Beverly Hills Salon Episode 1

Uploaded by shelleypack on 27.05.2009

Beverly Hills Salon
Okay so that's your appointment time
don't be late or else I will have attitude
hey look who's here Im here where are the fireworks
I could go to my homeland and get them really cheap
that would e great bring me back an adopted baby
oh you don't want a Mexican one
No ok Asian
there's a new guy
what are the stats?
he's like cute by cute
dimensions are cute by cute?
dimensions are cute by cute by cute
What is this Oprah moment?
ah no we are not there. ah there is a new guy I want you to show him the rope
upsell! upsell?
don't just stand there and look pretty!!
I can't help it roy
make some calls or go outside, whatever bring clients in. make some calls or go outside?
your fishtale is done wrong?
well Im gonna train the new meat. yeah train em if you know what I mean?
hi so where do you come from?
oh I was working over there at jonathon's salon
too much drama
you had to leave "Not Without my Daughter" style?
you know in the middle of the night?
well you're not going to be drama free here
its to be expected comes with the territory, 0:01:37.920,0:01:43.500 one person who is not drama is Becky
she's my assistant pure as the driven snow i keep telling her to wear a cleavage top she'd be in
better shape
but she doesn't always listen to me
give me sometime and I'll turn her out
then there is Roy
the book's are always wrong
he seemed ok when he hired me
he is al little weird thinks his ponytail is the source of his strength
Then there's Shana
if Roy's the dark overlord she's his minion we need to talk do you see this...sink?
no the hair
hair at a hair salon ahhhhh!
yes well this is the fifth time this week that the sink has had hair and you haven't cleaned it.
you've cost me twenty minutes of my time
cleaning up after you
shana let's be honest you don't really have much to do
how long does itching take?
good person but she will do anything to get high
I don't leave her in the backroom too long cause she migh end up passed out with auburn brown dripping down her face
Is it like intervention bad? let's just say she huffed my foot one day after a pedicure
then there's Mira the waxing lady (screams)
she will wax off all your hair and make you watch
I swear she feeds off her clients screams
another satisfied customer
came from pee pee hole
I have a stalker, George
every good stylist has a stalker
he comes in twice a week Hi Im here to see Piper She's not here
can I sit in her chair? No!
I won't hurt anybody I just want to sniff her combs. No!
He's the type of guy who keeps pig fetuses in jars, like has a Laboratory
again I don't want o make any rash judgments he is a nice enough guy bit i don't know what he does in his basement
he's my roomate and sidekick
oh yeah I meet him at the front
he is a bit of a maneater and he doesn't care if you are solids or stripes
he actually married himself last year and then later went through a bitter divorce...very messy
We are havin a party tonight you should come. Oh yeah?
yeah first day look at you
you are very popular are you in?
but don't get too comfortable
we have a huge bridal party coming in
we are talking updo's we are talking baby's breath I can handle it
don't ask anyone if they're pregnant
keep that in mind very well
yep and why don't we get started
It was a pleasure to meet you
and I'll see you around I guess
I'll see you around tonight and then later at the party
you can ahh go ahead and bring your girlfriend
no no no girlfriend
no girlfriend?
you? no no boyfriend I'm currently between boyfriends right now wow ok, well we should ah.. get started ? yeah lets get started