Cheer Up on Love, 28회, EP28, #07

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Kangju's mom-in-law is mean.
I like my mom-in-law.
You guys look so pretty.
They're both mine.
- Stop talking like an idiot. - No.
- Take a picture of us. - Looking good.
Why aren't you coming?
I keep sweating and going to the restroom.
What should I do?
I really don't like you.
What's the matter?
Mira's not feeling well. I'm displeased.
She's sick? She keeps causing problems till the end.
- Mom, I wanna run away. - Act like an adult.
I just saw Kangju's mom, and my blood was boiling.
Don't. You'll only hurt yourself.
Is it serious?
No, I'll be fine after getting some rest.
Rest. I don't think I can go.
Okay, rest.
- I'm gonna lie down. - Okay.
- I'll be outside. - Okay.
Kangju, be happy.
The bride and groom will bow to their parents.
First, they'll bow to the bride's parents.
Next, they'll bow to the groom's mother.
Kangju is!
Louder! Two!
- One! - Kangju is!
The groom is breathing harder, but don't they need to do it 10 times?
- Hey! - Last three.
- The bride is giving me the dirty eye. - You're dead.
It must be tough.
Star, be careful.
Aren't they cute? Should we get married, too?
No, I like watching.
Why don't you like marriage?
Be quiet.
- Okay. - Okay.
Make sure you live well.
Yes, we will.
I vote on make sure you live well.
Your mom is so good with words.
Yes, I will. Mom, I'll live well.
Don't cry. I don't wanna cry.
You better not make my daughter cry.
Or he's dead.
I'm so relieved you're finally married.
Make sure you live well. That's all I want.
Okay, I'll live well.
Don't cry. I said, I don't wanna cry.
But You're the one who's crying. You're funny.
Why aren't you preparing dinner?
Come, let's go