Male Jewelry Guide - How to Buy Cufflinks - Watches - Rings - Tiebars - Style Advice for Men

Uploaded by RealMenRealStyle on 20.08.2011

Male Jewelry Guide - How to Buy Cufflinks - Watches - Rings - Tiebars - Style Advice
for Men
Hi. Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, weíre going to be
talking about men and jewelry.
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Okay. So, men and jewelry. Itís one of those things that I always think less as more and
understated is better than going over the top. Thatís my personal appearance ñ my
personal opinion. And it all ñ but it depends on where youíre at in the world because many
of you probably know, Iím married to a Ukrainian and going over to that part of the world,
I see a lot more jewelry, a lot more necklaces, rings, itís accepted more and itís not seeing
as a bad thing. Itís not seeing as a cheaper goddy thing. Itís just a cultural thing.
So, be very aware of that.
And give ñ people over the slack. I mean, simply because the way you dress and if youíre
really conservative and you donít think you already has any place, that doesnít mean
that your opinion is the only one that counts. So, be very attuned that thereís a whole
big world out there. And that there are many countries where men wear a lot more jewelry
and it seem is a very normal thing.
Now, most of you all ñ this is a North American English speaking audience down in Australia,
down over in the U.K. and, you know, if youíre from anywhere else in the world and you really
like my videos there, make sure to leave a comment and Iíll always try to address, you
know, say hi to you guys but letís talk about watches.
I actually donít really wear watch. Iíve got an iPhone so I guess everything ñ I just
checked the phone normally, but watches ñ and thatís probably why classifying them
as jewelry because they use to be more of a functional piece. Nowadays, you see everyoneís
got a cell phone and they can check the time there so watches are kind of fallen more,
I think, into jewelry.
Now when it comes to being a piece of jewelry, you have the really goddy pieces, I mean,
the one ñ the huge watch pieces that stand out. For men, you usually see the sports watch
and if itís a sports watch, leave it for sport seriously. I mean, yes, thatís really
cool that you can dive 100 meters and itís going to be able withstand the pressure but
you donít want to be wearing that with a suit.
So if itís a big and goddy ñ in addition, if itís a big gold, even if itís a Rolex
but big and gold or silver and goddy, you donít need to be sporting that. That is something
that I think it brings down ñ it makes a bit more casual when itís really a large
piece. The simpler with watches, the better. Something with a leather band, a small time
piece with Roman numerals or just right little numbers. That is going to be your most formal
And in fact, if you wear anything with a black tie, with a tuxedo, it would be a watch like
that. Although technically, you shouldnít actually wear a watch with black tie because
youíre there to enjoy the moment not to pay attention to times; thereís a little tip
for you. But, again, the simpler, the better, make sure in addition, proportions are correct.
So if you have a smaller wrist, go for a smaller watch. If you got, I donít know, a nine-inch
wrist, go for a bigger watch, you can pull it off.
All right. Cufflinks, one of my favorite pieces of menís jewelry. In fact, Iíve got a good
friend down in Austin, Texas the shirts I make for him. He wants cufflinks on. Even
though he doesnít necessarily wear them with jackets, he just likes that style to small
little detail.
In addition, Iíve got another client, all of his shirts, we donít put any buttons on
them. He sends them out to the cleaners and he got tired of the cleaners basically losing
and breaking his buttons. And so heís like, ìHey, Iíll just send them shirts with no
buttons at all,î and he actually uses studs and cufflinks to basically hold the shirt
together. So there is a very strong functional component to cufflinks. But for most of us,
theyíre going to be jewelry. Itís going to be something that brings an accent to what
we normally wear.
Now, when youíre looking at cufflinks, again, Iím a big fan of going with something understated
and simple. You donít want cufflinks that are only one-sided unless thatís all you
can afford and there are...
...some descent-looking ones out there but you want to ñ instead look for cufflinks
that are double sided. They donít have anything mechanical and theyíre not going to move
and these are the ideal type of cufflinks because theyíre going to look good from both
sides. I also like the simple knots. I think thatís a great alternative. If youíre perhaps
in the industry that cufflinks arenít ñ well, most of the time I see the big gold
or the high precious metal cufflinks thatís going to be in the finance, banking industry,
some lawyers wear them as well. But perhaps you want to have a more understated, a more
approachable type of cufflink and look at a simple knot. And this is just, you know,
made from fabric and these work really well. But whenever you get these knots, pay attention,
make sure that it actually fits into your cufflinks. Iíve had it so that, you know,
you need to ñ actually you have to sometimes a little bit bigger of a hole although if
you end up getting these and you want to wear them with your ñ with your shirts, you could
actually, you know, you can always make that hole smaller or larger, just take it to a
seamstress or learn how to ñ sew a little bit yourself. Itís a very easy fix.
