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now we're going to teach the quarterback to turn and toss the ball to a running back
Justin and I are going to lineup and simulate the footwork and then we'll bring some players in and
actually toss the ball
if we are under center which we will be in this drill we're gonna toss the ball
to the right
we're gonna step back with the right foot toward that direction which is the direction
of movement
as we step back we're gonna quickly pivot on that foot, bring our head and
shoulders around
transfer the weight and follow-through and toss the ball to the running back
pushed backwards at the same time is receiving the snap from the center
step back and out with the other foot towards the direction of movement
turning the head and shoulders quickly to locate the running back
at the same time
bring the ball back with both hands to the hip opposite the toss
extend both arms and both hands
towards the back to deliver a strong underhand toss to pass the ball
both palms should be facing up as the ball is released
very good