How To Write The Perfect Press Release - Condensed

Uploaded by EzineArticles on 07.05.2009

With this video, we'll give you the tools you'll need
to create a press release that will not only get noticed,
but also read and acted upon by media professionals.
Prior to writing your release you should ask yourself a few simple
benefit-oriented questions.
1. What's your key message?
2. Who's your target audience?
3. What does the target audience gain from your product or service?
4. What's your objective?
When answering these questions, you should think like a journalist.
You need to be sure that your answers are news centered!
Try to capitalize on current or local events within your particular industry.
You need to become the news.
Remember, DON'T advertise!
Now you're ready to write.
First, create a headline that includes primary keywords that will garner interest.
Your headline should NOT be a repeat of your first sentence.
When creating your headline try to avoid using generic cliche words and jargon.
When writing the body of your release, think of it more as a news story.
Use the Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing to put the important information first.
In what is now the top of the triangle, that's your Lead.
This is where you put the most important information.
It is the 5 W's and the H.
Who? What? When?
Where? Why? And How?
Statistics show that most people never read beyond the first two paragraphs of a news
story, so it only makes sense to have your most important information go first.The
second, or middle section, of the pyramid is where you put information
that builds or tells your news.
The bottom or narrowest point of the pyramid should contain
information that is least important.
At the end of your release, include your company information so the reader can learn
more.And there you have it.
A few quick and important steps that will help you write the perfect press releases.