All right. Necktie accessories. Now, thereís three major types of necktie accessories.
Overall necktie accessories are pretty rare. You know, Iíve actually got a link over here
Real Men Real Style to Menís Metals. He sells some great necktie accessories. My favorite
one is going to be the tie clip. I like this and the appropriate ñ the reason you want
to wear a tie clip ñ I think itís ñ as much of a functional piece as it is a jewelry
And perhaps youíre going to be heated and you donít want your tie literally to fall
into your suit. Thatís where a tie clip works perfectly. And you want to put it at a point
ñ I like to go ñ it depends on whether or not youíre wearing a jacket. If Iím not
wearing a jacket, I like to wear it a point literally where itís serving a function,
you donít want to have it too low because when you go too low one, it draws attention
to your stomach area; and the other one being that ñ if itís too low, it just ñ isnít
going to look proportional.
Now, the tie chain functions very similar to the tie clip except it attaches to one
of your buttons and it actually puts a chain around. Thatís pretty rare. I donít see
them very often. I think theyíre perfectly fine.
Now, the tie pin. I only recommend tie pins because theyíre going to be piercing the
tie to be using with loosely woven ties so if youíve got a tie that can bounce back
in the sense that it will open up no problem and be able to accept that pin without damaging
the tie, then theyíre perfectly fine.
But if youíre going to be putting this into a tightly net soak tie, I donít advice that.
Over time, itís going to damage the tie. Iím not a big fan of, you know, I mean, especially
if youíre spending $100 on a necktie, you donít want to be damaging that with tie pin.
Rings. Okay. Wedding rings, always appropriate. See? I wear mine. And many of you probably
wonder why do I wear on the right hand. Well, I was married in the Eastern Orthodox Church
to a beautiful Ukrainian woman and over there, they wear it on the right hand side. So, I
keep it over here.
In the United States, most western countries are going to see it over here on the left
hand side. Although we did get married in the Drive-Thru in Vegas as well so I guess
I could get another ring here but I just havenít gotten around to it.
The other one, class rings, you know, if youíre a mason or if you graduated from ñ letís
say from Texas A&M, a naval academy, West Point, a lot of these guys have class rings.
Well, I think those are situational depended. If youíre in Houston, Texas and youíre applying
for a job in the oil and gas industry, wear your Texas A&M ring. Itís going to probably
open more doors than shut them although be careful because ñ blowing horns, I donít
really think they execute too much hate towards the aggies. I think itís the aggies that
just ñ just hate those damn lowing horns.
If you know anything about me, youíll know why thatís kind of funny. But ñ okay, so,
but when it comes to other types of rings, I mean, be attune that somebody may look at
that as a bit goddy and it may actually, I mean, if you got ñ you graduated from Harvard
and your sport in that ring, some people may just look at that as, ìWow, this guy is really
showing off.î Heís not going to fit in our company.î
So pay attention to those types of details. Now, when it comes to all the other types
of rings that you can wear though, you know, the big gold, goddy ones, I donít know, maybe
youíre a big fan of sending out letters and having one thatís got your official seal
so you could wax, seal at them.
Basically, you donít want to look like a gangster but this comes back to what I said
earlier. Jewelry is very ñ you need to pay attention to the culture because if youíre
from letís say Bulgaria or youíre a Russian gangster or youíre from a part of the world
where rings are much more acceptable then go ahead and wear it and represent your culture
but be understand that if youíre stepping outside of your culture that it may be taken
...just something thatís really ñ well, itís not seen as very class so just understand
that outside of the circles where itís accepted, you need to pay attention to the visual ñ
visual meeting of this jewelry.
Okay. Thatís all Iíve got. Again, if youíd like to stay in touch or learn more, make
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All right. Antonio Centeno with Real Men Real Style. Thank you and look for more for us
ñ more from us soon. Take care. Bye-bye.