Prof. Hoodbhoy and Hamza Tzortzis - the Facts after their Debate Dec 2011

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Hi guys. A couple of days ago i had the opportunity of interviewing professor Hoodbhoy, a
rofessor in Pakistan. The same professor that Hamza Tzortzis had the
0opportunity of debating 9This is the same professor who ran out of
the q and a after he called Hamza Tzortzis a liar. In this interview - which
is only part of the whole interview - he explains what led up
to this, what prompted him to his action and his view on what actually happened. Now
it's up to you to decide what is right what is wrong who had all right's
to behave in what way as soon as Hamza releases
his video Thank you and I'll leave it to the professor
yes exactly yes this is exactly the kind of effect that we are seeing
at the effect you saw which leads me over to last point that i would like to
talk about because um... I think was the end of december
that you had an encounter with a Muslim, Hamza Tzortzis
when you were asked to debate him and we have not seen any videos
yet but there are a lot of rumours floating around
the internet particularly those where you are being accused
of being so bowled over by some of his arguments arguments that you couldn't answer him anymore
and you actually stormed out of the auditorium
Could you just set the record straight and tell us from your point of view what
actually happened there? Oh I'm sure there's a lot of rubbish that's
being said, but let me tell you how it .....
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so win i'd go back tomorrow but he loses his temper
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mclarty thank you very much for cutting yet none setting
the record straight and providing us with some
so let's stop we can do now is wait to see when the media is going to come up
and then we can make up on my pc lefties field and
sundry hoping to see this week don't want or neglect correct
back there he'd actress or this although repair people
who were essentially his supporters
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you know because there will be gaming as his supporters
exactly when you heard of u_n_ in the corporate
you've made more sense we spent a lot on your site
but we thought that it will also send it to him because i see this as a good sign
and the what you said earlier as well that you have a lot of hope that in the
future things will change and it's science and
fractional and reasonable thinking will take over
uh... i hope that you are right and that this will be
that from for the future so professor thank you very, very much for
your right achtenberg's you've been on an updated forty t
and it hasn't all the so thank you very much for your time u_n_ within of
dispute in distant senses thank you for life