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Friend or lover? Oh, neither.
I envy you. You're so independent.
How are you? How am I? Uh, I'm about as good as you can be when your name sounds like 'vagina.'
It doesn't sound like 'vagina,' It's a beautiful name, Lavinia. La Vagina. That's what I was called in high school.
And speaking of vaginas: did you know that women are still get paid less than men for the same jobs?
About 75 cents to their dollar.
Shocking. You knew this?
Yep, it's still their world. It makes me so angry.
Doesn't it make you angry?
It makes me angry that we allow it. Right. Why?
Why do we allow it to happen?
Oh no!
It's ok.
Just breathe. Just breathe. It's going to be ok. Oh.
Jeez, Lavinia, you can't go on like this. I know, I know. Something makes me cry every day.
But it's usually something totally out of your control, right? I mean don't you see a pattern?
Ok. Why don't you come back at lunchtime, and we can have a long talk?
Ok. Ok.
You rule, Blue. You rule the freaking world.
That is true. It is true.
How are things at home? My dad has a new girlfriend.
It's an older woman. He's 77, she's 79.
She sleeps over weekends.
My dad has informed me that he has no need for Viagra. Good for him.
What does she look like? Not a day over 75.
I wonder how it all works at that age, you know? Down there.
I don't know, you know, lubrication and stuff. Oh, I'm sure you find a way.
Yeah. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Being a woman is like a whole thing, isn't it?
Yes, siree, Bob.
I'm dying to move out of the house.
So move out of the house. Ugh, on this salary? Half of it goes to supporting my dad.
Start small. I'll start small and then I'll have to cut back.
Like a Bonsai tree. I'll be one of those Japanese single girls who lives in a drawer.
How do you do it? With Josh and all.
I'm organized. You're a magician.
There's something else.
You remember Walter? Yes.
We've been talking. No, Lavinia-- Hear me out.
We're not getting back together. We are not. Good.
His kidneys are failing. He'll need dialysis. Three times a week. In the next month. It's dire. He's on the kidney transplant list, but it could be a while.
Oh, that's, that's terrible, I'm really sorry to hear that.
He has no insurance, you know, and just the meds at this stage are several hundred dollars a month.
And it's a good thing he can freelance from home because, you know, he gets so tired and he can't put in that many hours a week anymore.
So you're helping him out. Of course.
Wouldn't you? What about his family?
Well they pitch in.
What percentage of the cost of his meds would you say that you're covering?
Not much. Half. Maybe a little bit more than half--It doesn't matter.
I mean, he's gonna get the transplant , he'll be fine. It's not about the money.
No, no. No.
Lav. Lavinia. I really--I really don't mean to be unkind, I don't, and he's going through a terrible ordeal, but this guy has never been that generous with you, I mean, not by a lot.
I seem to remember that you were always the one picking up tabs, right? And he still owes you for that flight, where he upgraded to business class. I mean, business class? Really?
He was generous in other ways. He was very generous with his time.
You know what, Blue? I don't need your advice to the lovelorn.
All I want--if you hear of anything--anyway that I could pick up something--anything--after hours. Baby-sitting, driving. Grocery shopping for the rich and famous. I need to pick up some extra cash to save the life of a friend. Can I count on you for that?
Yes, yeah, of course you can.
Some people Blue, they're just good at things. Just good at life. Things pan out for them.
You're like that. I'm not.