An Incredible Scheme - Week 4 - I Made America

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[theme song] Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington,
and John Adams
We came here from the paaast, and brought to 2012 Chicago, and
this is the story.
[crazy mumbling] No cream, no sugar, dash of cream
[crazy mumbling] dash of sugar, just a little steam,
What is a double pump? BLACK! BLACK!
What's wrong wtih him?
He's getting worse.
James, James! Come sit.
Jefferson is going to play some music at an open microphone event.
Franklin, I really don't think this is the best idea. For any of our--
That's where people of this time arrive at taverns to perform with an amplified sound machine.
[Madison growls like a wounded cub.]
Franklin. Madison. Jefferson.
How do I look?
Franklin: Excellent, John [said laughingly] Jefferson: Very sharp sir.
The first of many days of employment, working and making money, serving those in thirst.
Goodbye, patriots.
Franklin: Good luck [said laughingly] Jefferson: Godspeed, John.
James, he's just going to work. He'll return in the evening..
Franklin, listen to me!
I'm scared to death.
I'm no musician. If you could just…
come with me. Would you?
Madison: [frightened yelp] Hamilton: I've got it!
Christ, man! What?
The money!
Aren't you supposed to be performing music at some tavern about now?
[screams from both Madison & Franklin]
Oh, Hamilton! Please help!
[grunting from the scuffle]
Franklin! Please listen!
Thomas!? What are you still doing here?
Do you want to be late?
No. I, uh--
Just play it pleasing and popular and wear a smile!
No one likes a worry wort!
[Madison screaming]
[Franklin shushing and barely muffling Madison's high-pitched screaming]
[Franklin hums Battle Hymn of the Republic] [Madison quiets, like a toddler after a tantrum]
Office Lady 1: Hi! Office Lady 2: Hi!
Washington: Good Morning. Office Lady 1: Morning, George!
Washington: Good Morning. Office Lady 2: Morning, General!
Washington: Good Morning. Caroline: It's afternoon.
It's afternoon.
Oh, don't even think about it man.
She's impossible.
In order to date her, you'd have to sleep under your desk.
She's a workaholic.
So, because they believe me to be a student, they will just give me money.
Thousands of dollars upon which to live!
Incredible scheme.
What could possibly go wrong?
I couldn't imagine a thing. [sarcasm]
[Madison dribbles] James. Not again!
I say!
Hamilton? Would you join me for a moment?
I'm at my wit's end.
He's getting worse.
Deeper into oblivion and more child-like in his tantrums.
He waxes and wanes--
Without warning.
Without predilections to which Founding Father is in charge of him.
You are concerned?
Of course I am concerned!
[crazy mumblings] Fear. Fear like a wave, like a wall , like a bullet from a gun.
[crazy mumblings] Fear like a, like a,
[crazy mumblings] like a--
[crazy mumblings] Virginia won't say,
[crazy mumblings] and Philidephia won't do
[crazy mumblings] bastard men on bastard money.
[clearly] I'm going to disappear.
What, no! [grumblings of a tumble]
Madison! Stop! Madison, for Christ's sake, listen!
It's 1796.
You're in Virginia.
You're home, with Dolly, she's just in the other room.
[grunts of Madison's struggle] No!
Be calm sir!
Nothing can harm you here.
You're in good ole Virginia.
On the plantation, with Dolly. You're home. You're Home.
Dolly, Dolly. Have the servants prepare our carriage.
We leave first light.
Pack your trunk. We're going home. We're going home.
[busy bar sounds] This is a song…
Next time, grow a pair, dude!
Well done with Virginia.
It was nothing.
Perhaps that is the key to the child's mind.
Keeping him in fond memories of home.
How much money will you acquire through your student loans?
Six. Two.
Three. Three.
One. Four.
[theme song] Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington,
[theme song] and John Adams.
[voiceover] Thomas Jefferson, here.
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