Mahabharat - Episode 62

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The realization of duty is the foundation of Politics
Duty implies respecting and accepting ...
... someone else's rights
Protecting a king's right is the citizen's duty
Protecting a citizen's right is the king's duty
It is a two-way relationship
Dhritirashtra is fully aware of this ...
... but the king in him is subservient to ...
... the father in him
It is not a crime to think about one's son
In fact, it is every father's duty to do so
The question is, is the son greater than the nation?
Gandhari was fond of Duryodhan
but she had not stopped thinking
She did not want to be unjust to the Pandavas
Which is why she was worried...
... and afraid that the King's love for Duryodhan ...
... would spoil matters
The King of Hastinapur is eagerly waiting for Vidur
My respects!
You really made me wait!
Forgive me, my lord
l had just reached my house...
... when l received the message. What's it?
Be seated. It is a serious matter
How can l sit before you do?
Do you always have to be very correct?
Who is here to see if you sit before or after l do?
There is no one here but l ...
... and l am blind!
l too am here apart from you
At least sit now
As you wish
Why has Yuddhistir sent an ambassador?
You know very well, my lord
Why didn't he come?
Maybe he did not want to shame you
Shame me?
Did l not return his lost kingdom?
You were silent when Draupadi was disrobed
You may not have returned the kingdom ...
... had it not been for the fear of Draupadi's curse
By Lord Shiva, were you not my younger brother ...
... l would have you executed
Are you accusing Bharat's heir of cowardice?
No, my lord
l am not accusing you of anything
l am doing my duty as the Prime Minister
A prime minister has the duty ...
... of telling his king the truth ...
... without fearing his wrath
And what is the truth?
Your progress lies in Hastinapur's prosperity
lf Hastinapur does not prosper, you don't rise
O King!
The nation is not the king's
The king is the nation's
l know all that
The king belongs to the nation but ...
... whom does the father belong to?
Lord Brahma is the Universal father
Just like He belongs to everyone ...
... a king cannot be his son's father alone
He belongs to all his subjects
You are also an elder father to the Pandavas
Yuddhistir is still your eldest son
Had Brother Pandu not died ...
... you could never dream of making Duryodhan the king
So, my king ...
... listen to Grandsire
Before the ambassador makes his demands ...
... call back and bless the Pandavas ...
... and return Indraprasth to them
Had Yuddhistir come ...
... l would have crowned him myself ...
... but he has sent an ambassador to his father
So, I’ll have to think ...
... as to what reply l should send to Yuddhistir
But, my king ...
Let me think, Vidur
You are still awake, Grandsire?
Even you have not slept as yet
Can Hastinapur's well-wishers sleep tonight?
Is it not unusual ...
... that Yuddhistir should send an ambassador?
This is an unusual event, my son
Listen carefully ...
... and tell me ...
... if you can hear the footsteps of Destruction
Am l hearing things or is it something real?
Why do l feel as if ...
... l am standing in a field of corpses
Why am l alone ...
... in this field of corpses?
You are not alone, Grandsire
We are all alone, Vidur
You, l, Sage Drona ...
... Sage Kripa. We are all alone
l was thinking about the society ...
... which isolates its well-wishers
How long will it live?
The question is very topical
lf it were not so, why are we both awake?
Why are you not at home?
l had just reached home when l was ...
... sent for by the King
Sent for? Why?
To tell me that had Yuddhistir come ...
... he would have returned Indraprasth
But he has sent an ambassador
Which is why he will have to think about the reply
Think about it?
What is there to think about?
Maybe he is wondering about...
... what Sage Drona's reaction will be ...
... after taking care of Indraprasth for 13 years
Indraprasth is a huge kingdom
- Are you saying ... - l am saying nothing
Besides, what can l say?
It is all up to you
You are the eldest Kuru
Yes! l am the eldest Kuru ...
... but who accepts me as such?
No one asks me anything or listens to me
l am only an echoing sound in the wilderness
O God! Protect my dear Hastinapur
Please leave
Now who will tell me if the crown is okay or not
Before that, think about whether ...
... the crown will stay on your head or not
What are you saying?
With whom can l share my feelings but you?
l, too, love Duryodhan
He is my eldest son
Had he been born at the right time ...
... this tension that we see between brothers ...
... may not have existed
He would not have to prove his right to the throne
But he is younger to Yuddhistir...
... and the crown on your head...
... does belong to his father Pandu
But l am King Vichitravirya's eldest son
Therefore ...
How long will you try to prove it an injustice?
Whatever happened was right
lf you had become king then...
... you would be under someone's influence ...
... just as you are now under Duryodhan's
So, my lord, show you are a true king at least once
Take the decision which will make any king proud
What do you wish for?
Don't ask about that
l wish that ...
... History ranks you with your ancestors
l wish that my sons have a long life
l wish that History gives my sons the respect ...
