[ENG SUB] 120921 EXO-K Sohu Interview

Uploaded by EXOSG12 on 21.09.2012

We are one! Hello everyone, We are EXO-K!*claps*
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's D.O.!
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's leader, Suho! I am happy to know everyone!
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's Baekhyun, thank you!
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's Happy Virus, Chanyeol! I love you all!<3
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's Kai!
Hello everyone, I am EXO-K's Sehun!
Host: How many times have you come to China before?
Translator: This is their third time in China.
Host: What is EXO-K's thought after coming to China?
Translator: This is their third time in China, and yesterday EXO-M got an award
Translator:'Most Popular Group Of The Year', and they came here specially to congratulate them
Translator: And they got the award,'Best Outfit Of The Year' with the help of fans. They are grateful to them.
Translator: The message they want to convey to fans are: We love you!<3
Host: What does EXO-K think is their difference in terms of charisma with EXO-M is?
Translator:EXO-K's version focus on the tune(?) so it gives off a more heavier(?) feel while EXO-M's high-pitch is brighter. So the feeling is quite different.
Host:Since 1 April, all of you have taken in many music shows and performances, how do you think the whole group have improved over the past half year?
Translator: He think that the part they improved the most in their stage performances because they were able to find cameras(?) better and
Translator: also learn how to sing in a way such that their tone is most stable and their teamwork also improved.
Host: How do all of you feel working with your seniors?
Translator: Before debut, he has always hoped that he can work with his company's seniors but after debut, he has worked with them during SM Town Live Tours
Translator: And stand on the same stage with them, he felt that it is an honour
Host: There are many famous entertainment shows like Running Man in Korea, do all of you have any plans to attend them?
Translator: If they have the chance, he hope that all the members can attend these type of shows together.