Ensiferum Studio Diary: Week 7

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Is it filming? -It's rolling yeah?
Rye pudding party!
In swedish it's Ekomemma. -It's organic rye pudding.
Looks delicious...
Do you dare eat it?
It smells like you're having a long weekend with moonshine.
Let's try it. -I have to stir it first to see the color.
It's good. -You start.
It's tough stuff. -It's organic.
It's dropping! -Yeah it follows my command!
I have to take a shitloads of this!
The last time I tried this stuff was at school...not sure if it goes down.
Mmm...yummy.... -If your a spazz you can...
...add stuff into it. Cream and milk will do fine.
Rye pudding party! -Cheers!
I mean how can you not like this? -I know.
Fucking yuck! I can't eat this anymore!
The good thing about easter is, it comes only once a year. -Fuck yeah.
I can eat the vanilla sauce, but I can't finish the pudding.
One likes the mother, the other likes the daughter...
You're right there. -I can't eat this anymore...
But everytime I eat rye pudding, I drink this...
...wtf is this... ...Leffe from Belgium.
You drink belgian beer often. -Yeah it seems that way.
Yeah, same shit and same color as the rest of them...
Let's leave the pudding eating for Emmi and Mahi.
The beer is good.
Afte Eb comes G again.
Let's try it.
Last time I played the synth was... ..never.
Let's try this. Yeah, the nyckelharpa was divine.
When I'm in the shower I drink this rye beer from Karhu.
Oh, I'll drink from the bottle instead.
It goes down like water.
But it's good. See you!
It doesn't matter that it's not so full..
If one was in medieval fare there wouldn't be flute played in harmony.
There's the talking there too...
I'm not totally sure... -This is in the right tone!
I hope he doesn't drink from the bottle...
What bottle is it? -It's a long drink.
It sounds better than a beer bottle.
Hi. Everytime I dress as Emmi I drink this Withen's Pale Ale.
Well what can you say about this beer?
It's velvet like... I'll give it C plus.
Mega meat pie for seven euros.
I would have a mega meat pie thank you!
Miska takes one as well? -I guess I have to.
Four mega meat pies, please.
Oh my... -It's like christmas ham!
So it's that huge...
Thanks. I haven't eaten a meat pie in a while...
Mega meat pie from Marin Grilli. Ensiferum approves.
Let's stuff our face with kilo's worth!
Well this is something.
I have to give up. I can't. I have...
...a regular meat pie's worth of food left. But I fucking can't!
Go Pete go! I've only eaten less than half of this...
...and I think the meat pie wins this round.
Hi! Everytime I sit at the toilet I drink this Keisari Organic Beer.
I can't do this...
We have to shoot it again...
I smelled the beer and that cracked me up.
A bit down please. A bit down.
I'll put it back a lot. -Yeah that's it.
Oh fuck! Can I do that separately?
Another song ready! -Is the Nipple okay?
Hi! When driving I recommend this Chech beer.
Oh my. I'm long away from home. I'm going to see the mighty Wizard.
Maybe he can help me get home.
Who are you? -I'm a lion.
I'm here dicking around and pissed off.
We were recording stuff with some hippies.
They're adding volume to the guitar solos and I'm afraid the bass drowns out.
I'm like "AARGH!" and they are like "WOOO"!
I have a problem too. I wan't to get home.
I'm off to see the Wizard. Come with me, he can help you too.
Hell, it beats band practice!
Whoa! -What is that?
Who are you? -I'm Scarecrow.
Boo. -What?
What's your problem? You look weird.
I haz no brains... -You have no brains?
Yeah, it's the real deal. -I found him on my journey.
I'm off to see the wizard. Will come with us? I'm sure the wizard can help you.
I will join u. -Good.
Hey, who are you? -I'm Iron Tinman.
You can't be both Iron and Tin... -What are you doing here?
I'm having a smoke.
You look like you're missing some thing. -I look so thin?
It's this sparkling wine... -We're off to see the wizard.
What are you lacking? -You seem to need something.
I have no money. But I also need a heart.
Come with us. -Yeah I will, 'cause I heard the Wiz has money.
Well come along then. -Wait a sec, I'll finish this wine first.
No rush buddy, it's not like it's cold out here or something.
Ok guys, let's move!
Hello... -Hi.
Oh great Wizard. Will you grant our wishes?
Here take a dog. Your buddies make lousy pets.
Oh great Wizard...are the damn basstracks audible in the album?
If they aren't...well it doesn't matter so much.
Whoa...this will work.
Because I am made of iron and I have no heart...
...can I show my feelings through my guitar solos?
I wouldn't be worried about the solos so much...
...people did fine without them before.
Is it Santana? -Keith Jagger...
Oh great Wizard. I'm the scary Scarecrow. I have no brain. Can I haz brain?
That's a bit trickier...
Success is rolled with the dice. Some succeed, some don't.
I just want to get home...
You can go.
Let's get to it. -Yes.
Here ends Ensiferum's... -Career.
No, the Studio Diaries.
It's gonna be the best album ever.
And that's cool. We will now get hammered.
And thank you for watching! Cheers!
Now the mixing starts! -Have fun!
Everytime I drink sparkling wine I drink this...
...St. Peters Ruby Red Ale beer.
Fuck wait.
Plot thickens...
Come on Mahi, fart now. You're a big boy...
It's nice that others go fart right next to him...
How did your Wednesday evening go?
I was about to say that the taste ain't special but the smell is very good...