Steampunk DIRIGIBLE DAYS EP 1 - "Adventure is Inescapable" webseries episode one

Uploaded by DirigibleDays on 07.08.2012

at the height of
the Victorian age, an asteroid crossed our orbit
It did not collide with the Earth
but with cursed luck
our planet did not miss the debris in its wake. Millions perished.
however Earth was reshaped
and the sklyands lifted
by the strange aetherite ore in the meteorites
eventually, civilization rose again
this is the year 997, and adventure is
inescapable in these Dirigible Days
is it true what they say about Strega?
I mean the rumors are...
That he's some kind of magician?
a divine prophet of this Cthulhu?
invulnerable to fire and steel?
We've captured him before
and we'll capture him again.
as for the pinkerton
who abducted Strega from us, kill him.
And, Albertson...
no drinking this time.
stay out of the taverns and do your job.
This is your last warning.
type of airships have to served on in the past, old timer
My last tour was on the Golden Eagle
only lasted a couple days, though, I don't know what happened there
seemed ok... they weren't much for talking though...
before that, worked on a few other cruise liners here and there
they're all built for comfort
(old timer rambles on)
(old timer continues to ramble)
(and on)
(and on, and on)
SANTIAGO: This is going to be a lively night.
(still rambling)
I'm going to be honest with you
quite frankly
i think you'd be perfect
even if you don't know anything about engineering
you'll pick it up along the way
accommodations are a bit tight aboard ship though
you're single of course and...flexible?
I was drinking that!
I meant, a flexible schedule
Fetch another please?
I don't need
a bartender aboard this ship, I need an engineer.
I'm also a navigator!
I can't afford a navigator!
Then, stop harassing my girls!
Captain Dunbar?
HOOPER: Name's Hooper Jefferson,
I'm your new engineer!
Friends call me Hoop.
New engineer?
What makes you think you got
to be my new engineer?
Well, lookie here
I didn't know they let
mexicans in the bar.
first, I graduated at Lockwood Academy with a Masters in Engineering
And, then I spent several years at San Francisco Skyyards as a constructor's engineer.
Lockwood Academy...
and Frisco?
And now you want to be a engineer
on a transport vessel?
I just thought I'd like to
see the world
try new things
This one's even got a fancy jacket.
How far are you from home, son? SANTIAGO: Excuse me, Hoop...
I don't know if you've noticed
I've got a gatling gun for an arm!
It's a tad bit difficult to check this at the door without a surgeon
which is what you just might be needing
if you keep up with that lip, old boy
so why don't you do yourself a favor
and get your grotty ass out of here, before your friend has to carry you out.
that is if you're still standing.
BARMAID: All right, that's it, out
you two, now!
Now listen, Hoop. I've had a lot of promising
prospective engineers come to this table tonight
I just don't think you're square-rigged to fit the bill.
So, you're telling me
you want an old man working on your engines?
Gramps sure knew his cruiseliners.
Or some waitress stoking your boilers?
Did you say stoking or "stroking"?
(singing in french)
(singing in french)
(singing in french)
You call me grotty, you one armed freak...
I'll show you grotty!
SANTIAGO:Cute gun! HOOPER: Got 'em!
SANTIAGO:Woe Claw? HOOPER: Woe what? PINKERTON: Mercenaries!
Woe Claw mercenaries.
The type that have a penchant for
avenging their fallen.
Captain Dunbar?
Antonio Cornell.
I got a job for you.
You mean us!
This is my new engineer.
I need to get to the skyland of Grand Rabasa. You're going to take me and my cargo.
Oh, am I?
Why me? I just shot up these brassholes.
The authorities are going to be looking for me. HOOPER: What do you mean "you"?
The authorities are going to be looking for US.
My dear captain...
the authorities have already found you.
I knew it...
a pinkerton!
I know as well as you do what Woe Claw is going to do
when they find out you murdered a few of their fellas.
I was self-defense!
That's not what I'd tell the judge.
Help me out
I'll tell the authorities this incident never happened
and a few others unbecoming of a man decorated like yourself.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm sure the Toyotomi in Bridgetown would beg to differ.SANTIAGO:Well, aren't you full of surprises,what's your cargo?PINKERTON: A prisoner