, Culinary Technology,
Baking and Pastry Arts, Hospitality Management
within the School Hospitality.
>> Amanda Kelsea Angstadt [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Alexandra L. Eckhom [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Amy Nicole Elecker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Sheryl L. Mack [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Carrie Anne Smith [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Katrina Marie Smelrose [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Fiona Zole Ainer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Megan Lyn Gordon [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michelle Fion Nearwog [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nicholas A. Arusa [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> James Kyle Hingeras [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Warren Kathleen Harris [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jared Benjamin Hook [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Britney Erica Davis [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Lisa Greenberg [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher John Harris [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David Claire Houseman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kyla Marie Keever [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour I present the Graduates
of Automotive Service Technician,
Automotive Technology,
Automotive Technology Ford Assets,
Automotive Technology Management,
Automotive Technology Distance
and Automotive Technology Honda Pack within the School
of Transportation Technology.
>> Richard L. Kramer Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eric Thomas Nuff [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew Scott Orr [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael Jay Philippe [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nicole Rene Russo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew P. Shott
[ Applause ]
>> Daniel L. Taft [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joseph A. Conselo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Benjamin J. Gallagher [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jonathan Elmer Taft [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> William Robert Taft [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> James Jay Nickel [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael Jay Capina [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Aaron Brandon Smith [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Coby Mark Taft [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shane W. Whitehead [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> James Francis Coffey IV [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Shane Wesley Courtney [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Benjamin J. Harrison Chap [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joshua D. Hendershot [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Bradley Richard Himmeparb [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher Lee Colins [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Nicholas Andrew Lee [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jared Halko [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Justin Austin Rowland [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eric Grant Roppe [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Frank J. Cirgy [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Daniel Shawn Petersen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brian Barkman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Franklin Paul Davis.
[ Applause ]
>> Aimon M. Daveney [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David M. Diaz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Andrew F. Hoffman [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Justin M. Kershaw [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Dustin Francis La Monica [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brandon Lane Maze [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew William Messina [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Zachory Robert Reiner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Adam Mark Sands [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Gregory John Stoiak [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Eric G. Tucker [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Kevin Patrick Wily [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Brain Charles Shafer [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the Graduates
of Aviation Maintenance Technology Bachelor,
Aviation Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technician,
within the school of Transportation Technology
>> Daniel Garrett Patrick [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Scott Henry Seckle [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Linda Kathleen Van Dussen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew T. Spinner [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Matthew John Sierra [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Clifford Thomas Erling III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael David Parolo [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Michael Peter Haze [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeremy J. Hawn [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Christopher Ray Heller [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Thomas Edmund Jacob III [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Keith Aden Johnson [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Alonzo Lee Mercienszki [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy J. Ogomoc [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Timothy Andrew Pafford Jr. [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Justin Anthony Quartermaine [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Jeremy E. Settinger [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> President Gilmour, I present the Graduates
of Collision Repair Technology within the School
of Transportation Technology
>> Kyle M. Flowe [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Joel Edward Gregory [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Anthony Albert Alexa [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> William J. Olsen [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Steven Peter Schwartz [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> David Craig Skyles [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Glen Francis Stutter [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> Peter C. Talbert [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
>> And Sarah Rebecca Shott [phonetic].
[ Applause ]
[ Pause ]
>> Your connection to Penn College doesn't end today.
As graduates you're now members
of the Penn College Alumni Association and that's the link
between you and your alma mater.
I encourage you to keep in touch
with the alumni relations office.
You're going to hear from them a monthly via their e-news update
as well as of course on Facebook.
I look forward to welcoming you back to campus
to future alumni events and most importantly for us hearing
about your incredible success.
Now I know that you're ready to go but I have the opportunity
to represent the very talented faculty behind me
and staff who've spent so much of the last few years working
with you to get to this point so I'm going to just talk
for the next two minutes to just the graduates.
You did well today, you turned the tassel and you walked
across the stage and you made your family and friends smile.
This is another page in your scrap book of life.
You've done a good job not only here today in this ceremony
but over the last several years.