... it will accord to Kunti's sons
But l think ...
... none of my wishes will come true
Why do you say that?
l was awake all night
But why?
l was wondering ...
... whether you'll do justice or injustice
Don't forget to return Indraprasth, my lord
l don't know if ...
... after getting back Indraprasth ...
... they will forget about Draupadi's disrobing ...
... but we can try ...
... to make them forget this insult ...
... so that they forgive my sons
Present Yuddhistir's ambassador in court
As you wish, my king
Victory to the king
O King! May you live long
May your subjects be happy and prosperous
O King! The high priest of Kampilya ...
... brings greetings and a message ...
... from your son Emperor Yuddhistir
Please convey my blessings to Yuddhistir
Now tell me what is the message ...
... which Yuddhistir could not convey personally?
He wishes to come here and pay obeisance to you
He says, as per the bet he has completed ...
... 12 years of exile and a year of anonymity
Now, with your permission he would like to ...
... take your blessings as also his crown
What crown, priest?
l have broken their anonymity ...
... when l faced him at Virat
Go tell them, as per the bet, they should ...
... go into exile for 12 more years
Isn't he ashamed to send an ambassador ?
What should l do, O king?
Let me think ...
... as to what l should send Yuddhistir ...
... apart from my blessings
There are a few problems about the anonymity
Some astronomers say that ...
... the anonymity was over before the Virat war
Others disagree and say it was not
What do Grandsire Bhishma and Sage Kripa say?
How dare you?
You are an ambassador
You have no right to ask questions
You should talk respectfully to those ...
... who are greater in age and Knowledge
A Crown Prince should not insult an ambassador
When someone is talking to your father ...
... as a son you should not interrupt
Please sit down
Decency cannot be inherited
You are very lucky, priest
You are a Brahmin as well as an ambassador
Or else, you would have been penalized for this insult
Go and tell Emperor Yuddhistir...
.. to go into exile for 12 more years
We will see after that
O King! It is surprising that ...
... everyone in the Court speaks ...
... with the exception of yourself
On behalf of King Yuddhistir l promise you ...
... that if Grandsire Bhishma, Vidur ...
... or Sages Drona and Kripa openly admit that ...
... the year of anonymity was not over ...
... before the war between Arjun and Duryodhan...
... then the Pandavas will accept exile once again
Sage Kripa your answer will decide ...
... if there will be war or peace
The positions of both the Sun and the Moon say ...
... that the Pandavas' anonymity..
... was over before the Virat war
Sage Kripa!
Don't be such an ungrateful person
l don't care what the Sun and Moon say
l, Duryodhan, son of Gandhari, say that ...
... the anonymity was broken
And what l say is the truth
Then should l take this ''truth'' as the answer ...
... to King Yuddhistir's message?
No! No!
Tell dear Yuddhistir ...
... that l will send a reply very soon
Victory to the king
Charioteer Sanjay wants to see you
- Yes. Call him - As you wish
Come Sanjay!
You did not even give me time to pay obeisance
There is no time for formalities
Time is running out every minute ...
... and l have none other than you
Each one has a selfish motive
l am in danger of losing my crown ...
... and l do not have the strength to protect myself
Why do you say this?
Because Sanjay ...
... l cannot live without all this
Whatever Ethics may say, this throne is mine
l am sitting on my throne ...
... and my son Duryodhan will sit on it after me
May God grant you a long life!
After you, the crown will go to the Crown Prince
His right will be protected by brave warriors like ...
... Bhishma, Sage Drona and Kripa, Ashwathama, Karna
These warriors also fought the Virat war
None could face Arjun
War is not to our advantage, Sanjay
What do you wish me to do?
Go to Upabalavya as my ambassador
Tell the Pandavas that they should ...
... remain happily where they are
None except Duryodhan opposes them here
Karna encourages his stubbornness
Shakuni fans the flames of hatred
Dushasan worships him and is his ''yes'' man
And l!
l am excessively fond of my son
l keep satisfying his every desire
But he wants to defeat the Pandavas in war
How can l satisfy that desire?
Who in the Three Worlds can dare ...
... challenge the Pandavas?
l hear that Abhimanyu is no less than Arjun
The greatest problem is that...
... they are under Krishna's protection
l am afraid, Sanjay
He will not make me his target because ...
... he is an honourable man ...
... but what about Duryodhan?
No shield can protect him from Arjun's arrows
It is also true Sanjay ...
... that Duryodhan had ordered...
... Draupadi's disrobing in my own court
My son Dushasan tried to disrobe her
It is also true Sanjay ...
... that Karna called her a whore
Not only was he unpunished but ...
... l did not even close my ears
So, how can l tell the Pandavas
Forget all that has happened
The day Arjun defeated the Hastinapur army ...
... comprising Grandsire, Sages Drona and Kripa ...
... l even stopped deluding myself that ...
... Duryodhan could defeat the Pandavas
So, what remains but a truce?
But Duryodhan won't understand this
Even if he tries to understand ...
... Shakuni and Karna won't let him
Therefore, O Sanjay ...
... go to Upabalavya and explain ...
... to Yuddhistir
He is the only Pandava ...
... who has vanquished Anger
Tell him that his elder father ...
... wants Peace, not War
Get him to believe me
lf you can do that ...
... you will have done me and Hastinapur a great favour
As you wish but don't talk of favours
How can l oblige you or Hastinapur?
l am myself obliged to both
Allow me to leave
Go and return successful!
My respects, Sanjay
l am unworthy of such honour, my lord
Honour is not anyone's private property
It is every man's wealth
You are Father's charioteer and hence, worthy of respect
I’ll be a charioteer if there's a chariot
First, sit close to me and tell me ...
... how are elder father and mother
When will l see them again?
When will we come out of this mirage?
Only God has an answer to these questions
The King is well and sends his blessings
How fortunate l am! In spite of ...
... standing by this sea of bitterness ...
... my father still has a blessing for me
But tell me how is my elder mother?
Won't you ask about your own mother?
What is there to ask?
As Bharat's daughter-in-law She must be well
The dynasty cannot make the same mistake twice
Grandsire won't keep quiet again
Sages Drona and Kripa won't be insulted twice
So, l am not worried about my mother
Tell me, how's Grandsire?
And how is my foolish brother Duryodhan?
All, except Hastinapur, are well
It is unhappy at the divide in the Kuru clan
Even we are unhappy about that
But we did not sow the seed of this discord
Whoever sowed it, the tree is before us
That ''tree'' is Duryodhan
We will cut that ''tree'' some day
That is not the language of Peace
lf you did not want Peace ...
... why send an ambassador ...
Krishna is right!
What answer have you brought back?
Before listening to the message ...
... ask him who has sent it?
Duryodhan and Dushasan's father Dhritirashtra
The King of Hastinapur ...
... or our elder father Dhritirashtra
All three are the same person
How can that be? They are not the same
lf they were the same then the Pandavas' father ...
... and the King would have stopped Shakuni's treachery
The man who was pleased at Duryodhan's victory ...
... was Duryodhan's father Dhritirashtra
It was he who divided Hastinapur
The man who witnessed Draupadi's disrobing ...
... was also Duryodhan's father
There is no King on the throne
A father is seated there
So, Arjun's question is relevant, Sanjay
Tell us whose ambassador you are
Maybe l am an ambassador of all three
O Krishna
My old eyes do not see a happy end
O Sanjay! First of all tell us ...
... what your experienced eyes see?
They see a war
And what a war!
On one side is Yuddhistir ...
... and under your own blessing ...
... King Dhrupad, Dhrishtadyuma ace archer Arjun ...
... mace warrior Bhim, expert horseman Sahadev ...
... brave Abhimanyu
On the other side is Grandsire Bhishma ...
... Sages Drona, Kripa and Ashwathama ...
... Duryodhan and Dushasan ...
... and King Karna of Anga
O Krishna! Both armies seem invincible to me
Do you think, O Krishna ...
... using the crutch of wilful death ...
... only Bhishma will survive in a sea of corpses?
That is where your experience has gone wrong
O Sanjay!
When two armies fight ...
... one of them is surely defeated
But what can l do?
Whichever army loses, my heart ...
... will be wounded
O Krishna, these princes have played on my lap
l have seen them as children
l do not wish to see their corpses
Who is talking of war?
Even we are looking for a peaceful solution
There is still a peaceful option open
lf Indraprasth is returned to us ...
... we will try to forget everything
Don't interrupt your elder brother
lf we wanted war why would we send an ambassador?
We would have attacked Hastinapur with an army
So, please tell us what proposal Father has sent us?
l have not brought back any proposal
l have only brought a blessing
My king says you are all Truth-loving
Be happy where you are
O Sanjay! We accept the blessing
Our soul is in Indraprasth. We can only be happy there
O Sanjay! The brave warriors whom you just named ...
... are all respectable to us and have faced Arjun once
We are indeed fortunate ...
... that we were born and lived in their times
To touch their feet is our worship
But that does not mean that if they side with Evil ...
... we will salute them and give up our rights
Duryodhan is younger. He may pay his respects ...
... and even ask for Indraprasth
l may give it to him
But tell him not to try and scare us
Duryodhan's pride will vanish when he faces Bhim
So, O Sanjay, tell Father
His sons are prepared for both War and Peace
lf he wants War, there will be War
lf he desires Peace, there will be Peace
In the Balance of Truth is ...
... both War and Peace
Let us see now what happens ...
... War is on yonder shore
When the Elders of the dynasty ...
... forget the lesson of Peace
Even Truth itself ...
... is caught mid-river