Now you've earned your degree.
Good job, well done today, you hear lots of applause
and I hope the excitement and the energy, the buzz of today
at least lingers
for a celebration throughout the weekend, however we all know
that the days where we get applause are pretty rare
for most people.
When nobody is clapping and nobody is taking photos
for the next scrap book page of your life how are you going
to know you've done a good job?
When there's no test to study for or no grades to earn,
what will the measure be for you to determine your success?
What is a good job anyway?
Often when we ask why people go
to college they say I want to get a good job.
What does it mean to you each of us have
to define that for ourselves.
Success means different things to different people.
There's really no right way to define it but I would suggest
to you today in our world
that doing a good job means giving you a sense of pride,
purpose and a connection to the world around you.
A good job is one where you'll be able to use your talents
and energies, your knowledge and your skills
to make life better not only for yourself
but perhaps more importantly for others.
You see doing a good job generally means doing something
good for someone else.
There's no doubt you'll enjoy a pay check but you're real sense
of accomplishment will come
from knowing you're making a difference
in someone else's life.
The voice of wisdom known as anonymous states it very simply,
to the world you just maybe one person
but to one person you maybe the world.
What you do and what you share
with others including your Penn College family is how you're
going to make a difference.
You need to make the most
of every opportunity to do a good a job.
I'm not sure that you realize
that today you've joined a minority population
in the world today.
Less than seven percent of the people
in the world have a college degree.
In the United States where we have more access
to higher education than anywhere else only 28 percent
of the population have earned a college degree.
We may need to take a minute and let that fact sink in a little.
You may not have realized it until right now
but you're a very privileged group of people.
You've done something that millions dream about.
You've earned your degree and you did so with the help
of your faculty, your staff, your friends, your colleagues,
you've sacrificed and tomorrow's a new chapter.
It's now you're responsibility to put your degree to work
and do a good job in the world.
It's important that you start
to accomplish what you were only dreaming of a few yeas ago.
The author Maya Angelou said, nothing will work unless you do.
I often think of that statement when I hear people worrying
and complaining about the state of our world today.
It's not perfect.
There are lots to be done
but the quote nothing will work unless you do seems
really appropriate.
We know that people can fall on hard times.
We know that people can experience a downfall
but throughout my life I have come to believe that those
who are willing to face the challenges those are the ones
whose lives will prevail.
Their hard times will turn
around because they have persisted.
Nothing will work unless you do.
Many of you have a great job.
You're going to do a good job because you're going to make
up your mind to do just that.
You will be ready when a new opportunity presents itself.
The ancient philosopher Lao Tzu said, when I let go
of what I am I become what I might be.
I would ask you to remember that when you face moments
when it seems too hard or too difficult.
You're going to remember mornings
when you did not want to get out of bed.
You did not want to go to class.
Teachers were too tough, papers were too difficult
and project partners who failed to do their part.
You had many excuses you could've used
but you didn't give up or you wouldn't be sitting here today.
You will be amazed what you can become.
With each action you take you'll write your own life story,
you make it a life you want to remember
and a life others want to remember as well.
I encourage you to do it for yourself,
do it for your family and friends.
Do it for the lives lost like that
of your classmate Tracy Garis.
Do it for all the people in the world
who will never have a chance to earn a college degree.
Do a good job and you will always have good fortune.
You will always know that you have done a good job.
So I offer my congratulations to the class
of 2011 our new Penn College Alumni.
Now go out into the world and make us proud.
[ Applause ]
>> I invite those who are able to stand.
Gentlemen remove your caps and everyone to join in the singing
of the Penn College Alma Mater.
The words are found on page 2 of your program.
[ Pause ]
[ Singing ]
>> Thank you, please be seated.
Please be seated and remain seated
until the platform party has recessed.
[ Music ]
>> We ask that the audience remain seated while the
graduates exit next.
The ushers will conduct the recession and we ask
that you continue all the way to the street outside
so that you'll be better able to connect
with your family and friends.
Best wishes, congratulations!
[ Music ]